Updated September 25th

Name:                                              Location                      Vehicle                                                Fee Received Y/N

Jeff and Beth Jackson                   Albuquerque NM       1940 Ford 2dr Deluxe                               Y

Len and Mary Harcourt                  Castle Rock, Co         1940 Deluxe Fourdoor                                Y

Clyde and Gail Bangiola                Cottonwood, Az        1940 Deluxe Business Coupe                   Y

Cecil and Mary Grace Regier         Dumas, Tx                  1952 Pickup                                               Y

Joe Abbin                                        Albuquerque, NM      1950 Mercury                                            Y

Jay and Helen Hertz                      Albuquerque, NM       1936 Ford                                                  Y

Louis and Donna Mraz                   Aurora, Colorado         1951 Mercury 2 dr Sedan                         Y

Jim and Joyce Clements                Albuquerque, NM       1949 Ford 2 dr                                           Y

Bob Payne, Vi Chavez-Cropp         Edgewood, NM           1953 Ford Convertible                             Y

Jim and Anne Brown                       Valparaiso, In               Modern Iron                                              Y

Al and Martha Moseley                    Arlington, Tx               1953 Ford Victoria                                     Y

Ken Ballew                                         Rowlett, Tx                  1950 Crestliner                                         Y

John Carothers                                 Plano, Tx                      '51 Ford 2 Door Custom                           Y

Arnel Kimmett                                   Littleton, Co                 1953 Ford ??                                            Y

Charles and Sherri Brewer               Winnsborow, Tx           '39 Deluxe Coupe or '53 Customline     Y

Bob and Joan Quirici                        Albuquerque, NM         1936 Pickup                                             Y

J.C. and Vera Boles                           Sherman, Tx                  1936 Pickup                                             N

Frank Corey                                       Albuquerque, NM         1953 Sedan                                              Y

James and Linda Watters                  Dallas, Tx                       1938 Convt Coupe                                  Y

Mike and Brenda Groves                  Royse City, Tx                1950 Ford Coupe                                     Y

Richard and Mary Jo Kellogg            Littleton, Co                   1953 Ford Convt                                      Y

Richard T. Fell                                     Englewood, Co              1936 Ford Cabriolet                               Y

Harry Lindsay and Nick Morstad       Littleton, Co                    1940 Coupe                                            Y

Ivan and Francie Fiechter                   Foxfield, Co                    1952 Station Wagon                               Y

Merrill Newman                                   Aurora, Co                      '56 Cord Victoria? '53 Ford Convt        Y

Dan Krehbeil                                      Temecula, Ca                    '49 Ford Convt or modern Iron            Y

Marvin and Neva Coffee                   Albuquerque, NM            '35 5 window coupe                              Y