Ruidoso / Lincoln - Sunday, October 7


Free Breakfast Buffet

MCM Elegante to Lincoln, NM - 27 miles (36 min)

Start 9:00, Arrive 9:40, Stay 2 hours

Tour guide reservation, possible $5 museum fee

Lincoln, NM to Lunch at Tinnie Silver Dollar - 16 miles (20 min)

Phone: 575-653-4425

Address: 28842 US Hwy 70, Tinnie, New Mexico 88351

Email us at:

Start 11:45, Arrive 12:05, Stay 2 hours

Lunch to Hubbard Museum of the American West, Smithsonian Affiliate, Ruidoso

Downs, NM - 35 miles (38 min)

Start 2:15, Arrive 3, Stay 60 minutes

Fee $6/$5 seniors

Alternate: skip museum and go shopping in downtown Ruidoso

Hubbard Museum to MGM Elegante - 7 miles (14 min) Start 4 pm, Arrive 4:15

Everyone on their own for dinner.

Land of Billy the Kid and the Lincoln County War Lincoln Historic Site Orientation DVD

Lincoln Historic Site is unique in that it manages most of the historical buildings in the community of Lincoln. This most widely visited state monument in New Mexico is part of a community frozen in time—the 1870's and 1880's. Through a gift from the Hubbard Family Trust, the historic site now includes 17 structures and outbuildings, 7 of which are open year round and 2 more seasonally as museums. Most of the buildings in the community are representative of the Territorial Style of adobe architecture in the American Southwest.

Lincoln is a town made famous by one of the most violent periods in New Mexico history. Today's visitors can see the Old Lincoln County Courthouse with museum exhibits that recount the details of the Lincoln County War and the historic use of the "House" as store, residence, Masonic Lodge, courthouse, and jail. Walk in the footsteps of Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, and other famous and infamous characters of the Wild West. Trace the events of 1878 through the Courthouse and the Tunstall Store, with their preserved 19th-century atmosphere.

Remarkably, the Tunstall Store contains displays of the original 19th-century merchandise in the original shelving and cases! Continue your walk through history by visiting El Torreón (a defensive tower built by native New Mexican settlers in the 1850s), the San Juan Mission Church, the Convento, Dr. Woods' House, the Montaño store and other historic structures throughout the town. The Anderson-Freeman Visitor's Center & Museum features historical exhibits in a timeline starting with American Indian prehistory and ending with the Lincoln County War. A 22 minute video about the Lincoln County War and the community is shown every half hour.

The importance of this community and the significance of the Bonito Valley in the prehistory and history of the Territory of New Mexico are interpreted within some of the 17 structures that comprise Lincoln Historic Site. These historic adobe and stone buildings are preserved as they were in the late 1800s and represent the factions involved in the Lincoln County War, 1878-1881.

Tinnie Silver Dollar

We all know the history of Billy the Kid, the Regulators and the Lincoln County war, but did you know that Analla General Store and Post office had a part in it all?  William Wilson was a ranch hand hired at the Casey Ranch. The story goes that William Wilson was hired by Lawrence Murphy (head of the Murphy/Dolan gang) to murder Robert Casey as the two had opposing political views. Murphy had promised Wilson that he would help him escape the death that was sure to come if he killed Casey as Murphy had his hands in the local law. As promised William Wilson Murdered Robert Casey. Robert Casey was much admired by the other residents of the valley, so they hunted down his killer to bring him to trial. Knowing that Murphy and his Sheriff could not be trusted, the valley folk ask for a Territory Marshall to come hear the case.  Wilson was found guilty of Casey’s murder and was sentenced to hang.

As Wilson was on the scaffolding with the noose around his neck, he started to confess.  Murphy was able to stand on the scaffolding next to Wilson because he was one of the prominent figures with in the community. When Murphy heard what Wilson was saying he kicked him through the trap door. Wilson hung for 9 and a half minutes before Murphy’s men cut him down. Wilsons body was placed in his box and thought to be dead, when he drew in a breath. Murphy declared that Wilson was hung as sentenced and should be set free! The people of the valley argued that he needed to pay for his crimes and should be hung until dead! William Wilson was hung for just over 20 minutes a second time, at this point he was now dead. Wilson was the first and second person to be legally hung in New Mexico Territory.

Local stories say that there were hangings here at Analla. These outlaws and murders are said to be buried on the property down by the river at the tree line in a small cemetery. There unmarked graves are still present as well as the grave of William Wilson and a young boy belonging to the Analla family. The "hanging tree" still remains, but the branch that was used has been cut off.

Stories also say that Analla was used as a hiding ground for the likes of Billy the Kid as well as the other Regulators during the Lincoln County Wars. They would hide out in the firewood shed in the back of the property. Bodies were also housed here from time to time in the morgue down in our basement until they could move them to their proper resting place. Many spirits are said to roam both the building and grounds.There are even stairs that lead to nowhere where the morgue was which many people believe help to “confuse” the spirits.

In 1909 the patriarch of the Analla family had passed and many of the Analla family had moved to Texas.

The Raymond family purchased the general store and post office and the name was changed to Tinnie after their daughter. The community loved the Raymond family and petitioned to have the town renamed to Tinnie. Robert O’ Anderson bought Tinnie in 1959 where he added more to the building such as the bell tower, steakhouse and Saloon. Anderson commissioned renowned New Mexico artist and designer, John Meigs to restore the building and oversee the artwork. Many of the artwork came from San Francisco however the carved hardwood bar and back bar which houses a "Haunted Mirror" from the Harvey House came from old Chicago. Many people have said that they have been standing at the bar, looked up into the center mirror and have seen someone standing right behind them. When they turned around, no one was there.

There have been other reports of loud banging as if someone has been trying to bust down a door in the basement; always around the 11:30 pm hour. Others have claimed that they have had the feeling of someone grabbing their hand on the side porch. Tinnie houses many antiques and paintings, as well as original artwork from the late Peter Hurd and his youngest son Michael.

Hubbard Museum of the American West, Smithsonian Affiliate

The Hubbard Museum of the American West combines a famous art collection, modes of assorted forms of transportation down through the ages, plus Native American antiquities. Two other cultures – Hispanic and Pioneer – are also predominantly included. Just one visit to this must-see museum will give all – children and adults alike – a rounded and compelling education of the past.

Return to Hotel. Everyone on own for dinner. (Suggestions available.)

MCM Elegante Lodge & Resort

Lincoln, NM 88338

                  5.     Head north toward US-380 E


272 ft


                6.     Turn right onto US-380 E


12.1 mi


Turn left onto US-380 E/US-70 E

 Destination will be on the right


3.7 mi


20 min (15.9 mi)

Tinnie Silver Dollar

28842 US-70, Tinnie, NM 88351

                   8.     Head east on US-380 E/US-70 E


4.6 mi


                 9.     Turn right toward US-380 W/US-70 W


92 ft


                 10.     Turn right toward US-380 W/US-70 W


384 ft


                 11.     Turn left onto US-380 W/US-70 W


8.1 mi


                   12.      Use the left 2 lanes to turn slightly left onto US-70 W


21.7 mi


                 13.     Turn right onto Service Ln

 Destination will be on the right


167 ft


38 min (34.5 mi)

The Hubbard Museum of the American West

26301 US-70, Ruidoso Downs, NM 88346

                 14.    Head southeast on Service Ln toward Billy the Kid Trail


6 s (167 ft)



Continue on US-70 W to Ruidoso


6 min (3.0 mi)



Continue on Paradise Canyon Dr to Billy the Kid Trail/Mechem Dr

MCM Elegante Lodge & Resort

107 Sierra Blanca Dr, Ruidoso, NM 88345