National Early For V8 Tour 2013

Note to Tourers September 13, 2013

Welcome to all!   This is a note of information about the upcoming Early Ford V8 Tour in New Mexico.  We have a great group signed up, 25 cars set for the tour so far.   By the way, we can accommodate a few more late arrivals so definitely tell your friends that registration remains open.    A current registration list is included in this note. 

Not sure about you but I still have work to do.  Yesterday the engine for the ’40 Coupe that my wife and I plan to drive was still sitting beside the car.   We all must sometimes wish the ‘honey do list’ could take a back seat to the fun stuff.

 General tour information:

The welcome desk will be open at the Elkhorn Lodge in Chama from 3 to 6 pm on Monday October 14th.   Stop by and pick up your bag and name tags and say hi.  

 Tuesday morning we will gather at 8:15am at the Elkhorn Lodge for the welcome address ( I will say hi, so this should take about 3 minutes).    Jay Hertz, the President of our regional club, will describe the plan for the day.  Jay is also a member of the Friends of the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad and will give a wonderful description of the railroad and its historical significance plus describe the buildings associated with the railroad in Chama. There will then be time for a stroll and picking up your train tickets before the 10am departure for those taking the train trip.

 Wednesday morning we will gather at 9:00am at the Elkhorn Lodge where Joyce and Jim Clements will provide details for the trip to Taos.  Joyce undoubtedly will have a lot to say about the trip and Taos, but we can curb her enthusiasm at the 10 minute mark.    Plenty of time for the drive to Taos and for tour time in Taos.   For the adventuresome, there will also be time for a trip around the Enchanted Circle including the Angel Fire ski area.

 Thursday morning we will gather at 9:30am at the Quality Inn at 1043 Paseo del Pueblo Sur for a briefing on the trip to Santa Fe.  Joe Abbin, of Supercharging the Flathead fame, is the guide for Thursday.   During this part of the tour we will take the “high road (Hwy 68)” along the Rio Grande River, visit The Classical Gas Museum followed by lunch at Sugar’s (recommended by Gourmet Magazine) in Embudo, NM.   After lunch we will continue to Santa Fe with ‘secret tour’ options that Joe has arranged.   There are several routes with interesting historical features so bring your questions to Joe on Thursday morning to assure you see what you are most interested in.

Friday morning we will gather at 7:00am (yes, that is 7:00am but there is good reason for the early start) at the Old Santa Fe Inn at 320 Galisteo St., Santa Fe, NM 87501.   Larry Azevedo will join us there and explain the plans for Friday.   The basic plan is to arrive at Bandelier National Monument before 9:00am so we can drive into the site.   After 9:00 you can still enter the site but you must park your car and take a bus.    After Bandelier it is a short drive to Los Alamos where we will enter via “the back door” where each driver will be required to show drivers license and vouch for the people in the car.  Los Alamos is the last planned tour stop.  From there you can return to Santa Fe or depart for home with wonderful memories.

Optional activities:

For those coming from or through Albuquerque a group will gather at the McDonalds Restaurant at San Mateo and Academy at 10am on Monday October 13th for a group drive to Chama.   San Mateo is a major exit off I25 on the north side of Albuquerque.   Take the San Mateo exit and go right (east towards the mountains) and you can’t miss McDonalds.  The trip to Chama is about 165 miles so there will be ample time for the drive plus lunch and arriving when the welcome desk is still open.

 For those who wish, we are considering a Dutch treat group dinner in Santa Fe Thursday evening.  Please let us know if you are interested so we can arrange a restaurant with appropriate seating.

 Please Remember:

Let us know if you are interested in a group dinner on Thursday.  Reply via email or call Jeff or Beth Jackson 505 908 7565.

We would like to make a handout list of attendees and contact information for everyone who is on the tour at the start of the tour.   Please send your cell phone contact number back by email or call either Jeff or Beth.  

We are reminding everyone to bring a fire extinguisher for their car.   Yes, we all know your car won’t have a problem but be mindful of the fellow in front of you.

As always, call Jeff or Beth if any questions arise. 

Cheers   Jeff and Beth Jackson   505 908 7565

National Early Ford V8 Tour 2013

Registration List as of September 13, 2013

Name:                                              Location                      Vehicle                                                 Contact Cell Number            

Jeff and Beth Jackson                   Albuquerque NM        1940 Ford 2dr Deluxe                            505 908 7565    

Len and Mary Harcourt                 Castle Rock, Co          1940 Deluxe  4 Door                               

Clyde and Gail Bangiola               Cottonwood, Az           1940 Deluxe Business Coupe                  

Cecil and Mary Grace Regier        Dumas, Tx                  1952 Pickup                                              

Joe Abbin                                      Albuquerque, NM        1950 Mercury                                           

Jay and Helen Hertz                     Albuquerque, NM        1936 Ford                                                 

Louis and Donna Mraz                  Aurora, Colorado        1951 Mercury 2 dr Sedan                        

Jim and Joyce Clements               Albuquerque, NM        1949 Ford 2 dr                                          

Bob Payne, Vi Chavez-Cropp       Edgewood, NM           1953 Ford Convertible                            

Jim and Anne Brown                     Valparaiso, In              Modern Iron                                             

Al and Martha Moseley                 Arlington, Tx                1953 Ford Victoria                                    

Ken Ballew                                    Rowlett, Tx                  1950 Crestliner                                        

John Carothers                              Plano, Tx                    '51 Ford 2 Door Custom                      972 977 2213   

Arnel Kimmett                                Littleton, Co                1953 Ford ??                                           

Charles and Sherri Brewer           Winnsborow, Tx          '39 Deluxe Coupe or '53 Customline    

Bob and Joan Quirici                     Albuquerque, NM       1936 Pickup                                            

J.C. and Vera Boles                      Sherman, Tx               1936 Pickup                                            

Frank Corey                                  Albuquerque, NM        1953 Sedan                                             

James and Linda Watters             Dallas, Tx                    1938 Convt Coupe                                 

Mike and Brenda Groves              Royse City, Tx             1950 Ford Coupe                                    

Richard and Mary Jo Kellogg       Littleton, Co                 1953 Ford Convt                                     

Richard T. Fell                              Englewood, Co            1936 Ford Cabriolet                              

Joe and Ida Lash                          Monument, Co            1937 Deluxe Coupe                               

Hal and Bonney Bancroft              Hayward, Calif            1953 F100                                               

Merrill Newman                             Aurora, Co                   '56 Cord Victoria? '53 Ford Convt