Welcome to the New Mexico National Tour for 2013.  This event is the second of what the National Club Board of Directors anticipates will be many future National Tours.  Because this is only the second National Tour, there is still a lot to learn, and the Board expects to discover much concerning those elements which contribute to a successful and enjoyable driving tour event.  Based on our and (primarily) your experiences with this tour, the Board plans to update the guidelines package that has been prepared for use by regional groups considering hosting subsequent National Tours.  By sharing your experiences (great, good, so so, and not so good) as well as by providing written comments, you can proactively contribute to the further development of these guidelines.   

The following are a series of questions for which we would like your constructive comments and observations.  Particularly helpful would be those observations about what makes a driving focused tour like a National Tour interesting and enjoyable.  The information you provide will help future National Tours to become better.

Please send the completed questionnaire, together with any additional comments you would care to provide, to the originator of the concept: 

Louis Mraz 

North Central Director 

11195 East Warren Ave. 

Aurora, Co. 80014                   


Thank you for taking the time to respond.

                                2013 NATIONAL TOUR QUESTIONNAIRE 

  • What     is your opinion of the basic concept?      
  • Were     the number of days on tour
    • Too       many
    • Too       few
    • About       right
    • Other       comments
  • How     did you hear about the New Mexico National Tour?
  • Was     the advertising/information for the New Mexico National Tour and the   related announcement material in the     V-8 Times sufficient to get you interested?  If not, what should be done     differently? 
  • Was     the mail-back/e-mail information provided in response to your inquiry     sufficient?   
  • Was     the actual registration process clear and easy?   
  • Was     the tour package provided on-site (driving instructions, maps, directions,     points of interest, etc.) useful and helpful?  Are there additional information     elements that should be provided? 
  • Activities: 
    • Were       the planned activities
      • Too       much? 
      • Too       little?
      • About       right?
      • Sufficiently       varied?
    • Was       information about other things to do (formal and informal) helpful?
  • Would     you prefer more or less free time during the tour (explain)?
  • What     time of year would you prefer for a National Tour? 
  • Driving     your Club eligible vehicle is the prime focus for a National Tour.  What is your reaction to the planned and     actual driving experience? 
    • Route       selection 
    • Scenic       value
    • Comfortable       driving experience
    • Length       of driving time per day 
    • Planned       miles per day 
    • Stops       (formal, informal) 
  • Overall,     what is the reaction to the touring experience? 
    • You       as the driver 
    • Others       in the vehicle 
  • Was     the trip interesting and enjoyable?     
  • Did     you experience a breakdown or other mechanical difficulty?  If so, what kind assistance was needed     or provided?  Was it adequate? 
  • What     do you like to do when touring in your Club vehicle? 
  • In     what parts of the country would you like to see future National Tours?
  • General     comments for the good of the order 

Again, thanks for providing your comments