V8 TIMES


PLEASE NOTE: All meetings include Show & Tell. Members are encouraged to bring items to share.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, April 1, 7:30 p.m., Old Car Garage. Refreshments by Al Seery and Max and Johanne Glover

                  Starting in May, meetings will begin at 7:00 p.m.

NEXT BOARD MEETING: Tuesday, April 8, 7:00 p.m., at the Jacksons (see article).

BREAKFAST GROUP: 8:30 a.m., Saturday, April 19 at Little Anita’s, 2105 Mountain Rd. NW, near Old Town.

CLUB WEBSITE: Be sure to check out our website at www.abqfordflatheadv8.com   Updated “current Information and calendar” is on the current information page.

FORD V8 FOUNDATION WEBSITE: Another interesting website to check out is www.fordv8foundation.org


PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE    Jeff Jackson, President

“Surprise, surprise!!”  Remember Gomer Pyle, US Marine Corps?  Well, surprise, surprise it is almost April.   Recall April, that is the month you retrieve your prized Ford Flathead from the garage and get it ready for the summer.   April is when the flowers bloom and New Mexico weather often throws in the last freeze and ruins all of our peach tree blossoms.  Seems like it was just a couple of days ago when I woke up and asked ‘What the heck happened to February?’  

Well, Gomer and I hope you had a productive March.  That is the month when the winter ‘honey do’s’ or left over winter wish list projects are finished up so you can spend the spring and summer touring in your Ford.   But, if you are like me, there are a few left over items to finish in April so get up and get busy.Last question for this President’s note, why is the April newsletter coming out so early?   Answer, check your calendars; the April meeting is the first Tuesday in April which is April 1. Yes, April fools day.   A couple of reminders 1) the March tour is Saturday March 29th and it is a Rail Runner train trip to Santa Fe and lunch at Tomasita’s.  Be at the station by 9:00 and you can get your tickets on the train; 2) the April business meeting is on Tuesday April 1st at 7:30pm, this is the last meeting starting at7:30pm.  In May we start meetings at 7:00pm


I have known Beverly for several years and she has titled and licensed many cars and trucks for me.   Beverly can do level one vehicle inspections for vehicles from out of state, and can get New Mexico horseless carriage plates.  Beverly will give a short presentation then answer questions.   She will not provide legal advice during the presentation


President: R. Jeff Jackson (jbjaxun@gmail.com)

Vice-President: Bob Quirici (bjq1985@aol.com)

Secretary: Larry Williams (l-m-williams@comcast.net)

Treasurer: Lou Gorenz (lmgorenz@comcast.net)

Technical Director: Joe Abbin (roadrunnerengr@msn.com)

Touring Director: John Shelton (john.shelton33@yahoo.com)

Club Purpose & Membership Director: Larry Azevedo (dribblebit@comcast.net


Members are encouraged to submit articles, ads and photographs for inclusion in the newsletter.  Please be aware we have a volunteer Newsletter Editor so please try and submit typed and proofed articles, minutes and comments (for sale items will continue to be updated at the meetings).  The deadline for submissions is the 24th of the month. Beth Jackson, 505.890.2704, or email: JBJaxun@gmail.com

MINUTES OF MARCH 2, 2014 MEETING     Larry Williams, Secretary

President Jeff Jackson presided and recognized new member, Vern Willan and a guest, Rod Cowdrey.

There were no corrections to the minutes of the February meeting.

Treasurer’s report was given by Lou Gorenz. Checking account balance is $4847.92 and savings balance $1395.59.

Happy Birthdays to Ira Rimson 3/1,Larry Azevedo 3/6, Bob Payne 3/15, Frank Corey 3/26, and Frank Hammond 3/28. Happy Anniversary to Al and Geri Gallegos 3/7 and Frank and Dorothy Hammond 3/27.

Thanks for refreshments to the Coffees and the Leupolds.

Old Business:

Car council report was given by Jim Clements.  The council is having trouble with their website.

Thanks for the recipe of the month provided by Lorna Azevedo. She picked Mark Williams to provide the April recipe.

Thanks to Art and Betty for leading the tour to Belen. Stops were made at Art’s early residence, Pete’s Café for lunch and the Harvey House Museum. The tour was well attended with 13 cars.

For show and tell Art talked about Wilson’s Rapid Transit and showed a 1919 vehicle invoice of $888.80 for a truck sold to them by Belen Ford.

Discussion of a magnetic sign purchase or auction with individual car pictures on a magnetic sign led to the decision being delayed until the April meeting.

PLEASE everyone pay your dues.

Raffle tickets for the Central National Meet’s raffle and V8 Patches will be on sale during break.

New Business:

We will include the web address for the Ford V8 Foundation in the newletter as part of normal business.  www.fordv8foundation.org

Micki has quit as Newsletter Editor. We have a new volunteer newsletter editor, Beth Jackson, who has volunteered for the present year. Ads will be run for 3 months then dropped unless requested again. If you have ads develop during the month send them to Beth at the email from the newsletter. Newsletters will be targeted for 5 to 7 days before the meeting, so if you want something in the newsletter please send it to Beth at least a week before the meeting.

Membership discussed the Board’s recommendation to change the meeting time to 7pm. It was voted on and passed but the time change will be effective as of the May meeting so members can be made aware of the change.

Membership discussed the Board’s recommendation to have the club recognize deceased members on a yearly basis by purchasing a brick from the Ford Foundation. A further recommendation was made to develop a simple plaque to recognize deceased members and display yearly at the May birthday party event. These recommendations were voted on and accepted.

Directors are looking for alternative meeting sites in case we outgrow this location. See Larry Williams with any ideas.

Note the next tour is on Saturday, March 29th.  We will depart the Los Ranchos Rail Runner Station on the 9:21 am train, eat and visit in Santa Fe and plan to return on the 3:28pm afternoon train.

 The program for this meeting was Fat Max discussing exhaust systems 


We will be holding our next directors officers meeting on Tuesday, April 8, at Jackson’s house, 8322 Calle

Picaflor (phone 505.908.7565) beginning at 7:00 p.m. Jackson’s house is near the corner of Paseo Del Norte

and Coors. We are south of Paseo and east of Coors.  Jackson’s house is on the corner of Calle de Alondre and Calle Picaflor.


A group of senior citizens were on a bus tour when an elder lady went up to the bus driver and offered him a handful of nuts, which he ate.   About 15 minutes later this same lady offered him another handful of nuts.  This happened several times during the morning ride.  Right before lunch this lady offered another handful of nuts and the driver asked,”why don’t you eat these?”  The lady replied, “I can’t chew nuts with my false teeth.”  The driver asked “why do you buy nuts?”  The lady replied, “I really like the chocolate candy covering! 


The March tour is a Rail Runner trip to Santa Fe and meal at Tomasita’s.  We plan to take the Rail Runner train on Saturday March 29 from the Los Ranchos/JC station to Santa Fe, eat at Tomasita’s restaurant, walk around Santa Fe a little and then return to Albuquerque.  In Santa Fe we will use the Santa Fe Depot stop which is a block from the restaurant.  This is convenient for those who wish to drive to Santa Fe because we can work off the train schedule.  This should be a simple restful tour with a lot of time to chat.

We will meet at the Los Ranchos/JC station, which is at 101 El Pueblo NE.  It is just south of Paseo between 2nd and Edith, at 9am on Saturday March 29th.  The train departs at 9:21am; that is train 702.  We will catch the return train leaving Santa Fe Depot at 3:28pm; that is train 705.  Do not miss the return train unless you want to stay in Santa Fe until 8:09pm!  The cost is about $10 and there is a further discount for seniors over age 62. Tickets may be purchased online or on the train.

For our wonderful club members from Belen or Los Lunas please consider catching the same train in Belen and meeting us when we board in Albuquerque 


“Enclosed is a picture of my recent (2013) restoration of our 1939 Ford ½ ton pickup. With the help of Bob Agnew and staff of the Old Car Garage and 3D Autosports Body & Paint in La Plata, NM, my final restoration was completed. We were awarded by winning 1st place in the annual 30th Anniversary Four Corners Old Car Club Show 9/15/13 in Farmington, NM. I am enclosing the picture because I’m wondering if you might like to place it in one of the upcoming issues of the “Times” newsletter. 

Congratulations to the Catchpoles on their award winning pickup!






The April breakfast will be at Little Anita’s at 2105 Mountain Rd NW (near Old Town). John Shelton picked the venue this month.  John will turn that duty over to another person to pick the May location.  Remember April 19th at 8:30am, breakfast at Little Anita’s on Mountain Road.


                                                                         Part of the group at March’s Breakfast at Furr’s



Crock Pot Green Chili Stew

Serves 4


·       2lbs lean ground turkey

·       2 Tbsp. Oil

·       4 medium potatoes, diced

·       ½cup chopped onions

·       2 garlic cloves, minced

·       6 green chili peppers, peeled, seeded, & diced

·       ½ tsp oregano

·       2 tsp salt

·       1 can tomato sauce

·       1 can diced tomatoes



Ideally, fresh roasted, peeled, and chopped green chili is the way to go, but I also enjoy using the Bueno brand 14oz frozen container.  Start by dicing the potatoes, chopping the onions, and mincing the garlic.  Add to pot.   Add oregano and salt.  Add lightly drained can of diced tomatoes and can of tomato sauce. Add necessary amount of water to cover and turn the crock pot to desired cook time. (Cooking time depends on meat selection, I usually do High at 6hrs)

By meat selection I mean that you can also use beef round or pork, cut into chunks, lightly browned in pan, and finished cooking in pot at Low 8-10 hrs. I prefer the lean ground turkey, because it is lower in fat and makes this recipe a little better for you.

I brown the meat using the oil and add to pot.  Add green chili (frozen or thawed) and add necessary amount of water to achieve top of pot.


The Quickest Flathead Ford Powered Street Rod Ever?

The Motorhead Mart Special

by Joe Abbin

Motorhead Mart Special 276 cu.in. Blown Flathead. It produces 335 HP at 5000 rpm.

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Most people have noted the recent resurgence of flathead Ford powered vehicles at car shows and auto events across the country. Most of this resurgence results from a rediscovery of the timeless

good looks and sound of the classic flathead Ford. However, even diehard flathead Ford fans concede that the flathead is obsolete as a performance engine by today’s standards. But is it? What about a street driven 1934 Ford Tudor sedan with a 276 cu.in. flathead that accelerates from 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds? Compare this with 3.8 seconds for a Dodge Viper or 4.1 seconds for a Z06 Corvette. This article will describe the Motorhead Mart Special, a flathead that runs with the big dogs.

The Beginning

In 1991, I acquired a “project” 1934 Ford sedan. This car would not have been a candidate for a stock restoration since it had been crudely chopped and channeled with welded-on, bobbed fenders. The car had sat in a barn for approximately 30 years after being campaigned as a Chevy-powered drag car in the Midwest. Quite a mess, but a perfect candidate for a guilt-free hot rod! Henry and Edsel would be proud     My 1934 Ford Tudor in 1991. It was crudely chopped and channeled with the rear fenders and gas tank cover welded in place. A mess

My friends and I completely rebuilt the car from the ground up and put it on the street in 1994 with a 1949 Mercury flathead utilizing a prototype Roadrunner Engineering flathead supercharger kit. In that configuration the car ran at drag strips in NM, AZ, CO and CA and showed at numerous events, garnering many trophies and awards. During that time, the car now called the Motorhead Mart Special accumulated 300+ drag strip runs and almost 2000 street miles with no problems. A high point in this period was at the 1998 Goodguys’ March Meet in Bakersfield, CA where the car turned 100 mph in the quarter mile for the first time. The experience gained in building and running the Special was documented in my first book, Blown Flathead, that describes the engine and the car as it existed in 2000.

In 2003 the engine was removed from the 1934 and placed in my 1950 Mercury where it continues to provide exceptional performance on the street with over 6000 street miles and requiring no maintenance except routine oil changes and tune-ups. The flathead Ford is one tough cookie!

The Second Generation

As good as the Special ran, and as reliable as it was, several areas for improvement were identified. I decided to build a new engine utilizing gradually accumulated knowledge from my own testing and computer modeling, and the operating experience of over two hundred Roadrunner customers.

The new engine was completed and began dynamometer testing in December 2005. After approximately two months of testing and approximately 80 “pulls” on the dyno, the results were in. The new engine, nicknamed “Killer”, demonstrated over 215 hp normally aspirated with three 2-barrel carburetors. Supercharged, it demonstrated over 365 ft-lbs of torque @ 4000 rpm and 335 hp @ 5000 rpm! The test rpm was limited to save wear and tear on the engine, so these numbers do not represent the maximum potential of the engine. Nevertheless, they may represent the highest documented numbers for a street driven flathead on gasoline.

The Special at the 1997 Goodguys March Meet in Bakersfield, CA.

 At the 2006 National Hot Rod Association California Hot Rod Reunion, the car ran the quarter mile with a best elapsed time of 12.41 seconds and a best speed of 107.6 mph.

In May 2006 the Killer was installed in the Motorhead Mart Special. In June the Special ran at the High Altitude Flathead and Inline Nationals in Denver (track elevation 5800 feet). There the Special turned a best of 101 mph with a 13.3 second ET in the standing start quarter mile. After winning the class final, the Special was awarded the 2006 “Top Rod” eliminator title.

Following the win at Denver the Special was invited to be an exhibition car at the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion in Bakersfield, CA. During track runs at the Fomoso Dragstrip on October 4 and 5, 2006 the Special did not disappoint with all elapsed times less than 12.5 seconds in the quarter mile. The weekend’s bests included a top speed of 107.6 mph and an elapsed time of 12.41 seconds. Again, these may be the quickest documented times for a flathead-powered street car. In contrast with Denver, Bakersfield’s elevation is less than 400 feet. Even supercharged cars like low altitude! Short movies of the Denver and Bakersfield runs can be seen at www.roadrunnerengineering.com. Skeptics can note the Bakersfield finish line times in the movie (12.49 seconds, 106.7 mph)

Although not a show car, in 2009 the Special won first in class at the Grand National Roadster Show, “Best Engine” at the Custom Automotive Supernationals, and “Best of the Best” in the Model 40 Car Corral at the LA Roadster Show.

Who says the flathead should no longer be considered a performance engine? You can’t beat good looks, great sound and performance too. Flatheads Forever!

The Motorhead Mart Special with full street equipment at the

2007 Sandia Rod & Custom Reunion in Albuquerque, NM

About the Author

Joe Abbin is the owner of Roadrunner Engineering, the Motorhead Mart, and Dyno Services in Albuquerque, NM. Joe authored his first flathead book, Blown Flathead in 1998 and a second book, 335 HP Flathead Ford V-8 Performance Handbook in 2009. In 2008 he was inducted into the New Mexico Hot Rod Hall of Fame. Joe is active in several automotive organizations and three time past president of the Tumbleweed RG #79 of the Early Ford V-8 Club of America. His current focus is helping others attain outstanding performance with their street driven flatheads.



By Joyce Clements


From the Detroit News, October 23, 1951, comes this article about the Ice Cream Centennial. Since everybody loves ice cream, here's how that ice cream cone came to be.

     One hundred years ago ice cream was brought within reach of the average family. Commercial production centennial of ice cream is being celebrated in Detroit at the convention of the International Association of Ice Cream Manufacturers.

     Until 1851, this frozen cream was a rare delicacy, made up especially by confectioners for wealthy customers, a far cry from today's cone enjoyed by youngsters everywhere. Jacob Fussell, a Baltimore milkman, established the first ice cream factory in 1851. The hand freezer that made commercial production feasible was invented in 1846 by Nancy Johnson. Mrs. Johnson neglected to patent her invention, so she lost the opportunity to become the first woman founder of a fortune in food production.

     Ice cream is not an American invention, by any means, but the forms in which we enjoy it are American. Marco Polo brought recipes for flavored ices to Europe on his return from the Orient in the 13th century. King Charles I of England purchased the secret for ice cream making from a Frenchman in the 17th century, and gave him a pension of 500 pounds yearly to keep the secret for the royal table. Although ice cream was not served in our White House until the time of Dolly Madison in 1808, the account books of George Washington for the summer of 1790, shows 200 dollars spent for ice cream.

     The beloved American "cone" is given many reasons for being, but all agree that it appeared first at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis, Mo., in 1904. Stands serving ice cream and waffles were side by side. Someone wrapped his waffle around the ice cream to eliminate spoon and plate in eating. "Cornucopias" were seen for the rest of the fair, and transition was soon to the cone.

     Attendees at the centennial convention included persons in research, nutrition and education. Said one, "...in the food industry, a good product must not only pay for the manufacturing, but it must be healthful and appealing to the eating public." Research done on ice cream showed, "Ice cream has long since moved from luxury food class to being one of the basic foods, in class four of the Basic Seven."

     Small fry have two basic suggestions: "Keep our ice cream cones at a nickel, and don't make them any smaller, please. 

April Tour

The April tour is set for Sunday April 27th.   We will drive to Madrid and look around the town and have lunch.   A specific lunch location has not been picked but we should be able to spot each other pretty easily in Madrid.    We will meet at 11:00 am on Sunday at the Smith's parking lot just off I40 at the corner of Tramway and Central.   We should be in Madrid about 12:15.  We will plan the trip at Smiths before leaving on the tour.

Tumbleweed Early Ford V8 Club Calendar for 2014


Saturday March 29th   A Rail Runner trip to Santa Fe and lunch at Tomasita’s.  Those who want could also drive and meet in Santa Fe.


Tuesday 1st Club Meeting 7:30pm Licensing your classic car by Beverly Stewart.

Saturday April 19th Breakfast at Little Anita’s on Mountain Rd. Chosen by John Shelton.

Sunday April 27 A drive to Madrid to look around the town and lunch

Tuesday 6th Club Meeting 7:00pm Larry and Lorna Azevedo are presenting a game and fun night

Saturday 17th Breakfast

Sunday May 18 – NMCCC/Albuquerque Museum Car Show

Monday May 26th Ford Club Birthday Party


Tuesday 3rd Club Meeting 7:00pm  Radiators repair, replace, restore

Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th a tour to Fenton Lakes area an overnight and Los Alamos tour on Sunday

Saturday 21st Breakfast


Tuesday 1st Club Meeting 7:00pm  Larry Azevedo with the first in a multipart series on Henry Ford

Friday July 4th Corrales Parade and picnic with Larry and Lorna.   We are encouraging the club to drive cars in the parade.

Friday July 11 – COLLECTOR CAR Appreciation Day with activities planned for Saturday July 12

Saturday 19th Tour of Albuquerque Botanical Gardens and The Aquarium and Lunch (replaces Saturday breakfast)


Tuesday 5th Club Meeting 7:00pm To Be Determined

Sunday August 10 – All Clubs Picnic will also be our tour activity.   This is a great picnic and nice drive.


Tuesday 2nd Club Meeting 7:00 Larry Azevedo presents the second part in the series on the life of Henry Ford

September 14th (Date Not Finalized)  State Fair

Saturday September 20th Breakfast

September 26-28 – NMCCC/Los Lunas Swap Meet


Tuesday 7th Club Meeting 7:00pm

Saturday 18th A ride on the Sandia Tram and lunch (replaces Saturday Breakfast)


Saturday Nov 1st Garage Tour Jay Hertz and Jeff/Beth Jackson with a lunch at the Jackson’s.  Drive your old car on the tour.

Tuesday 4th Club Meeting 7:00pm  Election of Officers and a Ladies night



Tuesday 2nd Club Meeting 7:00pm – Christmas Party

Discussed but not confirmed: Ed Boles and a tour of the Railroad Yard, probably an afternoon activity




Happy Birthday to:                                                Happy Anniversary to:      

  1 Marilyn Gigger          16 Joanne Glover                           18 Mary & Lou Gorenz

 4 Joe Abbin               16 Lorna Azevedo

 5 Al Gallegos             17 Nancy Agnew

 8 Lou Gorenz             18 Bob Agnew        21 Bob Mathes


March 28-29 – 17th Annual Main Event & Car Show "Back in the 60's" – Heritage Plaza Parking Lot,

Artesia – Artesia Car Enthusiasts – Cruise Friday, Car Show Saturday – Dorothy or Frank Hammond (575)746-9477 or dorothy@tberryweb.com

March 28-29 – Mustang Mania Show – Holiday Inn on Palo Verde, Tucson, AZ – Open to Fords – Laurie (520)271-8100

April 5 – Swap Meet – White Sands Mall, Alamogordo – Jack Harris (575)491-9804

April 11-13 – 11th Annual International Auto Show – Convention Center – (505)768-4575 or


April 12 – Classic Chevy Club Car & Balloon Show – Balloon Fiesta Park – John Ringleb 264-7767 or www.classicchevyclub.org 

April 12 – San Juan College Benefit Car Show & Swap Meet – Farmington – 10am-2pm – MeierK@SanJuanCollege.edu

April 25-26 – 11th Mustang & Ford Show – Alameda Park, Alamogordo – Open to Fords – John Tober

(575)442-2832 or www.alamostang.com


All the meets will be honoring the 75th Anniversary of 1939 model Ford products. Entry forms, costs, and schedules for all the meets can be found at www.earlyfordv8.org. Joyce will have sample entry forms at the meeting if you are interested in any meet.

April 3-5 – Texas 2014 Tour of the Hills – Hosted by Capitol City RG #121 at Kerrville, TX – Jeff and Joyce have Registration Forms – Contact Joyce Parsons at (512)515-5413 or jnparsons1114@gmail.com.

June 6-9 – Australian National Meet in New South Wales, Australia – "V8 Dream in 2014" for the really adventurous.  -mail andrew@wisegroupfm.com with queries.

June 23-26 – Eastern National V-8 Meet in Gettysburg, PA – "Celebrate America in your Ford V-8" for the less adventurous. Visit  www.ENM2014.com for information.

August 19-22 – Central National Meet in Springfield, IL – "V-8ing Joy in Illinois" closer to home. Visit www.nirgv8.org for information. Jay has entry forms and raffle tickets for this meet.

September 2-5 – Western National Meet in Ventura, CA – "Fords & Folks in Thousand Oaks" in sunny California. Visit http://www.venturav8s.com for more information.