PLEASE NOTE: All meetings include Show & Tell. Members are encouraged to bring items to share.

NEXT MEETING: Holiday Party, Tuesday, December 4, 6:00 p.m., Cooperage.

BREAKFAST GROUP: The Breakfast Group will meet Saturday, December 1 at 8:30 a.m. at Rich Ford’s
Mustang Café, Wyoming and Lomas.

NOVEMBER ACTIVITY: November 24, 10:00 a.m., meet at the Pit to go to Bosque del Apache. See
Frank’s article in this newsletter for more details.

CLUB WEBSITE: Be sure to check out our website at http://abqfordflatheadv8.com/.

NEXT BOARD MEETING: Tuesday, January 15, 7:30 p.m., Jay Hertz’ home, 8704 La Sala Del Sur, NE.
Jay’s home phone number is 296.3137. See article in this newsletter for details. All members are welcome.

Jay Hertz, President
Hello, All. This is in place of our monthly Tumbleweed Times for December. We’ll resume regular
publication in January.
First, a few reminders about upcoming events:
1. The November activity is a trip to Bosque Del Apache Game Refuge on November 24, the Saturday
following Thanksgiving. If you have family in town for Thanksgiving, this would be an ideal way to show them
a fascinating part of the state from the seat of an early Ford. We’ll be departing the Pit (UNM’s basketball
arena) on Saturday the 24th at 10:00 a.m. and traveling the less-traveled routes to the Bosque area. We’ll
have lunch at the ever-popular Owl Bar and Café south of Socorro, then heading to the game preserve.
November is the best month for watching the cranes, geese, and other birds, so bring binoculars and
cameras. Those who decide to stay until dusk will get the best views of the birds as they land for the night.
Those who want to get back to Albuquerque during daylight can leave earlier.
2. The Christmas party has been nicely coordinated by Mary Gorenz, to occur Tuesday, December 4, at the
Cooperage, beginning at six o’clock. For those who have not already paid, the price per person is $28.98,
and checks should be sent to Larry Williams, 11825 El Solindo NE, Albuquerque 87111, as soon as possible.
We will have a gift exchange (without “stealing”) so please bring a modestly-valued gift, marked for a man
or woman. Also, please bring either a non-perishable food item or (preferably) a gift of money for the
Roadrunner Foodbank which is the charity we support at this time of year.
3. The January business meeting has a different date and place. We have moved the date from January
1 to January 8, so as not to conflict with New Years Day. The place of the January meeting and all future
meetings has been changed to Bob Agnew’s new premises at 3232 Girard NE. We will be printing new
business cards, and revising the website, to reflect the new address.
4. The date of the next directors’ meeting has also been advanced one week, to January 15, 2013, at my
house, 8704 La Sala Del Sur, N.E. This will be a planning session for 2013, so anyone who has an interest
in that is welcome to attend, along with the directors.

Next, just a few items which were discussed at the last directors’ meeting:
1. We will bring up for a vote in January the idea of purchasing a magnetic sign advertising the club, which
we can apply to any of the tour cars on upcoming tours.
2. We will bring up for discussion the creation of a video library to be housed with the printed club materials.
This would give members the ability to store their favorite car-related videos in a location that would be
available to all members to check out.
3. We hope to have a professional photographer attend one of our next meetings to discuss how to best
photograph your cars, and upload them to our website. We earnestly solicit your photos to enhance the
visual appeal of our website and let viewers know the size and calibre of our collection of great old Fords.
4. We made a donation to the Early Ford V8 Foundation to honor Dick Precit’s memory. We will discuss
at an upcoming meeting the idea of doing that for other club members who pass away, such as Bert Loring.
I look forward to seeing you all at the Christmas party, and at all of the great activities we’ll have in 2013.
And I thank you for re-electing me to be your president for the upcoming year.

November 24 – Festival of the Cranes/Bosque del Apache tour
By Frank Corey
The Ford club has scheduled a trip to the bird refuge on Saturday Nov. 24. We will depart the pit parking
lot at 10:00 a.m. and then stop at the Owl Bar for lunch. We plan to arrive at the visitor center about 230 pm.
One of the staff members will give us details about the refuge. The main attraction will be the return of birds
to the refuge about sundown. Those who choose can stay for that event which will probably occur about
5:00 p.m. The members who want to head home before dark may choose that also. That decision can be
made by those who attend.
By Jay Hertz
Hello, All. This is to let you know that we will be holding our January directors’/officers’ meeting on Tuesday,
January 15, at my house, 8704 La Sala Del Sur, NE (phone 296-3137) beginning at 7:30 p.m. It is near
Wyoming and Candelaria. From that intersection, go east and take the second left-hand turn bay, which is
General Stillwell. Go to the end of General Stillwell, which is only about four blocks. Where it ends, the
house on the right is mine. It is a corner house with a stop sign on the property. The entrance is on General
Stillwell even though the address is on La Sala Del Sur. I will have refreshments. All members are welcome
at our Board meetings.

Happy Birthday to:
4 Dee Patterson
4 Margaret Williams
19 Bill Verant
27 Dorothy Hammond
31 Joan Quirici

Happy Anniversary to:
11 Jim & Jeannine Kontny
19 Ray & Danice Calderon
21 Art & Betty Leupold
21 Bob & Joan Quirici
26 Jeff & Beth Jackson
26 Tom & Birdie Stacey
30 Bob & Nancy Agnew
30 Jim & Joyce Clements
National Director, Lou Mraz, proposed and developed a National Tour program for club-eligible cars. Here
is a summary of the proposal, and a report on the first tour, summarized from Lou’s notes.
The idea is to provide an opportunity for club members to drive their cars, as they would have been driven
in the days when they were new. National meets with the Concours and Judging will continue, but the tour
program is designed for members who like to drive their V-8's. There would be no show, judging, or awards
of any kind on the driving tour. Secondary roads would be traveled, distances driven per day would be
limited to 100-125 miles per day, maps and accommodation information would be available to participants,
and there would be ample opportunity to visit scenic and historic sights. Fall is suggested for the season,
as this would make for cooler driving conditions. As Lou put it, “When you are viewing the world go by
through a split windshield, life is good.” Tips for regional groups who wish to host such a tour are available
from the National Club. They will promote and sanction these driving tours, if sponsored by a Regional
The inaugural tour took place in September, in Iowa and Wisconsin. 34 cars pre-registered, and several
more joined the group for part of the tour. V-8 years represented were from 1932 to 1953; a 1954 Ford
Crestliner and a 1955 Crown Victoria were also among the tourers. Folks from Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa,
Minnesota, Indiana, California, Colorado, New York, and South Dakota joined the tour for four days of driving
fun. They had no serious breakdowns or mechanical failures; small problems that did arise were fixed by
the participants. Many had never attended a National meet before; they prefer driving their cars to showing
them. All said they enjoyed the experience and the scenery. Many look forward to more driving tours in the
This is something our group could think about. A family vacation in the old Fords is a great deal of fun. The
cars were built for traveling, and with proper preparation, they are very reliable on the road and great to ride
in. As a side note, you meet interesting people and make new friends, with every stop you make. You may
not be the first to get to your destination, but you will have a lot more fun on the journey.

by Joyce Clements
Edward Towe, 1914-2012
Edward Towe was the inspiration for the Early Ford V-8 Foundation and Museum.
From the Early Ford V-8 Foundation News comes a sketch of Edward Towe, Montana banker, rancher, and
entrepreneur. At age 15, he opened the only bicycle repair shop in the town of Paullina, Iowa. As a
teenager, he bought old Model T Fords and made them into farm wagons.
He worked his way through engineering school at Iowa State College. He married Florence, daughter of a
prominent Hereford breeder, in 1935. In 1937, he and a cousin purchased the Ford dealership in Paullina,
which he ran for a year. He then moved to California and bought a gas station, selling gas for 11.9 cents
per gallon.
During the war years, he used his engineering skills on the drawing boards of many large aircraft companies,
designing airplane parts. After the war, he went back to farming in Iowa. He took his profits from the sale
of the farm and bought a small country bank in Dupree, S.D., in 1950. He had a knack for banking, and soon
bought or controlled a number of banks in small towns. As his banks grew profitable, Edward Towe began
collecting, preserving, and sometimes restoring cars. His preference was for Fords, but he would
occasionally purchase a Cadillac or Chevrolet, just to demonstrate the superiority of Ford products. When
his collection outgrew the bank basement, he moved it to Helena, and it lived in the Montana Historical
Museum for ten years. In 1979, the collection was moved to the Towe Antique Ford Museum in Deer Lodge.
Some of the cars were moved to Sacramento in 1987. John Mota wrote about this move: “During the week
of September 21-27, Hadley Auto Transport moved what must surely be the world’s most complete Ford
automobile collection… As you can well imagine, this was no simple task due to the dimensions, delicate
condition and great value of these historical vehicles. Hadley used 13 trucks in the initial move – with no
charge to The Towe Museum. Drivers from Benicia, Denver, Los Angeles and Salt Lake City terminals were
chosen from a list of volunteers, to team up at Deer Lodge and pool their auto hauling expertise.” Eightyeight
Fords and one Chevrolet were moved by the caravan. “The old timers attracted a great deal of
attention tooling down the highways and by-ways. Shades of the old slogan, ‘Watch the Fords go by’.”
Edward Towe did not like the government telling him how to run his business. Consequently, he got in
trouble with both the federal banking authorities and the Internal Revenue Service, with whom he did battle
for years. In 1997, the collection was sold to satisfy his argument with the IRS. Cars went to places around
the world, but a large percentage were purchased locally and stayed in their respective museums.
Don’t forget that the Foundation is seeking to increase membership. Individual memberships are $25 per
year, and for the remainder of 2012, if you join, a buddy can join for free. It’s a two-for-one special! Find out
more about the Foundation at www.fordv8foundation.org.
November 24-25 – 3rd Annual Phoenix Antique & Classic Car Swap Meet – Arizona State Fairgrounds –
Early vendor set-up Friday, November 23 – www.phoenixcarswapmeet.com for Vendor pre-registration, map
& Swapper/Shopper details – Todd, Kim & John Harding (661)248-5205, (818)879-3965 or (818)879-3479
– E-mail todd@phoenixcarswapmeet.com or kim@phoenixcarswapmeet.com.
December 1 – Twinkle Light Parade and Nob Hill Holiday Shop & Stroll – Washington St. to Girard Blvd.,
5:15pm – City of Albuquerque, Cultural Services Department, 400 Marquette Ave. NW (6th Floor-Suite 605)
– Phone: 768-3452, Cell: 977.5523 or bortiz@cabq.gov.
December 8 – Los Lunas Toy Drive Cruz – Wells Fargo Bank, Bosque Farms – 1:00pm – Bill Schofield
(505)565-2105 or e-mail vintagegasser@aim.com.
The Early Ford V-8 Club will celebrate its 50th Anniversary at Lake Tahoe, Nevada, June 17-21, 2013. This
is the site of the first meet held by the founding members of the Club. It will be a big event, and the only
National Meet for 2013. Start thinking about attending, and get your Ford ready for the road. Registration
and information are available at www.earlyfordv8.org.

For Sale: V-8 Times Magazines. Issues from the '80s to date. $1 each or 6 for $5. Several year sets in
hard binders. Half the proceeds to our club. Joe Abbin, 505.296.7678.
For Sale: Auto road test and auto related magazines from the 1950's thru the 1980's. Find out how your
1956 Mercury performed “in the day” from Motor Trend or how Consumer’s Guide rated it! “Time capsule”
assortments of 3-6 magazines for various years for $10 each or individual magazines for $3. Various titles,
Motor Trend, Popular Science, Mechanix Illustrated, Consumers Guide, etc. Joe Abbin, 505.296.7678.
For Sale: Rebuilt generators, starters, carburetors, distributors, water pumps, clutches, etc. for your
flathead. Best deal in town. Also parts. What do you need? Art Leupold, 505.299.7154.
For Sale: Flathead V8 tools. Pictured at the top, valve spring installation tool homemade
but it works, 2nd row left to right, transmission C shaft needed for transmission assembly or
disassembly, transmission guide pins corse thread, valve adjust tools, transmission guide
pins fine thread, bottom, valve R&R tool. Make an offer. Can be shipped.
tombird@wildblue.net or 575.894.7137. To see a larger version of the photo:
Wanted: Joyce and Jim got an email from Trevor Poulsen, a V-8er they know from
New Zealand: “Hi Friends, I was wondering if any of you or your Club Members could
locate a Bolt-on Side Shifter from a 38/39 Lincoln Zephyr Transmission, as per Photo.
I believe that they were available these 2 years, but may be wrong? I don’t want the
Case or Gears, just the part that bolts onto the Side. Would appreciate any leads.
Thanks for your help.” You can contact him through Joyce and Jim at 884-7912 or
Wanted: V-8 Times Magazines. Need May-June 2007 issue, and any issues from the '60s and '70s for my
own set. Joe Abbin, 505.296.7678.
Services Offered: Vintage engine rebuilding, any make, any model. Stock or modified. Dynamometer
testing available. Results guaranteed. References available. Gary McGlasson, 505.250.1586.
Services Offered: Frank Corey, who recently made a presentation about the mechanical aspects of Ford
overdrives, is available to consult on the electrical aspects as well. Frank has a supply of overdrive parts
for sale, for those who may be interested. Frank can be contacted at 505.299.5168 or (frankford4@aol.com).
For Lease: Eight 2,000 square foot warehouses located at 3424 & 3426 Vassar NE for lease. Easy access
to the interstate. Units have office space, rest room and rear overhead doors; some with connecting doors,
making them usable as larger units. $7.20/square foot on one year lease, negotiable for longer term leases.