PLEASE NOTE: All meetings include Show & Tell.  Members are encouraged to bring items to share.

NEXT MEETING: Next meeting is Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 at 7pm. The program will be videos from the tour & photos from the National Meet.  Elections will also take place.  Refreshments provided by Bob Payne.

NEXT BOARD MEETING: Tuesday, December 11th, 7pm at the Jacksons’ house.

BREAKFAST GROUP: Saturday, November 17th, 8:30 am at Stripes Biscuit Co., 5701 Gibson Blvd SE.

CLUB WEBSITE: Be sure to check out our website at   Updated “current Information and calendar” is on the current information page. More club pictures are on the website.

FORD V8 FOUNDATION WEBSITE: Another interesting website to check out is




The Club breakfast will be held on Saturday, November 17th, at 8:30 am at Stripes Biscuit Co., 5701 Gibson Blvd. SE, just west of San Pedro.  David McLain suggested this restaurant, it is dedicated to Veterans and 15% of all menu contains standards or New Mexican favorites.  See you there!


                November Birthdays and Anniversaries

                                   Jay Hertz (5)                      Vern & Pat Willan (7)

                         Roger Wilbur (11)                  Philip & Corrine Lovato (14)

                         Leslie Montgomery (22)

                         Ray Calderon (30)



Won’t talk about a Ford relative this month, just more about Fords.
You can read the details of the Southern New Mexico tour later in this newsletter, but I’m going to give one of the highlights.   There were Fords — bright and shiny show stock cars, rouge cars, modified cars with Mitchell overdrives, two two- barrel intakes and even a couple of super chargers.  But the coolest travel vehicle was a 1938 standard couple pulling a small travel trailer.   Carl Schneider from Datil, New Mexico stayed in his travel trailer each night and stayed with the tour the entire trip.   The first morning we left Socorro and Carl with his trailer was behind me.  He pulled the hills fine and didn’t lag behind on the straights.   There was a long line at the entrance to the Trinity sight so we all, except Carl, shut our engines off waiting for the line to move.  It was so slow many folks got out and chatted between line movement and several of the women walked beside the cars taking pictures.  At one stop I asked Carl if he was afraid his car would get hot idling.   He said ‘nope’.   Then someone commented his car smoked a little going up hills.  He said ‘yep’.  I asked if he got good gas mileage and he said ‘yep about 30.    Noticing he was starting to open up I asked what engine he had in the car.   He calmly opened the hood and said - a four cylinder Mitsubishi turbo diesel.  Then he added ‘with an inter cooler’.  Carl was a great tour participant and at the banquet he joined our Tumbleweed club promising to make a meeting or two during the year.   Welcome Carl!

The November meeting will be election of officers.  Ballots are included in the newsletter for your use or for write-in candidates.    Jeff will show some tour videos as the program.


The breakfast this month is November 17th, 8:30 am at Stripes Biscuit Co., 5701 Gibson Blvd SE.

The Christmas Dinner will be held at the Jackson house on Saturday, December 8th starting at 1pm.  $3 per person will cover the meats and everyone is encouraged to bring a side dish.   Please let Beth Jackson know by December 4th how many will attend.   Under $20 gift exchange is planned.



Minutes of the October 2nd, 2018 Meeting

Beth Jackson, Secretary

President Jeff called the meeting to order shortly after 7pm.  There were 18 present, including former member Kathleen McCaughey and David’s friend, Debbie Jones.  Everyone reported having received their newsletter and Treasurer David reported finances are in good shape. 

Happy Birthday wishes were extended to Mary Dierschke, Linda Frazer, Sid Anaya, Amy Joiner and Al Seery.  A Happy Anniversary was wished to Bud Hennessey and Linda Frazer.

Chris and Amy Joiner were thanked for having provided refreshments.

The For Sale/Wanted ads were passed around for additions and deletions.

Old Business:  Joyce, reporting for the New Mexico Car Council, described the Los Lunas Swap Meet as a success.  400 spaces were sold.  She thanked Larry Bost for working all weekend as a volunteer.  Joyce said she retired from the swap meet on Sunday and will not be working at it next year.  Thanks to Joyce for all the years she has spent organizing and keeping it running smoothly. 

The recipe of the month for October was provided by David McLain, his grandmother’s Cranberry Bread that he remembers her making frequently.  His friend, Debbie Jones, was talked into providing a recipe for November.

Jay thanked the committee for the Southern New Mexico National Tour for all their work getting the tour ready. 21 cars are registered presently and the tour begins this coming Friday, October 5th.  Jeff said he got a call from a hearty couple from Chicago who had their towing truck wrecked but still functioning shortly after leaving home, but they are continuing here to join the tour.

New Business:  October’s breakfast will be held Saturday, October 20th at Church Street Café in Old Town, picked by Gary McGlasson.  David McLain picked the spot for the November 17th breakfast – Stripes Biscuit Company on Gibson/San Pedro.

The featured member of the month of October was Joyce Clements.  Bob Agnew agreed to be interviewed for November’s newsletter.

The next meeting will be held Tuesday, November 6th at 7pm.  Elections will be held. The nominating committee announced the slate for 2019: President, Jeff Jackson; VP, Jay Hertz; Secretary, Beth Jackson; Treasurer, David McLain; Board of Directors, George Abernathy, Roger Wilbur, Demetrio Lee.  Joe Abbin is a member of the board as he is past president.  The ballot will appear in the November newsletter.

Joe Abbin gave us a crime report.  FBI statistics for 2017 came out in September and Albuquerque was #1 for auto theft and #3 in property crimes and also high on the murder rate.  NYC is now one of the safest cities which was achieved by enforcing the law.  Most of the crime in Albuquerque does not make the paper.

Jeff asked if anyone wanted to host the Christmas potluck (since the club agreed that was better than a restaurant) and when no one volunteered he and Beth agreed to host it again at their house on December 8th.

Roger Wilbur provided 3 items for the raffle and tickets sold briskly during the refreshment break.  Thanks to Roger for his generosity. After the break, Roger entertained us with stories of his jewelry business and brought stones, some jewelry and many pictures for us to view.  Roger makes jewelry out of many interesting items including animal horns and ancient fossils.  Thank you for an interesting and outstanding presentation, Roger.




Roger’s Display                                            Some of Roger’s jewelry materials


Christmas Party

Our annual Christmas party will be a potluck on Saturday afternoon, December 8th at 1pm.  The party will be at the Jackson’s house (8322 Calle Picaflor NW).  The cost is $3 per person.  The hosts will cook the meat, with side dishes provided by those attending.  Tea, water and coffee will be provided.  Reservations are required and can be made and paid for at the November club meeting or by contacting Beth Jackson before December 4th.   Reservations may also be made by mail to Beth at the above address (zip 87120).  Requested side dishes are salad, vegetable, dessert or bread and can be confirmed when you call or send in your reservation.  Remember there is no club meeting in December.  Last year’s party followed this format and we had a large crowd, delicious food and a very pleasant time.

Our annual gift exchange will take place during the Christmas Party.  If you wish to participate, bring a wrapped gift labeled male or female, and you will go home with a lovely gift.  Please make the gift something you would like to receive and keep the cost under $20.  Please call Beth at 505-908-7564 if you have any questions.



President: R. Jeff Jackson (

Vice-President: Jay Hertz (

Secretary: Beth Jackson (

Treasurer: David McLain (

Director: George Abernathy (

Director: Phillip Lovato (

Director: Roger Wilbur (

Director: Joe Abbin (



Tumbleweed Early Ford V8 Club Calendar for 2018


Tuesday 6th Club Meeting 7pm Officer Election.  Refreshments by Bob Payne.

Saturday 17th 8:30am Breakfast at Stripe Biscuit Co., 5701 Gibson Blvd SE


Saturday 8th Club Christmas Party, Potluck at the Jacksons house

Tuesday 11th Board meeting 7pm at the Jacksons - with new and old officers and directors plan for 2019

Saturday 15th Breakfast




Debbie Jones

Millionaire Pie

2 – 9” baked pie shells            

1 - 8 oz. cream cheese

1 Tblsp butter, softened

2 cups powdered sugar

Dash of salt

1 small can crushed pineapple, well drained

½ cup pecans, chopped

1 cup Coconut, Angel Flake

1 – 8 oz. Cool Whip

Mix softened cream cheese and butter with powdered sugar and blend well.  Add fruit, pecans & coconut.  Then fold in the Cool Whip.  Pour into cooled baked pie shells.  Keep Refrigerated.



Featured Member of the Month

Bob Agnew

Bob Agnew’s father was a businessman, a mechanic, and an entrepreneur.   Kind of describes Bob also.   When asked ‘when did you start being interested in cars?’   Bob replies ‘at birth’.   One of the many things Bob’s father did was subcontract to Ford to rebuild engines.  He also had a car lot and a car repair business.   Bob was born in Cleveland, Ohio and migrated through California prior to settling in Albuquerque in 1990.   Bob fondly recalls that at 9 years of age Bob was the richest kid on his block.   His father paid him 50 cents to rebuild a distributor and Bob rebuilt a lot of distributors!

Bob says his earliest memory of driving was on a Fordson tractor.   He had to put both feet on the clutch and by using both arms on the steering wheel he was just able to push the clutch in.  The trick was to quickly take one arm from the steering wheel and shift into gear before the clutch pushed him up.

By age 9 or 10 Bob was requisitioning cars from his father’s lot to drive up and down the driveway.   This left me thinking, what a cool childhood!   When Bob went outside to play with the cars, he used real cars.

Bob says his favorite car is the one that gets him where he wants to go when he wants to go.   Bob recalls buying a new Volvo and reading the owner’s manual about how well they were built and how the seat worked as protection in an accident.  He said he thought to himself this thing is really overbuilt, until the day he was t-boned by some fool who ran a stop sign at 70 mph.   Bob found himself hanging upside down by the Volvo’s seat belt and quickly was very pleased his Volvo was overbuilt.    Currently his ‘go to’ car is the beautiful 1951 Ford with which we are all familiar.  He also likes to drive his Cadillac or his T-bird depending on his mood.

Bob Agnew.png


Bob and Nancy Agnew




The Southern New Mexico tour was a grand event as judged by the participants.
Participants came from as far as Indiana and Illinois and included Arizona, Texas and New Mexico.   Twenty-one cars signed up but of course some folks drove modern cars and a few older cars ended the trip on trailers.   Didn’t matter what you drove, all the sights and sounds and comradery were shared by all.
Albuquerque folks plus a 1940 Ford trailered in from near Chicago, started in Albuquerque on Friday afternoon and set up the registration tables in Socorro for Friday evening sign-in and a welcome gathering.
Saturday morning everyone met for a welcome talk by Jay and a quick review of the day’s events by Jeff and Beth.   We visited the Trinity sight, saw the Valley of Fires, ate lunch in Carrizozo, and toured Fort Stanton before ending the day in Ruidoso.
Sunday, Kathleen McCaughey introduced the day and we departed for the sights of Lincoln County.  She arranged a docent for the tour of Lincoln which added a lot to our understanding of the Lincoln County War of the 1870’s.   You know young Billy the Kid was either a hero, a scapegoat or an outlaw depending on who is telling the story.  We lunched at the famous Tinnie Silver Dollar and visited the Hubbard Museum of the American West before returning to Ruidoso.
David McLain introduced our Monday plans.  We drove to Alamogordo to see the NM Museum of Space History and White Sands.   Along the way, we had a pleasant visit at McGinn’s Pistachio Grove.   We toured the farm on a small bus, picked some pistachios and ate ice cream before moving on.  At White Sands, some adventurous folks slid down the sand on a plastic sand toy.   
Jay Hertz introduced Tuesday before we started on a beautiful drive to Roswell.   Of course, a key stop was the Alien Museum where newspaper reports and personal stories could make you believe we were visited by something that took a longer drive than we did.  Jay arranged for the mayor of Roswell to present us a proclamation on the town square when we arrived.   After the proclamation, Jay pointed us to a restaurant down the street where he had arranged lunch.  Before we left the restaurant, Jay arranged for a downpour to prove it does rain in New Mexico.
George Abernathy started our day on Wednesday pointing us down the road to Carlsbad and a visit to the Caverns and the Living Desert State Park.   We ended the tour Wednesday night with an outstanding banquet with great food.  A big surprise of the evening was the mayor of Carlsbad arriving at the banquet to share Carlsbad pins and a short welcome.   
Many, many people commented it was one of the better tours they had attended.  There was great praise for the booklet, which provided daily maps and information about the sights for the day; and the morning introductions, which set everyone off with knowledge of the day and a little history lesson about the area.   The drives and scenery and variety of places we visited were outstanding.   Impromptu evening gatherings were used to discuss the days’ sights.   Evenings in the parking lots were used to keep the cars running, or in some cases to get them running again.
Best I can figure we drove about 850 miles with nearly 300 just on Thursday morning after the tour returning to Albuquerque from Carlsbad. There are lots of pictures and videos posted on our club website.

Jeff Jackson





Members are encouraged to submit articles, ads and photographs for inclusion in the newsletter.  Please understand we have a volunteer Newsletter Editor so try and submit typed and proofed articles, comments, and new want ads (for sale items will continue to be updated at the meetings).  The deadline for submissions is the 20th of the month. Beth Jackson, 505-908-7564, or email:




The club could use donations for the monthly raffle.  Look around your home and garage, what do you have that you no longer need but someone else might appreciate.  The raffle collects money for the club and it’s a lot of fun!





Ballot for 2019 Officer Election Tumbleweed V8 Club


President:  Jeff Jackson ___________    Write in _______________________________________________


Vice-President:  Jay Hertz _________   Write in ________________________________________________


Secretary:  Beth Jackson __________   Write in _______________________________________________


Treasurer:  David McLain ___________   Write in ______________________________________________


Directors:  Vote for three:   Roger Wilbur ________, Demetrio Lee ________, George Abernathy__________


Write in __________________________________________________________


Note:  Joe Abbin is automatically a director as past president.


Mail Ballot to Tumbleweed V8 Club, PO Box 21538, Albuquerque, NM 87154-1538

It must be received by Monday November 5 to be counted.

Or you may email your choices to board member Joe Abbin at






Joke of the Month


To climax his demonstration of strength, the circus strong man picked up a coconut, crushed it with one hand and squeezed until it no longer exuded milk. He then held it up and announced to the crowd, "I'll give $25.00 to anyone in the audience who can get another drop of fluid out of this coconut.

To the surprise of everyone, a little man stepped up and squeezed out several additional drops.

"How in the world did you ever manage to do that?" asked the strong man in amazement.

"'Twas easy," replied the little man. "I'm with the Bureau of Internal Revenue."


Submitted by Joyce Clements




Upcoming Events

October 31 – Village of Corrales 10th Annual Trunk or Treat – Recreation Center, 500 Jones, Corrales – Decorate your vehicle for competition, hand out candy, balloon glow – Setup 12-5pm – Parks & Rec  899-8900 or


November 3 – The Owl Cafe Cars -N- Coffee – 800 Eubank Blvd. NE – Saturday – Open to all vehicles – 7:30-10:30am – Hot Coffee and Donuts to all car enthusiasts – (505)291-4900

November 3 – Feed New Mexico Kids Car Show & Lunch – Philip & Sons Hot Rod Service, 4101 4th  St. NW – Meet 9am till 11am – Entry $20, proceeds to feed NM and APS kids Thanksgiving dinner,  donations welcome – Lunch served 11:30am – Receive ticket when you register for raffle drawing and lunch – Raffle drawing 2pm, show over 3pm – Philip 264-9081 or 345-5865

November 3 – VHS 1st Annual Varsity Cheer Boosters Fundraiser Car Show – Valencia HS, 230 Nelson Lane, Los Lunas – Entry $20, free to spectators – 11am-4pm – Tammy or 573-0731

November 10 – Toys for Tots Drive – 7600 Jefferson NE – Open to all clubs –Meet 9:30am –  Sponsored

by NM Viper Club – Mike

November 9-10 – 22nd Annual Veterans' Day Car Show – NM State Veterans' Home, T or C – 9th Scoop the Loop 5pm at T or C Brewery, 410 Main St. – Show 10th 9am-3pm – Entry $30 – Swap Meet space $25 for 10’x10’ space – Awards 2pm – Door prizes – Concession stand on site – (575)894-8445

November 10 – 24th Annual Charity Car Show at Hooters East – San Mateo – Setup 7am-10am – Show 10am-4pm, Open to all years makes and models, Entry $20 – 30 classes – 25 Special Awards, 50/50 drawing and raffle – All proceeds supporting the Leukemia Lymphoma Society - Music by: Steve’s Cruisin’ with the Oldies – 505-269-0496 or 505-332-9222 for info

November 11 – Freddy's Car Show & Cruise In – Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steak Burgers, 10201 Central NE (just west of Eubank) weather permitting – Open to all classes:  muscle cars, customs, trucks, vans, hot rods, lowriders, exotics, vintage, custom mini bikes, motorcycles, convertibles, euros, mini trucks – Free; in lieu of entry fee, please bring an unwrapped new or used, good condition, clean coat, unwrapped toy for girl or boy, or non- perishable food item for homeless shelter –  Honors present and past veterans – Trophies awarded in different categories for registered vehicles – Door prizes every hour and 50/50 drawing – Music by Rockin' Rob (tips appreciated), a disabled veteran – Santa Claus will be on hand for kids to take pictures, so bring your camera – Last year's turnout was great; this year will be even better! – Set up 8 to 10am, show starts with National Anthem at 10 am sharp – Come join us and have a Super Sunday – Joe Mascarenas 235-5900

November 16-18 – 21st Southwest Nationals – Westworld, Scottsdale, AZ – Open to Pre-'88 – Goodguys

(925)838-9876 or

November 17 – 2nd Annual St. Felix Food, Toy, Motorcycle Run – Felician Sisters Convent, 4210 Meadowlark Lane, Rio Rancho – Sponsord by St. Felix Pantry & Law Tigers – Begins 9:30am, kickstands up 10:30am – Escorted route through Rio Rancho, ends at O’Hare’s Grille & Pub, 4100 Southern SE – Ray Jaramillo (505)629-8023 or