PLEASE NOTE: All meetings include Show & Tell.  Members are encouraged to bring items to share.

NEXT MEETING: Next meeting is Tuesday, May 1st, 2018 at 7pm. The program will be a presentation on auto theft prevention by Joe Abbin.  Refreshments provided by Ray Calderon.

NEXT BOARD MEETING: Tuesday May 8, 7pm at the Jacksons house

BREAKFAST GROUP: Saturday, May 12th, tour to Santa Fe to visit Larry Icerman’s car collection, see article below.

CLUB WEBSITE: Be sure to check out our website at   Updated “current Information and calendar” is on the current information page. More club pictures are on the website.

FORD V8 FOUNDATION WEBSITE: Another interesting website to check out is




May 2018 Program Meeting – Preventing Auto Theft & Enjoying Our Vehicles More

Joe Abbin

This month we will present an update on auto theft and crime trends in Albuquerque.  Last year we experienced almost 9,000 vehicles stolen in Albuquerque.  We are currently still in the top ten in the nation for auto theft per capita. We will review the auto theft trends, what are the most commonly stolen vehicles, who steals them, where they go, where are the hot spots (locations), why we have more thefts, and maybe most importantly, what we can do to protect our vehicles & property.

Protecting our vehicles can be as simple as locking them, the Club, installing hidden ignition switches, etc.  There are also various high tech solutions available. We are fortunate to have Jim & Rick from the Driver’s Den visit us this month to describe some of these high tech options including sophisticated alarms and trackers.  And as a bonus, they will describe some great options to increase enjoyment of our vehicles, such as back-up cameras, dash cams, stereos, satellite radios, amplifiers (so hard of hearing people like myself can enjoy their rap CDs), etc.  Driver’s Den is one of Albuquerque’s oldest and most experienced sellers and installers of all things electronic.  I can personally attest to these folk’s expertise. 

So come on down for a good time and bring your questions and a friend!


                                   May 12 Activity
The activity for May is a driving tour to Santa Fe to view the collections of Larry Icerman. You will recall that Larry was our featured speaker within the last year, talking about the Santa Fe Concorso, of which he was a founder. He owns a number of fine and unusual cars, including a 1936 Hudson Deluxe 8 business coupe, a 1928 Locomobile sedan, a 1936 Chrysler convertible sedan, a 1925 Chrysler roadster, and a 1927 Whippet.  As an extra benefit, Larry has invited his friends in the Classic Car Club of America to join us at the two locations he stores his cars. Assuming they drive their classics, we will get treated to a fantastic display. 
We will start the tour at 9:00 on Saturday, May 12, at the Smiths Grocery at Tramway and Central, and take the old Highway 14 to Santa Fe. That's a great way to enjoy your old Ford. I will hand out directions to all tourers, and we will plan to caravan to Larry's. Larry will join us for lunch at one of his favorite haunts there. You don't want to miss this opportunity, as Larry does not open his collection often.
Jay Hertz


May Birthdays and Anniversaries

Betty Leupold (21)


R. Jeff Jackson

After the wonderful presentation by Larry Azevedo on Edsel Ford I did some more reading and found Edsel a very interesting fellow albeit dominated by his father Henry.   The end of one article had the following summary by a Ford historian.   

In conclusion, I think a statement made in 1970 by Mr. Henry Edmunds, Director of the Ford Archives, pretty well sums things up when he said:

"Edsel was responsible for many good things in the Company's history - insistence on verve and dash in product styling, on a reliable and safer product, on fair and courteous relationships with dealers and the public.  He possessed an unquenchable sense of fitness, an insistence on doing the right thing.  A single instance among many would be his little-known achievement in making Ford Overseas a strong segment in the Ford marketing empire.  He did all the essential things that Henry refused to do, and consequently held the Company together during several crisis periods in the 1930's. In true retrospect, he seems less a tragic figure than popularly supposed.  Without him, the Company might never have attained the solid image it was today."

Isn’t the history of the cars we follow today interesting?  I guess that’s one of the reasons we pamper and diddle with our cars and love to drive them.   Speaking of driving, we are excited to participate in the Southern New Mexico tour that our club is hosting.   Jay is doing a bang up job of getting us organized.  Participation by the Model A club members is a big attraction.   Now is the time to start your detailed planning and fixing up your car for that tour or for one of our shorter weekend events.   Like the May 12th tour to see Larry Icerman’s collection near Santa Fe.  I hope we have good representation at that event also.

And, speaking of fixing up your car the club is still interested in work days where we can get together and spread some grease on our hands hoping some of it goes in or on the right place on that member’s car.  Let’s discuss again at the May meeting if we can find time to help each other out.

May’s meeting topic is car theft.  Goodness knows around here auto theft is taken too lightly and costs us all too much in insurance premiums.   Maybe most thefts aren’t our cherished older cars, nevertheless knowing how to limit auto theft is a benefit to us all.   Looking forward to Joe’s presentation.  Please consider inviting a friend (Flathead guy/gal or not) to this meeting because the topic is a benefit for all of us.

Concluding on a personal note, thanks to Joe’s wide audience I now have a 1946 Ford Tudor sedan.   I haven’t started it yet but the basic car looks sound and has a humongous rear seat just waiting to be stuffed with stuff for tours.   No, it isn’t bone stock original, but that’s part of the attraction of the Flathead Ford group.  We relish original but aren’t too snooty to appreciate modifications as long as the engine has no pushrods.  Cheers ‘till next time.



Minutes of the April 3rd, 2018 Meeting

Secretary, Beth Jackson

President Jeff called the meeting to order at 7:06 pm and welcomed the 20 members present.  All reported receiving the monthly newsletter.  Treasurer Dave is traveling so there was no treasurer’s report.  The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as printed in the newsletter.

Thanks to George and Jackie for providing the refreshments.  The For Sale/Wanted ads were passed around for additions and deletions.

Old Business:  Joyce reported for the Car Council.  The May 20th Museum Car Show featuring Imports is looking for volunteers to help.  Joyce brought posters for members to take and post in their place of business to advertise the show.  Car Appreciation Day will be held July 13th or 14th with an activity at Enchanted Trails Drive In Movie. 

Jeff asked how members enjoyed meeting with the Chevy Club and Ray said it was excellent and Joyce said she enjoyed it.  Vi Chavez-Cropp volunteered to provide the recipe for the May newsletter.

Jay reported on the Southern New Mexico National Tour planning.  A member of the Poco Quatros who is also a Chevy Club member asked if the Model A’s could join our tour.  The National Club Tour Director said that was acceptable and that there is a $5 associate membership that the Model A Club Members can purchase.  Please see the article in the May newsletter for tour details or go to the club website. 

A discussion was held again on buying bricks from the National Ford V8 Foundation in memory of deceased members each year.  After a prolonged discussion, agreement was reached and the motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously to purchase one brick per calendar year and have the name of each deceased member, spouse, former member that has passed away that year engraved on the brick.  If there are too many names for a 4 x 8 brick, an 8 x 8 brick will be purchased instead.  At the time that a member or associated person passes away, a condolence letter will be sent to the family informing them of the brick purchase at the end of the year.  Everyone agreed they did not mind sharing a brick with others and that this was a decision that allowed multiple names to be engraved on a brick without having strict guidelines to choose those names.  This is essentially the same conclusion reached in 2014.

New Business:  Membership renewal of $25 is due.  New rosters will be sent out in May.

Jeff had plaques from the February SuperNationals to give to Chris Joiner and Richard Polk.

April’s breakfast will be in conjunction with the Spring Thaw event at the Old Car Garage on Saturday, April 21st.  May’s breakfast will actually be a tour of Larry Icerman’s collection in Santa Fe followed by lunch.  Please see the May newsletter for details.

The club is encouraging attendance at the May 20th Museum Car Show.  Please see the May newsletter for details. 

The Annual Club Birthday Party and Picnic will be held on Memorial Day, May 28th at the Los Ranchos Village Hall and is being chaired by Joe Abbin.  See the newsletter for details.

Jeff asked if anyone wanted to volunteer their car to be worked on at the Club workday suggested for Saturday, April 28th.  There were no volunteers. There was a suggestion that we do distributors one day, carburetors another.  Joe offered to set up a time for bringing distributors to his shop for demonstrations and self repair.

The May meeting will have a program on Car Theft Prevention, very timely for Albuquerque citizens.  Joe will head this up.  Ray Calderon will provide refreshments.

The featured member last month was Philip Lovato.  George Abernathy agreed to be featured member in May.

Joe reported that Clyde Bangiola had gotten Art’s ’57 up and running and is very happy with it.

Joe held the raffle, followed by Larry Azevedo lecturing on Edsel Ford.  Very informative, thank you Larry.


Tumbleweed Early Ford V-8 Club Picnic Show and Shine

When: Memorial Day, Monday, May 28, 2018, 11am-2pm.

Where: Los Ranchos Village Hall, 6718 Rio Grande Blvd NW


Wahoo, we’re having a picnic! We will be celebrating our Tumbleweed Group’s 43nd birthday, the 55th birthday of the Early Ford V-8 Club, the 116th anniversary of the Ford Motor Company, the 66th anniversary of the flatheads demise (bummer) and the City of Albuquerque’s 313th birthday! All dates are approximate. Not to be forgotten, it is the 85th anniversary of the 1933 Fords! Wow!

The festivities begin at 11 am at the Los Ranchos Village Hall. We’ll line up all those flatheads for display and celebrate each other’s cars. Then we’ll have sandwiches, share some goodies and tie everything together with birthday cake. Sodas and chips will also be provided, courtesy of the club! Wow, a free lunch (donations accepted)! Feel free to bring a side dish, a salad or anything else you’d like to share with the Ford party animals. Volunteers to help and cleanup are appreciated. Let’s put on the biggest display of flatheads since 1953! Bring your friends!

We will have our popular 50-50 raffle with some nice prizes as well as the cash! Please feel free to donate items for the raffle.

Contact Joe Abbin at 296-7678 to volunteer and for details.





Birthday Celebration Invitation

You are Invited to Join Us for a Birthday Celebration

 in Honor of Betty Leupold’s 90th Birthday.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

2:00 – 4:00 pm

At 4500 Piedra Blanca NE

Hosted by Karla & Karlene

No gifts please



                   Museum of Albuquerque Car Show
The big show of the year is close. I'm referring, of course, to the Council of Car Clubs show on Sunday, May 20, at the Museum of Albuquerque. This show generally attracts about 350 vehicles of all types, this year spotlighting foreign makes. It's the most awaited event of the year. And a great place to see your friends, renew acquaintances, and meet new hobbyists. Let's plan to show our cars together as a club, in usual fashion, by driving in and parking together. To do that, we will gather at the parking lot of Hotel Albuquerque in Old Town at 7:00 and come in as a group.  Registration forms have been emailed to you for your convenience. Your $10 admission fee will be collected at the gate. This will be a chance to also see the model cars, car-related art work, and the museum's own exhibits, all at no additional charge.  A great day in a great venue. Hope to see you there!
Jay Hertz



                 October National Driving Tour Update
Tour planning is well underway for our national driving tour in October. All routes have been selected and all motels have blocked out rooms for us. We will be joined on the tour by a contingent from the Poco Quatros Model A Club. What a nice way to see some historic and beautiful sites with a caravan of antique Fords. Along the way, we will see the Trinity Site, Billy the Kid historical areas, Valley of Fires, Fort Stanton, the Air and Space Museum in Alamogordo, some fine museums in Roswell, White Sands, and, of course, Carlsbad Caverns, a natural wonder, among others. The routes have been especially selected to assure not only great eating and touring, but also easy driving conditions along scenic byways .  The tour will begin the evening of Friday, October 5, in Socorro, and end with a banquet following the Carlsbad Caverns tour on Wednesday, October 10, with a leisurely drive back home the following day.  Please mark your calendars and begin tuning up your Ford.  You will kick yourself if you miss this tour.
Jay Hertz




President: R. Jeff Jackson (

Vice-President: Jay Hertz (

Secretary: Beth Jackson (

Treasurer: David McLain (

Director: George Abernathy (

Director: Phillip Lovato (

Director: Roger Wilbur (

Director: Joe Abbin (






Recipe of the Month by Vi Chavez-Cropp

Pumpkin Dump Cake


1 – 29 oz. can pure pumpkin

1 – 12 oz. can evaporated milk

3 eggs

1 cup sugar

1 tsp salt

3 tsp. cinnamon

1 box yellow cake mix

1 cup chopped pecans

¼ cup melted margarine

Mix first six ingredients until well blended, and pour batter into a 9’’ x 13’ greased pan.  Sprinkle cake mix on top and then cover with pecans.  Pour melted margarine over top.  Bake at 350 for 50 minutes.

This is really good using spice cake or white plus walnuts instead of pecans.



Featured Member of the Month – George Abernathy

George is a native New Mexican, born and raised in Las Cruces where he attended New Mexico State. He attended Veterinary school at Oregon State, Washington State and Idaho State.  He met Jackie (an Oklahoman raised in Texas) and they were married in 1990.  They were looking for a vet clinic to buy and George’s sister in Albuquerque suggested one so they came to New Mexico and purchased one.  Sunrise Veterinary Clinic is on Rio Rancho Blvd and keeps George extremely busy. They are raising 3 sons and a daughter (whose wedding is in June) and started restoring cars as an activity for the whole family. They are working on a ’46 Ford and have a running ’38 that still needs a few things.  Their garage is loaded with motor bikes, four wheelers, and other vehicles he and his sons are restoring.  George said he joined the Tumbleweed V8 Club because he didn’t know what he was doing and wanted information on the ’46.  He is happy with the club’s assistance and membership expertise.  George stays active in his spare time, which isn’t much, and is suffering from the same fate as everyone who builds a car from ground up.  It takes much longer than expected and costs much more than desired.  But he’s pleased that he’ll know his ’46 from the ground up when completed.




Former Tumbleweed member, Pat Casias, passed away March 28, 2018, at the age of 90. He was  born in Rainsville, NM, (north of Las Vegas, near Mora) and was a lifelong resident of New Mexico. Pat owned and restored a 1940 Ford coupe and a 1935 Ford coupe, in addition to an early 40's Chevrolet. His 1935 had an intricate hand-tooled leather interior that Pat created himself. He took his cars to many shows until the last few years. He was also a regular vendor at local swap meets, selling extra parts. Pat also started Mi Sueno Studio in his garage, coached Mile Hi Little League and was an amateur photographer for high school sports. He served in the US Air Force during the Korean War. Pat was an electrical engineer and retired from AMPEX Corp. Pat loved jokes and swapping stories with his friends; he had lots of these. He will be missed. May he rest in peace.



Tumbleweed Early Ford V8 Club Calendar for 2018


Tuesday 1st Club Meeting 7pm, Car Theft Prevention. Refreshments by Ray Calderon.

Saturday 12th Tour to Santa Fe (Larry Icerman’s) and lunch

Sunday 20th Museum Car Show

Monday 28th Club Birthday Party at Los Ranchos


Tuesday 5th Club Meeting 7pm. Refreshments by Amy & Chris Joiner. 

Saturday 16th Breakfast – Old Movie


Tuesday 3rd Club Meeting 7pm.  Refreshments by Joyce Clements.

Wednesday 4th Parade in Corrales and Hopefully Picnic at Azevedo’s

Saturday 21st Breakfast


Tuesday 7th Club Meeting 7pm 

Sunday 12th All Clubs Picnic

Saturday 18th Breakfast


Tuesday 4th Club Meeting 7pm

Sunday 9th of September State Fair Car Show

Saturday 15th Breakfast

Fri - Sun 28-30 Los Lunas Swap Meet


Tuesday 2nd Club Meeting 7pm 

5th-10th - National Tour of Southern New Mexico

Saturday 20th Breakfast


Tuesday 6th Club Meeting 7pm Officer Election.  Refreshments by Bob Payne.

Saturday 17th Breakfast


Saturday 8th Club Christmas Party (tentatively pot luck)

Tuesday 11th (tentative Board meeting with new and old officers and directors plan for 2019)

Saturday 15th Breakfast



Members are encouraged to submit articles, ads and photographs for inclusion in the newsletter.  Please understand we have a volunteer Newsletter Editor so try and submit typed and proofed articles, comments, and new want ads (for sale items will continue to be updated at the meetings).  The deadline for submissions is the 20th of the month. Beth Jackson, 505-908-7564, or email:


Jokes of the Month

From Readers’ Digest

After a lengthy course on improving computer skills, a teacher finally seemed to get the hang of it.  In fact, he admitted in his self-evaluation, “computers have simplified and shortened my life.”


The day I knew my in-laws had finally accepted me:  As we pulled into their driveway, my father-in-law was on the phone.  “Oh, I have to run,” he told the person on the other end.  “My daughter-in-law and her husband just arrived.”


Just as she was celebration her 80th birthday, our friend received a jury-duty notice.  She called the clerk’s office to remind them that she was exempt because of her age.  “You need to come in and fill out the exemption forms,” the clerk said.  “But I filled them out last year,” she replied.  “You have to fill them out every year.”  “Why?  Do you think I’m getting younger?”


Upcoming Events

May 1 – Freddy's Car Show & Cruise In – Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steak Burgers, 10201 Central NE, weather permitting, 4:30-8pm – Coat & toy drive for kids – Entry: non-perishable food item for local food bank – Get free frozen custard, show off your ride and have some fun. DJ music provided by Rockin' Rob – Joe Mascarenas (505)235-5900 for details

May 5 – 13th Running of the Tractors, Tractor & Car Show – Corrales Recreational Center (off Corrales & Jones Rds., next to Post Office), Corrales – Setup around 8am, show 9am-3pm – Glenn at

May 5 – The Owl Cafe Cars -N- Coffee – 800 Eubank Blvd. NE – Saturday – Open to all vehicles –  7:30-10:30am – Hot Coffee and Donuts to all car enthusiasts – (505)291-4900

May 5 – 24th Annual Summer Car Show Series at Hooters East – San Mateo – Setup 7am-10am – Show 10am-4pm, Open to all years makes and models, Entry $20 – 40 classes – 50 Special Awards, 50/50 drawing and raffle supporting the Leukemia Lymphoma Society - Music by: Steves Cruisan with the Oldies – 505-269-0496 or 505-332-9222 for info

May 12 - Cars n Burgers Cruise – Circle T Burgers, Belen – Open to Exotics, Muscle, Sports Cars – Sponsored by NM Viper Club – Mike

May 12 – NAMI Walk and Car Show – Balloon Fiesta Park – Sign up at 8am, walk begins 9am – Anyone interested in bringing a car, be there by7:30am to get cars parked before it's crowded – No sign up fee but we suggest a $15 donation to NAMI to increase awareness and fundraise for people and their families impacted by mental illness – Sign up or for more information contact

May 15 – Freddy's Car Show & Cruise In – Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steak Burgers, 10201 Central NE,

weather permitting, 4:30-8pm – Coat & toy drive for kids – Entry: non-perishable food item for local food bank – Get free frozen custard, show off your ride and have some fun. DJ music provided by Rockin' Rob – Joe Mascarenas (505)235-5900 for details

May 19 – NNMSR Spring Swap Meet – San Juan Plaza, Farmington (next to Dunkin Donuts)

May 19 – 24th Annual Summer Car Show Series at Hooters West – Alameda – Setup 7am-10am, Show 10am-4pm, Open to all years makes and models, Entry $20 – 30 classes – 25 Special Awards, 50/50 drawing and raffle supporting the Leukemia Lymphoma Society - Music by: Steves Cruisan with the Oldies – 505-269-0496 or 505-332-9222 for info

May 20 – NMCCC/Albuquerque Museum 34th Annual Car Show – Albuquerque Museum, 2000 Mountain Rd. NW – Open to all, trophies for 1989 & older – Featuring Vintage Imported Vehicles –

May 26 – Northern New Mexico Honor Flight Show & Shine – Veterans' Memorial, 1100 Louisiana SE                   – Entry $10, free public admission – Donations welcomed – Proceeds go to sending WWII, Korean & Vietnam veterans to Washington, D.C. – Car show, Live DJ, prizes, food trucks – Parking starts 8am, show 10am-3pm

May 26 – Fast & the Fuzz – Gerald Cline Police Sub Station, 5408 2nd St. NW – Community get-together  sponsored by NM Desert Kings and Albuquerque Police Dept. – 9am-11am

May 26-27 – Route 66 Casino Hotel “Deck Of Cards" Charity Car Show – Route 66 Casino Hotel, I-40, west of Albuquerque – Memorial weekend – All proceeds supporting the Leukemia/Lymphona Society –   Featuring “The Deck Of Cards”: 52 cars picked & photoed – Setup 7am-10am, Show 10am-5pm both days – All years, makes – Pre-Entry Package $30: receives event T-shirt, dash plaque, choose 2 tickets to either concert: Ann Wilson (July 14) or Shenandoah (June 8), restaurant coupons, over 300 awards: 50 classes, 50 specials, cash awards, creeper races, games, Steve's Cruisan with the Oldies – INFO: 505-269-0496 or 505-332-9222 –  $35 day-of-show entry – Entry forms mailed & at Yearwood Performance.

May 27 – Mustang Enchantment Car Show Marriott Pyramid North Hotel, 5151 San Francisco Rd NE – 7:30am to 6:00pm – Eric Shirley (505)268-2595, – Sponsored by Rio Grande Mustang Club

May 27 – Driving Divas Show – Fastino's, 2600 Juan Tabo NE – 1-5pm – Honoring breast cancer survivors & sharing information – Free dinner for Drivers – Karen Campbell (505)620-5276

May 27 – Riverfest "Just for Fun" Car Show – Berg Park, Farmington – Hosted by FCOCC

May 31-June 2 – NM Route 66 Assn Motor Tour – Gallup to Tucumcari on Route 66 – Registration $35 early, $45 day of tour – Call or text (505)803-6966


May 21-25 – Pennsylvania Dutch Country Spring Time Tour – Hosted by Hawk Mountain RG – Tour Amish country, headquartered in Myerstown, PA – Lois Dries (610)966-5127 or or Rick Slegel (610)926-3061 or

June 11-15 Grand National Meet, Dearborn, Michigan – "Dearborn's the Scene in 2018" – 55th Anniversary Homecoming – Phill Hall (805)573-8077 or Michael Driscoll (615)293-9985. to register or for more information.

August 26-31 – Montana National V8 Tour – Sponsored by Big Sky V-8 RG – Starts & ends in Billings, MT – 1300 mile tor includes Pompey's Pillar, mining towns Neihart & Monarch, Giant Springs, Great Falls, Glacier NP, Going to the Sun Highway, Flathead Lake, Flathead Museum, Nine Pipes, boat trips, and more – Norm Clark (406)259-6154 or

October 17-21 – Lincoln & Continental Owner’s Club Western National Meet in Albuquerque. Go to  for more information.




For Sale: 1937 Ford Fordor Deluxe (Humpback) Sedan, Dual carbs, aluminum heads. $7800. Max Glover 505-792-2011.

For Sale: 1961 Comet 144 engine and 2 speed transmission.  George 505-771-2113.

For Sale: 1947 Ford Fodor Super Deluxe. This is an original New Mexico rust-free car, 239 V8 with 87K miles.  It uses no oil and was painted 9 years ago (Ford gray).  The interior is good with original headliner.  New parts include: complete brake system, front and rear springs, tube shocks all around, 8 volt battery, Coker white wall tires.  This car has been garaged for 40 years, has original Ford glass, a Fulton visor, super deluxe bumper tips and grille guard.  This is a fun-driving, family car. Price $12,500. Roger Wilbur, 505-983-7885, 505-633-9241.

For Sale: Buick Riviera 2dr HT. Total stock 264 dynaflow, repaint, new interior, 24k miles, runs excellent. $16,000. Roger Wilbur 505-983-7885.

For Sale: New All State Guardsman bias tire, 670-15, wide white wall, never been on ground. $80.00. Call Ron, 505-869-2988.

For Sale: From the estate of Miles Caddell of Carlsbad: 1964 Chevrolet Impala 2 Door Coupe, $27,000 – 327 V8 w/options, blue/white. 1960 Ford Galaxie Sunliner 2 Door Convertible – $24,000 – 352 V8, red. 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible – $21,000 – 289 V8, metallic blue. 2014 Chevrolet Camaro 1LT – $20,000 – 3.6L, SIDI V6, metallic red. 1969 Ford Mustang 2 Door Fastback$29,750 – 351 V8, yellow.  All cars garage stored and run great. All scheduled maintenance, including regular oil changes – records available. Local cashier's check or money order only. Miles was active in the SE NM car clubs; he passed away suddenly in July of 2017 from a rattlesnake bite. Kay Caddell (214)499-1288

For Sale: 1951 GMC heavy duty 1/2 ton pickup owned by one family for 65 years. Excellent shape, body is great, great paint, near new tires, and runs well; we think it has about 70,000 total miles. I own Leonard Tire and Automotive Repair and have fixed minor things and checked truck out to the best of our ability.  We have been asking $24,000 or reasonable offer.   My cell # 505-235-6570 or email I have pictures that I can text if I have a cell #. 

For Sale: Two electric wheelchairs, Invacare Pronto with joystick control $450 (obo) and Invacare Lynx $125 (obo).  Both in running condition with decent batteries.  Jeff 505-908-7565.

For Sale: 1965 Ford Mustang convertible, white with red interior.  Automatic, 6cyl, good looking car from 20’ away. $13,000. Jeff 505-908-7565.


For Sale: 1930 Phaeton.  This car had a body off restoration in 1969 and needs another one to be show quality. I have reupholstered the seats in brown leather since the picture. I have about $20,500 invested in it right now.  It NADA prices out at $54,000 when restored again.  It runs good and is 99% original and 99% complete. Kevin Wells 505-635-6492 cell and 505-598-6493 office.






Services Offered: Vintage engine rebuilding, any make, any model. Stock or modified. Dynamometer testing available. Results guaranteed. References available. Gary McGlasson, 505-250-1586.