We are pleased to confirm that Ed Boyles has agreed to speak at our club meeting on Tuesday June
4th. Recall that Ed spoke before about Route 66 hotels and it was a very interesting discussion. In
June Ed will talk about Albuquerque City Landmarks. This is a presentation that Ed has prepared
and, for us, he will emphasize car related items.
Ed is an interesting speaker and knowledgeable about Albuquerque. We are looking forward to this
discussion and learning more about Albuquerque

PLEASE NOTE: All meetings include Show & Tell. Members are encouraged to bring items to

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, June 4, 7:30 p.m., Old Car Garage.

SHOW & SHARE: No Show & Share this month.


BREAKFAST/LUNCH GROUP: June 15, 8:30, breakfast at Furr’s on Wyoming.

JUNE ACTIVITIES: Ruidoso Make-A-Wish. See the June Activity article.

CLUB WEBSITE: Be sure to check out our website at http://abqfordflatheadv8.com/.

NEXT BOARD MEETINGS: Tuesday, May 28 and Tuesday, July 9, 7:30 p.m., Jay Hertz’ home,
8704 La Sala Del Sur, NE. Jay’s home phone number is 296.3137. See articles in this newsletter for
details. Members are welcome.

June Marvin & Neva Coffee / ? July Bob & Joan Quirici / ?
August Jeff & Beth Jackson / Art & Betty Leupold September John & Betty Shelton / ?
October Bob Mathes / ? November Larry & Meg Williams / ?
December Holiday Party
We need refreshment volunteers. Your help would be appreciated.

Jay Hertz, President
The facts I reveal in this article may shock you. They should. They reflect a deplorable part of our
motoring history. Everything I say here is absolutely true, and so vivid in my memory that I remember
the details nearly fifty years later.
I was in my senior year at Highland High in 1965. My girlfriend was a sophomore at Manzano High
then, and her father owned a Conoco station in the northeast heights. He employed me to pump gas
and do occasional tire repair and oil changes. He also employed two guys who were called “driveway
salesmen,” and whose compensation depended on the amount of TBA (tires, batteries and
accessories) they could sell. Not long after the events I relate here, his franchise to operate the
Conoco station was revoked, and he lost the station. Here is the story leading up to that end.
Driveway salesmen had dirty tricks to induce motorists to buy TBA. Most of the motorists who were
approached by the driveway salesmen were either women or had out-of-state license plates. They
were known as fishes. The driveway salesmen especially liked out-of-state fishes because, by the
time they realized they had been “had,” they were long gone. I save the dirtiest trick for last.
1. The battery trick. Driveway salesmen wanted access to the engine compartment, so always
asked if they could check the oil. When the fish wasn't looking, the driveway salesman would place
an aspirin in the cells of the customer’s battery, causing it to bubble. They then showed the bubbling
battery to the fish, adding that the battery was ruined from overcharging. Many new batteries were
sold in that fashion. If the fish was particularly gullible, the next trick might also work.
2. The alternator trick. The driveway salesman would explain that the battery had been overcharged
due to a faulty alternator. They reinforced this false diagnosis in several ways. First, they
surreptitiously sprinkled aluminum shavings on the alternator to create the appearance that its
bearings were being chewed up. Second, they carried with them a doctor’s stethoscope with which
they pretended to be listening to the alternator as it was operated. The fish was invited to listen as
well, and usually had no way of knowing that ANY alternator will emit a grumbling sound when
amplified by a stethoscope. A particularly insidious aspect of this scam was that the original
alternator removed from the fish’s car might then be cleaned up to appear new, and resold to the next
unsuspecting fish.
3. The shock absorber trick. The driveway salesmen carried in their pants pocket a small bottle
about the size of a nose spray bottle, filled with oil. After asking the fish if he could check the tire
pressure, the salesman would spray some of the oil onto the car’s shock absorbers to create the
appearance that they were leaking hydraulic fluid. When this was shown to the fish, many willingly
bought a complete set of new shocks they didn’t need. When the fish was particularly gullible, the
car’s shocks would be removed and repainted a nice blue color while the fish was across the street
having lunch. When the fish returned, his or her own shocks were back on the car, appearing to be
new. Many hundreds of dollars were “earned” in that fashion, and the customer likely never knew he
had been scammed.
4. The tire trick. When business was particularly slow, the driveway salesmen would go early in the
morning to the motel which was only a block from the Conoco station. They took with them an ice
pick with which to puncture the sidewall of one or more out-of-state cars’ tires. The car owner’s
natural reaction upon discovering the flat was to walk the block to the Conoco in hopes of finding a
replacement tire of the correct size. Naturally, the Conoco stocked them, and the fish was happy to
pay the price, especially when he was told that a sidewall puncture could not be repaired. This trick
was the dirtiest of all because it was accomplished by damaging or ruining another person’s property,
forcing them to buy something they absolutely would not otherwise have needed.
It was not long after my short employment at the Conoco that the New Mexico Attorney General
launched a program of sending “plants” to gas stations to see if they would be victimized by driveway
salesmen. Apparently, the frauds were so prevalent at that time that law enforcement was brought to
bear. Some station owners were prosecuted, and others lost their franchises. Fortunately for the
motoring public, gas stations began to be automated, eliminating the need for attendants who could
pull off these tricks. Nowadays, you cannot find an attendant at a gas station if your life depended on
it. In a way, I miss the days when a gas station was really a “service” station, since the honest
stations performed a lot of free services and were conscientious about how they treated customers
and their cars. But I do not think back with any pride upon my first job. It was a sad introduction to
the real world. And although I never personally participated in any of the tricks, I regret that I lacked
the maturity then to do anything to correct it.

by Neva Coffee, Secretary
OPENED BY Jay. Jay thanked Susan and Al Unser and Jim, our very knowledgeable docent. Our
guests were Carl Weppler, Richard Brandt, Armando Mayor, and Jack Chandler.
TREASURER’S REPORT; given by Larry was 5,294.96 and 264.10 in checking.
CAR COUNCIL REPORT; Joyce went over details for 5/19/13 Car Show, 10.00 at gate, no big bills.
Come in together if you want spaces together. 7/13/13 is Mild to Wild cruise to Los Lunas for Car
Collector Appreciation Day. 8/11/13, is the all clubs picnic and 5/27/13 is our club’s birthday party at Los
OLD BUSINESS; The Saturday breakfast went well with a good turnout. Remember we meet the 3rd Sat
of each month and alternate breakfast and lunch to accommodate more members’ schedules. May will
be lunch at Vic’s on Osuna at 12:00 and June will be at Furr’s on Wyoming at 8:30 for breakfast again.
The club bought a brick in memory of Bert Loring, we now have that certificate and will send it on to his
wife. Change in the minutes, that Joe has the tour leg to Santa Fe.
Joe also stated he is still gathering views from members regarding the idea of reducing our yearly dues
and supplementing that cost with the money in savings for as long as that lasts.
Joe reported that the Spring Thaw had a great turnout was a good value and a sizeable donation was
made to Cuidando Los Ninos.
The swap meet went very well and Joe states he got an invitation from Johnny Myer to tour his museum.
NEW BUSINESS, 5/19/13 Car Show, directions of where and when to meet were discussed and it is
always a pleasant day. Jeff reported an opportunity for the club to have fun and get great public
exposure at the Sandia Raceway event, some free tickets were given and the date of the event is not yet
Jay spoke on the Ruidoso show last year as a glorious beautiful event; it is 35.00 to show, June 21- 22.
July 4th Picnic at Larry Azevedo’s in Corrales, bring a side dish. The parade is at 9:00, no candy or water
throwing allowed.
Our plans for our national tour are going well. We are still looking for help from the members. Check out
our website and see for yourselves what a great tour this will be.
REFRESHMENTS; Many thanks to the Glovers and Ray for the treats.
SHOW and SHARE; there was no show and share, no show and tell and no raffle this meeting.
THANKS; Marvin and Neva Coffee would like to thank everyone for their support,
friendship and prayers. “You are the greatest bunch of people we know and so
appreciate each of you.”

June 21-22, Make A Wish Foundation Car Show, Ruidoso
Third Annual New Mexico Classic Car Show – Convention Center, Ruidoso – Registration & free evening
BBQ at Sierra Blanca Lodge June 21, Show June 22 7:30am-3:00pm – Entry $30-$35 – 100% of
proceeds go to benefit Make A Wish foundation of NM – Open to all – Terry Williams (512)848-3044 or
(575)937-5011 or willtaw241@yahoo.com or www.newmexicoclassiccarshow.com.

By Jay Hertz
Hello, All. This is to let you know that we will be holding our May and July directors’/officers’ meetings
on Tuesday, May 28 and Tuesday, July 9, at my house, 8704 La Sala Del Sur, NE (phone 296-3137)
beginning at 7:30 p.m. It is near Wyoming and Candelaria. From that intersection, go east and take the
second left-hand turn bay, which is General Stillwell. Go to the end of General Stillwell, which is only
about four blocks. Where it ends, the house on the right is mine. It is a corner house with a stop sign
on the property. The entrance is on General Stillwell even though the address is on La Sala Del Sur.
I will serve refreshments. All members are welcome at our Board meetings.
President: Jay Hertz (jdhhag@comcast.net)
Vice-President: R. Jeff Jackson (jbjaxun@gmail.com)
Secretary: Neva Coffee (marvin.coffee@comcast.net)
Treasurer: Larry Williams (l-m-williams@comcast.net)
Directors: Joe Abbin (roadrunnerengr@msn.com)
Dee Patterson (patdcar@aol.com)
Max Glover (mfgjlg1995@aol.com0

Happy Birthday to:
5 Romeo Kubes
15 Marka Catchpole
19 Vern Willan
23 Birdie Stacey
Happy Anniversary to:
26 Richard & Colleen Selby

Members are encouraged to submit articles and ads for inclusion in the newsletter, but please remember
we have space limitations. Article submissions may be reformatted for newsletter purposes, but they will
not be edited without the author’s approval. The deadline for submissions is the 20th of the month. Micki
Hughes, newsletter publisher, 505.359.3227, or email: tumbleweednewsletter@gmail.com.

By Joyce Clements
As most of you know, the Clements family recently purchased another 1940 Ford, a DeLuxe tudor sedan.
It was a new spring color, Garnet, and was produced in April, 1940. We dated this from the window
glass. The original color is visible underneath the floor mat in the trunk, and on the firewall where the
repaint is falling off. The car was complete except for the headlight rims, which were later found in a
storage shed, along with an extra hub cap for the spare.
The car was purchased from an estate, and no title was found. After almost two months, the State MVD
got around to clearing the number, we purchased a title bond, and the car was ours. About two weeks
ago, we got a phone call from the executor of the estate, and she had found some “old title papers” for
the car, and did we want them? Of course we said yes, and the papers were mailed to us. It was the
original 1940 title for the car, sold in Hanover, PA, at the end of April, 1940. It had the name and address
of the purchaser, the seller’s name and address, and a note releasing the $300 lien on the car. Also in
the envelope was the bill of sale to the Albuquerque owner in 1982, from the original purchaser. We did
a little research on the seller, and found the building at the address given had been for sale on the
internet a couple of years ago, including pictures of an old dealership building. A little further research
found the owner’s old house currently for sale, with a picture.
The original purchaser kept the car for 42 years. In the meantime, he had moved to Albuquerque, and
we found his local address on the bill of sale. We don’t know when he moved here, but we found him
in a 1957 Albuquerque phone book.
The new owner registered the car in 1983, but the 1984 renewal was still with the papers. The car was
stored in a decrepit garage near Old Town for 30 years, until the owner passed away. We are apparently
the third owners of the car. And we found out all this just because we got the old title and bill of sale.
Interesting, isn’t it?

by Joyce Clements
The May 19 car show at the Albuquerque Museum was well attended. There were about 340 cars
entered of all makes and models. A water line break on 19th St. on Saturday caused some concerns, but
the show went on regardless. The Tumbleweeds had a good turnout, some members driving their V-8s,
and some drove other vehicles. Jay Hertz was there with one Chevrolet and one Ford (the Ford didn’t
have to be pushed). His Ford won a trophy. Frank Corey was there counting votes, and Ray Calderon
helped by carrying various show items to and from the cars. Thank you to both of them. Also Jim, Joyce
& Will were there before sunup admitting cars to the show. Al & Geri Gallegos, Bob Quirici, Bob Agnew,
Tom & Dee Patterson, and Jim Kontny all went home with trophies. Congratulations to all these folks and
their fine cars. Also, thank you to all the other members who showed their cars. This is the one show
in the state that emphasizes the less modified cars, and many unique cars come just for that reason. I
hope everyone who attended had a good day and enjoyed the show. It’s always a pleasure to see the
large turnout of fine cars and trucks.

by Joyce Clements
As you are all aware, the Tumbleweeds are hosting a National Driving Tour, October 14-18, in northern
New Mexico. This tour is advertised in the current issue of the V8 TIMES (see p. 15), and we expect
people from several nearby states to join us. Jay, Jeff and Beth have been working hard on setting up
a schedule, and fun driving routes for us and our guests. The Denver RG, who have been here before,
have a nice write-up in their latest newsletter encouraging their members to come drive in New Mexico
and ride the Chama steam train. One quote from the Denver article is, “The world is best viewed thru
Ford script glass!”
The tour starts in Chama with tours of the train yards and a ride on the train. Then it is on to Taos via
a scenic route, to visit that historic town. There will also be an opportunity to drive some lesser-travelled
roads out of Taos. The final destination is Santa Fe, from which trips to Bandelier National Monument
and Los Alamos are planned. It’s time to get one of your flatheads ready to hit the road. It’s a wonderful
chance for us to take a National Tour close to home. There will be no show field or judging of cars, just
driving V8's, visiting with fellow enthusiasts, and seeing New Mexico through the Ford script glass. See
Jeff and sign up to go.

by Joyce Clements
The Ford Rotunda sign is up, advertising the Foundation and events in Auburn. An artist is working on
re-creating the designs that fill the nine empty discs. These designs represent the divisions of Ford Motor
Company. You can help with the final restoration, while helping yourself, by shopping at the online store.
All the restoration books are available there, as well as books detailing the histories of Ford and the Ford
dealerships. Souvenir Rotunda gearshift knobs are also available for 1934, 1935, and 1936. Go to the
web site, and check out the “Ford Store” to see all the neat “stuff” and books for sale.
Find out more about the Foundation at www.fordv8foundation.org. There is a donation page now on the
web site where you can make a donation or buy a brick in memory of a fellow enthusiast. Support your
local V8 Ford Foundation.

May 31-June 2 – Red River Car Show – 100 E. Main St, Red River – Red River C of C sponsor –
Register at noon Friday – Live music, parades, show, shine, cash, prizes – Registration $30 till April 30,
$35 af ter – Karen (575)754-2366, ext 1, karen@redr iverchamber .org or
June 1 – Car-A-Fair 2013 – At the Beach, Carlsbad – Judged show, open to all – Registration $30 –
Friday night cruise, registration 6pm-7pm – Show Saturday 8am-3pm – Joy Springer sps@valornet.com
or (575)361-1078 or www.carsclubofcarlsbad.com.
June 1 – Seniors Rock Classic Show & Shine Car Show – Hillcrest Shopping Center, Santa Fe &
First, Grants – Proceeds to send local seniors to Sr. Olympics in Roswell – Music, Goody Bags, T-shirts
– Entry $20, Setup 8-10am, Show 10am to 3pm – Bob Ewell (505)290-0184 or Sr. Center (505)287-3922.
June 6-8 – 2013 New Mexico Motor Tour Cruising Route 66 – Gallup to Tucumcari – Presented by
NM Route 66 Assn, 1415 Central NE, Albuquerque – Entry $35 early, $45 day of tour – Vickie Ashcraft
(505)831-6317 or vickie@rt66.com.
June 7-9 – SWMS Driver School, Road Race & High Performance Driving Experience – NAPA
Speedway, 100 Speedway Park Blvd. SW, Albuquerque – Spectators free – John Slenes
jfslenes@aol.com – See web page http://www.swms.org or Facebook for details.
June 8 – Los Lunas Cruz – Wells Fargo Bank, Bosque Farms – 6:00pm – Destination TBA – Bill
Schofield (505)565-2105, David Silva (505)550-8415, or vintagegasser@aim.com.
June 8 – Fat Sat’s 3rd Annual Hub City Car, Truck & Cycle Show – Fat Sat’s Bar & Grill, 51 I-25
Bypass Road, Belen – Door prizes, special awards, live music, outdoor BBQ – $20 Entry – 8:00am-
4:30pm – Vehicle years from 1940-1984 – Diego Trujillo 1-505-620-6931, 1-505-294-7273,
diegotruj@msn.com or visit www.fatsatsbarandgrill.com.
June 14-16 – 50th Anniversary Fun Run, Show & Shine, 50th Anniversary Father’s Day Car Show –
White Sands Mall & Alameda Park, Alamogordo – Golden Gears Car Club – 3 days of events – Jack
Harris at 575-491-9804.

June 15 – 18th Annual Mopar Club Mopar Fest – Haynes Park, Rio Rancho – 8am-3:30pm – Trophies
in 20 classes, goody bags, vendors, T-shirts, raffle prizes, long distance award, swap meet, drawing for
dovetail trailer ($5 per ticket), Mopar model car show – Paul (505)896-8115 or www.moparclub.com.
June 15 – Kiwanis Kars for Kids Car Show – Young Park, Las Cruces – Jim Pudlewski (575)525-9478.
June 16 – Fathers’ Day Car Show – Alameda Park, Alamogordo – Jack Harris (575)491-9804.
June 21-22 – 3rd Annual New Mexico Classic Car Show – Convention Center, Ruidoso – Registration
& free evening BBQ at Sierra Blanca Lodge June 21, Show June 22 7:30am-3:00pm – Entry $30-$35 –
100% of proceeds go to benefit Make A Wish foundation of NM – Open to all – Terry Williams (512)848-
3044 or (575)937-5011 or willtaw241@yahoo.com or www.newmexicoclassiccarshow.com.
June 21-22 – Fight with Flight for Cancer Awareness – Balloon Fiesta Park, Albuquerque – Balloon
Glow, mass ascension, tethered rides – Car, Truck & Bike Show by Yearwood Performance – Family
entertainment, food – Slade at (505)261-9605.
June 23 – ASR Drags – Arroyo Seco Raceway, Arroyo Seco – Roger (575)494-4794 or
June 29 – Carapolooza Car Show – Zenith Park, James Canyon Hwy, Cloudcroft – Cloudcroft C of C
– Music, Food, Pie Auction, Trophies, Cash Prizes – 11am to 3pm – Entry $15, Free public admission
– Tom Belverud tom@cloudcroft.net or www.cloudcroft.net or (575)682-2733.
For information/flyers about area events: http://nmcarcouncil.net/events-2/

The Early Ford V-8 Club will celebrate its 50th Anniversary at Lake Tahoe, Nevada, June 17-21, 2013.
This is the site of the first meet held by the founding members of the Club. It will be a big event, and the
only National Meet for 2013. Bob Agnew and the Clements family have already registered. Registration
forms and information are available at www.earlyfordv8.org or in the V-8 TIMES.

August 28-31, 2013
There will be a Motorfest in Sauder Village, Archbold, OH this summer. The tour will include a caravan
to the V8 Museum in Auburn. Get a registration form at http://fordv8foundation.org/mf5.html, or contact
Pat Fenner (937)382-1678 or pfenner@cinci.rr.com.

5/28 Board Meeting, 7:30, Jay
Hertz’ house
6/4 Ed Boyles: Albuquerque
6/21-22 Make-A-Wish Foundation annual car show in Ruidoso
7/2 ???: 7/4 4th of July Parade & Picnic, Corrales Azevedo
7/9 Board Meeting, 7:30, Jay Hertz’ house
7/13 NMCCC Collector Car Appreciation
Day. Open house at Mild to Wild with
hot dogs, long cruise with ice cream in
Los Lunas. All clubs invited.
7/? Evening at Sandia Racetrack
8/6 ???: 8/11 All Clubs Picnic NMCCC
9/3 ???: 9/?? State Fair
9/10 Board Meeting, 7:30, Jay Hertz’ house
9/27-29 Swap Meet Clements
10/1 ???: 10/14-18 Western National Tour Abbin
11/5 Elections & Women’s Night Presentation
Board 11/? Picnic at Jacksons’
11/12 Board Meeting, 7:30, Jay Hertz’ house
12/3 Holiday Party Board
If you can help with any of the activities, please don’t hesitate to volunteer.

New Mexico Classic Car Show to benefit New Mexico Make A Wish

Ruidoso NM
Saturday June 22nd 2013

Special thanks to the Stash Sisters for their quilt which raised 3000.00 for the MAW cause.

RUIDOSO IS COOL AND GREEN. We raised in excess of 15000.00 for MAKE A WISH in 2012. For
all of you who attended the show, Thank You. There were over 120 cars in attendance. Come enjoy the cool
pines of Ruidoso June 22nd 2013. We are pleased to offer WISHMAKER SPONSORSHIPS for those who want to help more than others.
There will be vendors and participants along with many observers and followers of Classic cars and Newer
cars. If that isnt your cup of tea, try your luck at the casinos or watch the horses run at Ruidoso Downs
Racetrack. Dont miss the kickoff to a great Summer in Ruidoso.
Content copyright 2013. New Mexico Classic Car Show. All rights reserved.
additional info: call 575 336 2241 cell 512 413 5658
Terry / Kay Williams
email: willtaw241@yahoo.com
All car / truck years accepted
Bar-B-Que social Friday night
Trophys awarded
T-Shirts for 1st 150 Entries
New Mexico Classic Car Show http://www.newmexicoclassiccarshow.com/
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