PLEASE NOTE: All meetings include Show & Tell. Members are encouraged to bring items to share.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, September 2, 7:00 p.m., Old Car Garage. The program will be the second part of Larry Azevedo’s series on Henry Ford. Refreshments by John Shelton and Betty and Art Leupold.

Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m.

NEXT BOARD MEETING: Tuesday, September 16th at 7pm at Jackson’s House (Note date change). Everyone is invited.

BREAKFAST GROUP: Saturday, September 20th, 9:30am at Harla May’s Fat Boy Grill in Belen. See article for details.

CLUB WEBSITE: Be sure to check out our website at   Updated “current Information and calendar” is on the current information page.

FORD V8 FOUNDATION WEBSITE: Another interesting website to check out is


PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE    Jeff Jackson, President

What about the potato chip, the M&M, and Cars


So, how often do you think about the similarities of the potato chip, the M&M, and cars?  Remember the commercial “Bet you can’t eat just one!”?  It is the subliminal message that once you try their potato chip you will have to have another and another – they are that good.   When a plate of M&M’s is on the table have you ever taken just one?   I doubt it, those little chocolates, especially those chocolate covered nuts are just too good.  You know where I am going with this.  We all joined the Early Ford V8 club because we had a taste of the good cars, the household transportation of the ‘40’s and 50’s, and the wonderful Hot Rod V8’s and we just can’t get enough.  We work on the cars, we drive the cars, and way too much of the time we sit around and talk about the cars.   I am not saying that the other cars of that era didn’t draw attention just that, for us, the Ford V8 has become the car of choice.

How do we get others who may not have had the early introduction to the Ford Flathead V8, to give it a try? That is becoming the $64,000 question for our car club and many other car clubs where older cars are cherished.  I haven’t talked to anyone who has the perfect answer.   But, like the potato chip advertisement, we get the chance in September to advertise at a great venue – The New Mexico State Fair.   All of these words to ask that each of us bring at least one Ford Flathead V8 “potato chip” to the State Fair and that we try our best to get those at the Fair to see their beauty.  Clearly some of the club members are blessed with several cars so do not be bashful, bring as many as you and your friends can drive.


President: R. Jeff Jackson (

Vice-President: Bob Quirici (

Secretary: Larry Williams (

Treasurer: Lou Gorenz (

Technical Director: Joe Abbin (

Touring Director: John Shelton (

Club Purpose & Membership Director: Larry Azevedo (



Members are encouraged to submit articles, ads and photographs for inclusion in the newsletter.  Please be aware we have a volunteer Newsletter Editor so please try and submit typed and proofed articles, minutes and comments and new want ads (for sale items will continue to be updated at the meetings).  The deadline for submissions is the 24th of the month. Beth Jackson, 505-890-2704, or email:

Welcome to Our Newest Member Ross Collord

Ross Collord joined our club in August just missing the August meeting.  He is working on a 1952 F1 and lives in Rio Rancho.  We look forward to meeting Ross at our September meeting.



Larry Williams, Secretary

The August meeting was called to order by Jeff Jackson.

The members did receive the minutes from the last meeting, however there were no corrections or additions suggested.


Treasurer Lou’s report:    The checking account has a balance of  $ 4,667.92.


Happy Birthday to:      Jeannine Kontny (1)                                       Happy Anniversary to:

      Bud Hennessey (3)                                                                            Larry & Meg Williams   (19)

      Harvey Catchpole (24)

      Kara Williams (26)

      Pat Willan (27)

      Jim Clements (29)


Thanks for bringing refreshment to Eli Contreras and Betty/Art Leupold.

For Sale/ Wanted sheet was passed out.  Members were asked to initial ads if they wanted to continue or make changes. Ads may be submitted later in the month by email, phone, or mail to Beth Jackson, newsletter editor.



Fourth of July Picnic.....Thanks again to Larry & Lorna for hosting a good time at their place.

Tour of the Albuquerque Botanical Gardens in July was a good event with a small turnout.  The Quiricis and the Jacksons enjoyed it very much.

Recipe of the month was provided by Larry W.    He picked Neva for September.

Thanks to Art for an entertaining mini-program based on a toy wrecker he brought which resembles a 1933 wrecker that they used in their business for a long time.  He was able to describe a number of adventures and a couple of mis-adventures in such a lifelike way that he garnered many, many laughs.   Who says work has to be boring.


Frank reported that Pat Casias is selling his cars....for all of those members who might be interested.

Also, a project needs a few old cars for a downtown wedding on October 5 and subsequent drive to Los Poblanos.

Joe has a transmission rebuilding book that he hopes to share.

Jim brought a fried coil from a 49 Ford (six volt) and it turned out Art may have replacements available.



Next meeting is September 2nd.  Larry Azevedo will give the second part of his series on the life of Henry Ford.  We know that the first part was very well received.

State Fair is Sunday, September 14th.  Our leader will be Bob Quirici and we will leave the Caravan East @ 7:30 AM (late comers may not be able to enter).  We will be first in gate # 3 and our exit will be gate # 5.


After the raffle and refreshments we had the monthly program on rules for safety.  Some of the issues brought up were flammables, jacks, fire extinguishers, protection we should wear, first aid kits, and ladders.   It is hoped some of these will be discussed in more detail at later meetings.






On Saturday, September 20th, we will be driving to Belen to enjoy a late breakfast at Harla May’s Fat Boy Grill, 710 Dalies Avenue in Belen.  Dee Patterson selected this location.  She said it is an old movie theater and is filled with lots of memorabilia. We will meet at the UNM Pit parking lot about 8:30 and will depart at 8:45 am. We plan to arrive at the restaurant around 9:30 am.  With some luck the group from “down south” will join us like last time. The weather should be a bit cooler and great for a drive with our flathead V-8’s.  The oldest car that goes on Saturday will pick the route and lead the tour.  This is a picture from our Los Lunas breakfast in June.




By Bob Quirici

The State Fair Car Show will be held on Sunday, September 14th. We will meet at the old Caravan East parking lot, 7605 Central Ave. N.E.  We will leave the parking lot at 7:30 A.M. Cars will be positioned by year. All participants will receive a ribbon.  Two special ribbons will also be awarded.  We will enter Gate #3 and proceed to Main St. and Heritage Ave.  Craig Vencil, Event Coordinator, stated our departure time is 3:15 P.M.  Please be at your car at 3:00 to remove stanchions and rope. State Fair Police will help us exit thru Gate # 5.  Craig also stated late car arrivals will not be allowed to enter the Gates, so please meet and drive in with us as a club.  I will need your help setting up and removing stanchions, rope and the club banner. The VMCCA and the Model A Clubs will also be in attendance. Hope to see you at the New Mexico State Fair. 




Davidson Cheesy Potato Bake

By Neva Coffee

2lbs frozen hash brown potatoes        ½ cup soft butter or margarine 

1t salt                                  ½ t pepper                                   ½ cup chopped onions or chives        1 can cream chicken soup   

1 pint sour cream                       2 cups grated cheese (cheddar works well)


Top with 1 ½ cups corn flakes and pour 1 ½ cups of milk over mixture and

bake in greased glass dish at 350 for 35-45 min.
Not low cal but always a hit.





By Jeff Jackson

I have been meaning to put this in the newsletter for a while, but I am lazy.  The engine for my 1940 was rebuilt and run on the dyno and it ran well.   But, when I put it in the car it was difficult to start when hot and it was rough and seemed down on power.   Joe and Art and several others made suggestions and helped diagnose the problem.  I replaced the condenser, the coil, the points, and the ignition resistor.  The best solution seemed to be an intermittent switch that I would activate during hot starts.  The switch bypassed the ignition resistor allowing full voltage to the coil.   This helped the car start but did not improve the power while driving.  I went to the internet and read until I found a note by a fellow that goes by “Rumbleseat”.   Actually, after looking around I found this fellow posted on several sites and has written a lot about the Flathead V8.  A quote from a Rumbleseat article, “On a positive ground system, the feed from the ignition switch is to the negative marked terminal on the coil.  If connected wrong, the coil output will be about 14% less at idle.  The percent of reduced coil output increased to as much as 30% as the rpm’s increase.  The decreased coil output causes hard starting and poor performance.” I ran out and found I had tied the ignition switch to the positive marked side of the coil.  It was a two minute chore to swap sides of the coil.   The car started right up, but of course it was cold.  I went for a drive and it felt like a different car, less jerking and way more power.   It felt so good I warmed it up and drove home for the final test.  Yahoo, it started hot without pushing the intermittent switch.   It has been three or four months and all is still well.   You might want to check your coil connections if you have hot start problems, or you might just want to come to the next meeting and have a good laugh at my expense – not a problem.



Submitted by Larry Williams



By Joyce Clements

The 2013 Swap Meet in Los Lunas was the biggest ever! 450 spaces were sold, enough so that the soccer fields were filled and vendors moved into a baseball field for more room. Vendors were here from Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Texas, Wisconsin, Indiana, and 52 New Mexico communities. Talking to vendors and customers that were at the swap meet, this is the biggest meet in all the surrounding states except for some in Texas. The Village of Los Lunas officials and the local businesses are very supportive of this event and supply advertising and amenities.

The good news is that we will be doing it all again, September 26-28, and a large crowd is expected. Reservations are coming in already. If you want to buy a space, it’s time to get your money in. If you need an application or more information, call Joyce at 884-7912 or e-mail  If you want to just come shop and visit, it’s free. You will be positively impressed.



Happy Birthday to:                                                Happy Anniversary to:      

Joyce Clements (4)                                                    Tom & Dee Patterson (11)

John Shelton (4)                                                       Larry & Lorna Azevedo (21)

Marvin Coffee (5)                                                      Max & Johanne Glover (23)

Jeff Jackson (8)

Mary Gorenz (15)

Leonard MacDonald (23)

Danice Calderone (27)


Joke of the Month

A man was driving along the highway, and saw a rabbit hopping across the middle of the road. He swerved to avoid hitting the rabbit, but unfortunately the rabbit jumped in front of the car and was hit. The driver, being a sensitive man as well as an animal lover, pulled over to the side of the road and got out to see what had become of the rabbit. Much to his dismay, the rabbit was dead. The driver felt so awful he began to cry. A woman driving down the highway saw the man crying on the side of the raod and pulled over. She stepped out of her car and asked the man what was wrong. “I feel terrible,” he explained. “I accidentally hit this rabbit and killed it.” The woman told the man not to worry. She knew what to do. She went to her car trunk and pulled out a spray can. She walked over to the limp, dead rabbit and sprayed the contents of the can onto the rabbit. Miraculously, the rabbit came to life, jumped up, waved its paw at the two humans and hopped down the road. 50 meters away the rabbit stopped, turned around, waved at the two again, hopped down the road another 50 meters, turned, waved and hopped another 50 meters. The man was astonished. He couldn’t figure out what substance could be in the woman’s spray can! He ran over to the woman and demanded, “What was in your spray can? What did you spray onto that rabbit?” The woman turned the can around so that the man could read the label. It said: “’Hare Spray’ Restores Life to Dead Hare. Adds Permanent Wave.


Tumbleweed Early Ford V8 Club Calendar for 2014


Tuesday 2nd Club Meeting 7:00pm  Larry Azevedo presents the second part in the series on the life of Henry Ford

September 14th State Fair Meet at the Caravan East Parking Lot for a 7:30am departure to the Fair Grounds

September 16th 7:00pm Board Meeting at the Jackson’s

Saturday September 20th - Breakfast by Dee Patterson at Harla May’s Fat Boy Grill, 710 Dalies Ave., Belen

September 26-28 – NMCCC/Los Lunas Swap Meet


Tuesday 7th Club Meeting 7:00pm

Saturday 18th  A ride on the Sandia Tram and lunch (replaces Saturday Breakfast)


Saturday Nov 1st Garage Tour Jay Hertz and Jeff/Beth Jackson with a lunch at the Jackson’s.  Drive your old car on the tour.

Tuesday 4th Club Meeting 7:00pm Election of Officers and a Ladies night

Saturday 15th - Breakfast


Tuesday 2nd Club Meeting 7:00pm – Christmas Party

Discussed but not confirmed: Ed Boles and a tour of the Railroad Yard, probably an afternoon activity

Saturday 20th - Breakfast


OTHER NEARBY ACTIVITIES                                                                                                                          

August 30 – Brandon's Cause 3rd Annual Car Show & Motorcycle Rally – Balloon Museum parking lot – Food, family fun, live bands – Registration 8am – Entry $20 cars, $15 bikes – Pete 

410-9725 for bikes, Richard 559-3925 for cars, victims and other non-profits


September 5-6 – 18th Annual Run to Hillcrest Rod Run & Show – Hillcrest Park, 10th & Sycamore Sts., Clovis – Entry $30 before Sept 1, $40 after – 2006 Mustang raffle tickets $10 ea to benefit Make-A-Wish – In conjunction with Clovis Music Festival, Sep4-6 at Curry County Events Center (575)763-3435 – Free hamburger fry Friday night Dash plaques, goody bags, live music

September 6 – CC Swap Meet – Mayfield HS, Las Cruces – Walter Brown (575)640-5920

September 6 – 15th Orphan Car Show – Power Ford, 1101 Montano Rd. NE – 10am-3pm – Entry $5 – Priority to orphan makes (includes Mercurys), but open to all

September 8 – Driving Divas Cruise – Fastino's, 2600 Juan Tabo NE – 5:00pm-Dark – Open to

women drivers in collector cars – Free meal to ladies – Dress in era of car – Fun and prizes – Melinda at 401-2994 or Karen at 620-5276

September 13 – 6th Annual Mountain High Fly In & Pine Top Car Show – Ruidoso – Denise Dean or or 

September 13 – Classic VW's at the State Fair – Open to air-cooled VW's: buses, Ghias, bugs – Meet on Heritage St. by 8am – Sean Squires 514-3360

September 13 – Mopars at the State Fair – Open to restored or partially restored Mopar products – Pre-registration required – Meet on fairgrounds by 7:30am – Paul Van Ostrand 896-8115 or Steve Lauer 821-8034 to pre-register

September 13 – Elephant Days 7th Annual Car, Truck & Motorcycle Show & Shine – Sierra del Rio Golf Course parking lot, Elephant Butte – 9am-3pm – Food, drinks available – People's choice awards – Joel (575)894-8735 or

September 14 – Poco Quatros Model A Fords at the State Fair – Open to original or restored Model A Fords, 1928-1931 – Meet on Fairgrounds by 8am – John McDowell 301-4127

September 14 – Tin Lizzies Model T Fords at the State Fair – Open to original, restored or speedster Model T Fords, 1909-1927 – Meet on Fairgrounds by 8am – Vaughn Rockafellow 410-7492

September 14 – Tumbleweed Early Ford V8's at the State Fair – Open to Ford, Mercury, Lincoln products 1932-1953 – Meet at Caravan parking lot on Central 7:30am – Jeff Jackson 890-2704 or 908-7565

September 14 – Veteran Motor Car Club Antique Cars at the State Fair – Open to original or restored vehicles 1976 and older – Meet at Lions Club parking lot, NE corner San Pedro & Central, 7:30am – Bill Sullivan 265-8113 or Bill Gilmore 294-8348

September 19-20 – Antique Truck Club Annual Truck Show – Aztec – Harold (505)333-2519

September 19-21 – Four Corners Old Car Club 31st Collector Car Weekend –Farmington – September 19th Cruise In, 20th   Swap Meet, 21st Show at Brookside Park, – Richard Fassler (505)716-7100 or

September 19-21 – Vintage Chevrolet Club of America Mini-Tour – Albuquerque – Details later

September 19-21 – Concours du Soleil – N. Rio Grande Ave – Position cars Saturday, Sept. 20,
Public show Sunday Sept. 21 – Categories are 1950-60's American classics, movie cars, race cars, 1920-40's classics, convertibles, British, exotic – To enter your car for consideration you must submit car details and picture to - Benefit to Albuquerque Community Foundation

September 20 – Hot Rods & Custom Cars at the State Fair – Open to rod and custom cars –  Must get a pre-registration number, limited to 50 vehicles – Meet on Main St. by 8am – Jerry Velasquez 344-0235 for number

September 20 – Northern NM Street Rods Fall Swap Meet – 3030 East Main, Farmington (next door to Dunkin Donuts) – Space $10 – Chuck Melazzo (505)326-0076

September 21 – Classic Chevys at the State Fair – Open to all Chevrolet cars, trucks, & GMC trucks 1912-1985 – Must pre-register by August 24, limited to 50 vehicles – Meet at Fairgrounds by 8am – John Ringleb 286-5875 to register

September 21 – Corvairs at the State Fair – Open to Corvairs – Meet on Heritage Ave by 8am – Robert Gold 268-6878

September 21 – Four Corners 4x4 Show and Swap – Farmington – Alan Elmore (505)564-2535

September 21-27 – Vintage Chevrolet Club of America Fall Tour – Santa Fe – Dean Echols (928)710-4325

September 26-28 – NMCCC/Los Lunas 36th Annual Auto Swap Meet – Morris Sports Complex, Los Lunas – Registration 



October 3-4 – 27th Run to Ruidoso Downs – Ruidoso Downs Racetrack, Ruidoso – Pre-'78 – Ron Duscha (915)598-0621 or

October 10-11 – SE NM Swap Meet & Car Corral – 1802 W. Main St., Artesia – Dorothy (575)746-9477



September 2-5 – Western National Meet in Ventura, CA – "Fords & Folks in Thousand Oaks" in sunny California. Visit for more information.

September 7-12 – 2014 National Driving Tour in Upper Peninsula, MI – "Say yah to da U.P., eh". For details, Keith Johnson (906)249-3262 (eastern time zone) or



For Sale: Rebuilt generators, starters, carburetors, distributors, water pumps, clutches, etc. for your

flathead. Best deal in town. Also parts. What do you need? Art Leupold, 505-299-7154.

For Sale: Sealed beam bulbs, headlight or fog, clear or amber, 6 or 12 volt. Spotlights, 6 0r 12 volt. Art Leupold, 505-299-7154

For Sale: 62 Jaguar MK2, 58 Jaguar XK150, Jaguar SS100 Replica, 70 Toyota Land Cruiser, 2 – Range Rovers, Jeep Wagoneer. Estate Sale, call John Shelton, 243-9877

For Sale: Flathead Ford Parts; 1 '46-'48 crank shaft w/main and rod inserts and caps; 1 pre-'46 crank shaft; 1 good '46-'48 oil pan; 2 flywheels; 1 intake manifold; 12 water pump cores; 1 intake manifold; 2 oil pumps; 3 oil filters; 2 fuel pump cores; 2 air filters; 6 starter &

generator cores; 4 distributor cores; cam shafts; 1 set rods from '46-'48. Call Max, 249-7433.

For Sale: Call Lou, 505-450-1789: 1 pr exhaust manifolds for duals, 292-272-239 $75.00.  1 pr hood side emblems 1960 Ford PU, excellent shape $100. 1 ea. 2010 Ford F150 chrome used grille $100.

For Sale: Two 1941 Merc sedans w/8 new tires, $1500 for both, 95% complete. Two V8 60 engines, $500 each. Larry Azevedo, 410-1909.

For Sale: 1950 Merc Coupe, project car. Lots of new parts and lots of extras.  Body in great shape, new paint. Bob Mathes 507-6995

For Sale: 2004 Ford Thunderbird, owned since new; mint green. Jay Hertz, 235-8235.

For Sale: 3 – 91A-16796/7 SS  1938/40 Passenger Car  Hood Hinges Stainless Steel

3 – 91A-16802/3 SS  1939 Deluxe, 1940 Std., 1940 Deluxe  Hood Arm & Spring Supports

2 – 78-8100-B  1937-48 Passenger  Radiator Cap       2 – 01A-7004690-K  1940  Deluxe Dash Trim

2 – 91A-5034 SS 1939 Dlx, 1940 Pass, & 1941 – 1941 PU Front License Plate Bracket

2 – 01A-13406 SS 1938-1948 Passenger  Rear License Plate Bracket   4 – 91A-16789 SS  1939-48 Hood Arm Springs SS

8 – 78-6038-K  1937-1948 Front Motor Mounts                         10 – 40-17758  1933-1940  Bumper Bolts

2 – 01A-16009-K  1940  Rear Fender to Body Clip Kit                   2 – 91A-8219  1939-1940  Hood Ornament Hardware

2 – 78-17481  1937-1940  Wiper Arm Nuts                              2 – 48-9735  1935-1948  Gas Pedal

2 – 01A-17526  1937-1940 Conv., Sta Wagon, All 1940 Closed  Windshield Wiper Arms

3 – 78-16746/7  1937-1940  Hood Hinge Pads                 4 – 91A-7002330  1939-1942 Pass and PU  Cowl Vent Gasket

These are all new Bob Drake parts. Parts for sale at 50% discount from current and no shipping fee.  Call Jeff Jackson at 505-908-7565 for details or to make an offer.

For Sale: 1946 Ford 59A-B motor, complete with all accessories including air cleaner, carb, fuel pump, water pumps, exhaust manifolds, heat riser, generator, starter, clutch, pressure plate and flywheel for $200. Engine is stuck and will need to be rebuilt, but should be good candidate. Also have other new and used flathead parts. Bud Hennessy

Wanted: 1933-36 Ford dropped axle. Joe Abbin, 296-7678.

Wanted: ’51 Ford 3-speed OD transmission case. David McLain, 334-782-3521.

Wanted: For 1940 Mercury Fordor: Dash plastic, nice hubcaps, grill parts. Jim Clements 505-884-7912.

Wanted: 1940 used Speed-O-Meter (Ford, of course) call Lou 450-1789.

Wanted: Any old Ford hubcaps (not in great condition) for wall art. Please no caps that are overly rare or expensive. Mark 315-1494.


Services Offered: Vintage engine rebuilding, any make, any model. Stock or modified. Dynamometer testing available. Results guaranteed. References available. Gary McGlasson, 505-250-1586.

Services Offered: Frank Corey, who has made a meeting presentation about the mechanical aspects of Ford overdrives, is available to consult on the electrical aspects as well. Frank has a supply of overdrive parts for sale, for those who may be interested. Frank can be contacted at 505-299-5168 or (

For Rent: Indoor Car Parking Space. $75/month. Jim Clements 884-7912.




Submitted by Joyce Clements








PO BOX 21538

ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87154-1538                          

                                                                                      FIRST CLASS MAIL





































How many men does it take to open a beer?

None, it should be opened when she brings it.










September 2014