Route 66 by Ed Boles, City of Albuquerque and Club Purpose by Neva Coffee. See article in this newsletter
for more details.

PLEASE NOTE: All meetings will include Show & Tell. Members are encouraged to bring items to share.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, April 3, 7:30 p.m., at Old Car Garage.

PROGRAM: Route 66 by Ed Boles, City of Albuquerque and Club Purpose by Neva Coffee. Please see
article in this newsletter for details.

REFRESHMENTS PROVIDED BY: Max & Johanne Glover and Dee & Tom Patterson.

THIS MONTH’S ACTIVITY: On Saturday, April 28, we will go to Grants to visit the Uranium Mining Museum
and Ice Caves. Lunch at El Cafecito. Please see Jeff’s article in this newsletter for details.

BREAKFAST GROUP: Please note. The Breakfast Group will meet on Saturday, April 7 at 8:30 a.m. at
Rich Ford’s Mustang Café.

NEXT BOARD MEETING: Tuesday, May 8, 7:30 p.m., at Jay Hertz’ home, 8704 La Sala Del Sur, NE. Jay’s
home phone number is 296-3137. See Jay’s article in this newsletter for details. All members are welcome.

April Max & Johanne Glover / Dee & Tom Patterson May Ray Calderon / ?
June Art & Betty Leupold / ? July ? / ?
August ? / ? September John Shelton / Lori Shelton
October Al & Jo Seery / ? November ? / ?
December Holiday Party

Jay Hertz, President
On my ten-hour drive back from the Chickasha pre-war swap meet last week, I had plenty of time to think
about the condition of our hobby. As with many things, I think it’s a mixed bag.
The Chickasha meet was mildly disappointing. Many fewer vendors, and fewer flathead parts or accessories
than previous years. Even Chevrolet parts, usually in great abundance, were scarce. I can’t blame it on the
weather, which was perfect. I could possibly blame it on the high price of gas, since many vendors drive to
Chickasha from other parts of the country, and several vendors mentioned the high cost of fuel as a reason
for their high prices on their inventory. Perhaps the ease of buying parts and cars on the Internet is
responsible for some of the decline in attendance at meets like the one in Chickasha. I have frequently found
items on eBay that I never would expect to find at a swap meet. Internet sellers have a world-wide audience
of buyers, not just the few hundred who happen to attend a swap meet. So it’s no wonder that many vendors
skip the meets and focus instead on Internet sales.
But I feel that there is some slippage in the public’s interest in the older cars generally. This is particularly
true of the pre-war era cars. Many of today’s hobbiests don’t remember the pre-war era. Those who do are,
in some cases, beyond the stage of life where they actively buy cars or parts. I think there is a natural
tendency for people to favor the cars of the era in which they grew up. For many of us, that was the 1950s
or 1960s. Whereas cars of that time still seem to generate huge interest (and some huge pricetags), the cars
from the 1930s and 1940s are largely too old to be remembered as daily transportation, and hence are not
the subject of our nostalgia.
The cars of the 1930s and 1940s are also suffer other disadvantages. They can’t compete with later models
on the highway in terms of speed, braking ability or reliability. Their replacement parts are harder to locate.
Fewer reproduction parts are available for them, when compared to models of the 1950s or 1960s. Their
values in the marketplace frequently pale in comparison to the values of corresponding 1950s or 1960s
But, in my judgment, the things that make the pre-war cars less sought-after, really make them more
valuable as collector items. They are more unique, less often seen, and harken to a lesser-known part of
our history. Their styling is often much more graceful, and the appearance of a phaeton, convertible sedan
or roadster really piques my attention, since they have been obsolete for so many decades. Given a choice
between driving a 1950s or 1960s model, and a comparable pre-war car, you would find me in the pre-war
car any day of the week.
When we display our flatheads at places like the State Fair, they do seem to spark the interest of people of
all ages, even those born long after these cars were daily transportation. At a show like the State Fair show,
people get to see a sight not available except in a museum. Many people attending such a show will never
have seen a pre-war car up close, much less have had a chance to discuss the car with its owner. So if
there is a message in my ramblings, perhaps it is that we are the ones chosen to bring these cars to the
public’s attention. When we do, we are not just the private owners or stewards of our personal cars. We
are ambassadors to the public, charged with bringing our treasures into public view. In that way, we help
to outwardly reflect our love for our vehicles as well as perpetuate our hobby as a whole. So if you have the
opportunity to drive your flathead vehicle in public, or bring it to a show in 2012, I encourage you to do so.
I think you will feel good about having put a smile on the face of someone who otherwise might not have the
chance to share in this beautiful part of our automotive heritage.

by Mark Williams, Secretary
Breakfast at the Mustang Café was a hit as there are other car clubs who also like to get together there too.
Thanks to some good weather, a garage tour of Mild to Wild turned out to be a real good time.
The April 21st Tour has been moved to April 28th to make room for Bob Agnew’s Spring Thaw event to benefit
Cuidando Los Niños which has five appointments left and are going fast. A special thanks to Sean from
Sea-Nic 66 for coming by to talk paint. About ten members made it out for the Board Meeting on the 13th
where we discussed Club Purpose w/Neva, made confirmation of the program for April, and the 1st Saturday
Route 66 by Ed Boles and Club Purpose by Neva Coffee
Route 66: Ed Boles will bring a presentation about historic motels on Central Avenue, Route 66. Ed works
for the City of Albuquerque and has a wealth of knowledge about transportation in the Duke City. This will
be a very interesting presentation.
Club Purpose: Neva Coffee, Director of Club Purpose, will speak about its importance to the group.

by R. Jeff Jackson
Welcome All. On April 28th our club will have the outstanding pleasure of a tour trip to Grants to visit the
Uranium Mining Museum and the Ice Caves. Recall in the late 1960's and early 70's Grants was “the
uranium mining capital of the world.” The Uranium Museum takes visitors underground to get a simulated
view of mining techniques. Don’t worry, you travel the short distance underground in a comfortable elevator.
While in Grants we will have a delicious (I hope) meal at the El Cafecito Mexican restaurant where we have
a room reserved. After lunch we will travel south from Grants about 25 miles to the Ice Caves and for those
who wish a short hike to the Bandera volcano.
The tentative plan is to leave from the Jacksons’ house at 9:30 a.m., Saturday April 28th. The Jacksons are
close to Paseo and Coors (directions provided below). We will take Paseo west from Coors past the Double
Eagle airport to I-40. As much as practical we will use frontage roads and old 66 to get to Grants.
Remember to bring your camera as there are interesting sights all along the route.
We should arrive at the Mining Museum about 11 to 11:15 and have our tour completed in time for a nice
lunch (about 12:30) before heading off to the Ice Caves. We anticipate leaving the Ice Caves to be back in
Albuquerque well before dark. There will be an open trailer with us the entire time just in case of a
This tour is planned for the weekend after the Spring Thaw so everyone will have a chance to get their cars
checked out looking forward to the touring season. Let’s aim for a big turnout for this tour regardless if you
are driving your flathead car or just sharing the pleasure of good company.
Directions to Jackson house: From Montaño and Coors go north on Coors to Frontage Road. From Paseo
and Coors go south on Coors to Frontage Road. Frontage Road is the turn into SIPI, note there is a Ram
service station at that corner.
Turn (east) at the Ram Station and then immediate left and follow this road. River Point Health Center
should be on your right side (if it is on your left go back to the Ram Station and start again). Follow that road
it will parallel Coors to the north for a short distance then turn right (east) and go behind the River Point
Health Center past a green dinosaur and then make a right (south), to Calle de Alondra and turn left on Calle
de Alondra. Go to the second street Calle Picaflor. Jeff and Beth’s is the corner house at Calle de Alondra
and Calle Picaflor and their address is 8322 Calle Picaflor NW. If it were easy to get to the house you
wouldn’t need these detailed directions! Jackson cell phone is 505.908.7565.

by Joyce Clements
Our tour turned out great in spite of a cool, breezy day. Sixteen people showed up at TNT Muffler Shop and
learned about mufflers and exhaust pipes. Brian knew a lot about various types of mufflers and is able to
duplicate old, worn out pipes.
We adjourned to Powdrell’s for BBQ. The staff was pleased to see us and provided us with excellent service
and eats.
Frank Corey’s southeast storage garages were our next stop, where we got to see a number of his nice
Fords and Mercurys. There were also a couple of Brand X cars, but they belonged to other folks. Frank’s
Ford collection is always good to see.
Our next stop was Jay Hertz’s facility. Jay has many nice Fords, Chevrolets, and one lonesome Whippet,
mostly from the 1930's. He has several cars under restoration, and they look really good. His shop is full
of his cars, parts, pictures and posters, old calendars, model railroads, World’s Fair souvenirs, and other neat
“stuff.” There is too much to see in one visit. Jay also knows where it all came from and where it goes.
Our final stop was at Jeff and Beth Jackson’s home. Hot coffee and homemade cookies were a welcome
treat by this time. The Jacksons have a nice set of garages and a number of high-performance Ford
products, including Mustangs, a Cobra, and a 1964 Galaxie, in addition to the 1948 Ford pickup and
customized ‘38 Ford coupe. They have a nice setup to store and work on cars. All their vehicles have a
story too.
The tour took most of the day, but we all had a good time kicking tires and telling stories. Thank you to TNT,
Frank Corey, Jay Hertz, and the Jacksons for their hospitality. It turned out to be a fabulous and fun day.

By Jay Hertz
Hello, All. This is to let you know that we will be holding our May directors’/officers’ meeting of 2012 on
Tuesday, May 8, at my house, 8704 La Sala Del Sur, N.E. (phone 296-3137) beginning at 7:30 p.m. It is
near Wyoming and Candelaria. From that intersection, go east and take the second left-hand turn bay, which
is General Stillwell. Go to the end of General Stillwell, which is only about four blocks. Where it ends, the
house on the right is mine. It is a corner house with a stop sign on the property. The entrance is on General
Stillwell even though the address is on La Sala Del Sur. I will have refreshments. All members are welcome
to our Board meetings.

By Joyce Clements
WorldWide Automotive, next door to Old Car Garage, will host “Spring Thaw” on Saturday, April 21, from
8:00am to 4:00pm. Make an appointment to have your car inspected for driving and get the oil changed.
In exchange, you are expected to make a donation to Cuidando los Niños. Breakfast and lunch will be
served. You get to inspect the underside of your car, kick tires, eat good food, have your oil changed, and
visit with a lot of friends. At the same time, you’ll help support a very worthy cause. Call 881-2722 to make
an appointment. The slots fill up fast.

JUNE 29-30, 2012
Drive to Ruidoso on Friday, June 29. Overnight will be at the Lodge at Sierra Blanca. Special rate is $100
for the night (normal rate is $190). Phone number for the Lodge is (575)258-5500, and you must tell them
you are with the Classic Car Show. Included is a free BBQ dinner (brisket, sausage, ribs, etc.) to be served
to all show registrants on Friday night at the Lodge. Saturday, June 30, we will participate in the Car Show
at the Ruidoso Convention Center. Registration for the show is $30. You will be able to pre-register when
the forms are available in February. Checks should be made to Make-A-Wish Foundation, who will get all
the proceeds. Show is from 7:30am to 3:00pm. There are to be awards and prizes. Their web site is if you wish to find out more. After the show we will drive back to
Albuquerque and should be home before dark.

President: Jay Hertz (
Vice-President: R. Jeff Jackson (
Secretary: Mark Williams (
Treasurer: Larry Williams (
Director of Club Purpose: Neva Coffee (
Director of Education: Joe Abbin (
Director of Touring: Frank Corey (

Happy Birthday to:
1 Marilyn Gigger
4 Joe Abbin
5 Al Gallegos
8 Lou Gorenz
9 Roger Campbell
16 Lorna Azevedo
16 Johanne Glover
17 Nancy Agnew
18 Bob Agnew
21 Bob Mathes
22 Lori Shelton
Happy Anniversary to:
18 Lou & Mary Gorenz

 Boles, City of Albuquerque, Route 66.

Club Purpose: Neva Coffee,Director of Club Purpose.
Clements Coffee
4/7 Please note. Breakfast group will meet on Saturday 4/7 at 8:30 a.m. at Rich Ford’s Mustang Café.
4/28 Tour to Grants, Uranium Mining Museum & Ice Cave. Lunch at El Cafecito. Jackson
5/1 Rear Ends: Gary McGlasson.Abbin

5/8 Board Meeting, 7:30, Jay Hertz’ house
5/20 Museum Car Show Clements
5/28 Birthday Party @ Los Ranchos Abbin
6/5 Upholstery: Steve Gongara, House of Covers Jackson 6/3
6/29-30 Tour to Ruidoso; BBQ & Show. See Newsletter article for details. Clements
7/3 WWII: Joyce Clements Clements
7/10 Board Meeting, 7:30, Jay Hertz’ house
7/4 4th of July Parade & Picnic, Corrales Azevedo
7/14 Los Lunas Ice Cream Cruz. Meet at the Wells Fargo Bank in Bosque Farms at 6pm. Bill Schofield
(505)565-2105. Clements
8/7 Transmissions: Steve Koburi, United TransmissionJackson

All Clubs Picnic Alt: Tour Madrid/Cerrillos Turquoise Trail NMCCC Abbin, Marco
9/4 Ladies’ Night Beth & Jeff Jackson, Clements,Coffee

9/11 Board Meeting, 7:30, Jay Hertz’ house 9/??

State Fair Jackson

9/28-30 Swap Meet Clements
10/2 Air Cleaners: Joe Abbin & Will Clements AbbinClements
10/?? Tour to Chimayo Abbin
11/6 Elections & Tabletop Show;
Overdrives: Frank Corey Board Corey
11/13 Board Meeting, 7:30, Jay Hertz’ house
11/17 Festival of the Cranes, Bosque del Apache Tour
12/4 Holiday Party Board 12/2
Above is the proposed list of programs and activities for the Tumbleweed V8 Club for 2012. If you can help with
any of the activities, please don’t hesitate to volunteer.

April 7 – Golden Gears Swap Meet – White Sands Mall, Alamogordo – Jack Harris (575)491-9804.
April 7 – San Juan College Benefit Car Show and Swap Meet – 4601 College Blvd., Farmington – Proceeds to Tres
Rios Habitat for Humanity – 10am to 2pm – Kerry Meier, San Juan College Automotive Dept., 4601 College Blvd.,
Farmington, NM 87402 – $15 Donation.
April 13-14 – 9th Mustang & Ford Show – Alameda Park, Alamogordo – Otto Dusak (575)442-1402.
April 14 – Los Lunas Tome Historical Church Cruz – Wells Fargo Bank, Bosque Farms – 1:00pm – Bill Schofield
April 15 – 7th Annual Cruise & Schmoose – Sonic Drive-In, 5000 San Mateo NE, Albuquerque – Free Event.
April 15 – Annual Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Cadillac Show – Quality Buick/GMC – 9am to 3pm – Autos from
April 21 – Fiesta de Alameda Parade & Car Show – Raymond G. Sanchez Community Center, 9800 4th St. NW
– Setup 7am-10am – Entry deadline April 13 – Activities, trophies – Sharon or Eva – 468-7800.
April 28 – Park ‘N’ the Park – Cabezon Park, 2305 Cabezon Blvd. SE, Rio Rancho – Pre-Registration $30.00 –
1980 & older –
For more information and event flyers, visit or call Joyce at 884-7912.

By Casey Hayes of Hi Country RG
Recently I read that Mickey Rooney’s Continental convertible had been identified and was being restored by a
collector in California. The car was given to him by Henry Ford, while Mickey was doing a premiere showing of
“Young Tom Edison” on February 9th, 1940.
Mickey was an accomplished musician, playing the piano, banjo, saxophone and drums. He would occasionally
“sit in” with Tommy Dorsey’s band when they were doing a film in Hollywood. Mickey, who was 19 years old at the
time, spent seven hours with Ford during his visit and played the organ for Mr. Ford at the Greenfield chapel.
Spencer Tracy was there, and he suggested that Mickey play the part of Henry Ford in a historical feature of Henry
Ford, but apparently nothing ever came of it. Louis B. Mayer of M.M. Studios and the Governor attended.
Mickey Rooney in his book, “Life Is Too Short,” describes the event. “After dinner, Henry Ford came up to me and
asked me if I’d like to take a little walk with him. I said, ‘Certainly, Mr. Ford.’ So we trotted off, just the two of us,
through a lot of hallways, and across a snowy, blowing parking lot, with guests and guards saluting us all the way,
until we came to a kind of hanger-like building where they putting the finishing touches on a prototype of the classic
Lincoln Continental. ‘How would you like one of these?’ said Mr. Ford. My eyes bugged out at the sight of this
beautiful automobile. I had loved my 1937 Ford convertible. But this car was to my old convertible as an orchard
is to an apple. I said, ‘I’d be a liar if I said I wouldn’t, Mr. Ford.’ He said, ‘How would you like a blue one?’ I said,
‘Mr. Ford, I would love a blue one.’ A couple months later, one of Mr. Ford’s men drove my blue Continental, with
blue leather seats, right up to my dressing room at Metro. It had a special plaque on the dash: TO MY FRIEND
MICKEY ROONEY FROM HIS FRIEND HENRY FORD. It was one of the nicest gifts I have ever received. I loved
it. I drove it proudly.
“Clark Gable came to see it and, after eyeballing it as thoroughly as he would a fine woman or a fine racehorse,
said, ‘Mind if I take it for a spin?’ I grinned and tossed him the keys. He drove it off the lot, sped up Washington
Boulevard, and then, in about fifteen minutes he was back. ‘Thanks, kid,’ he growled. ‘Gotta get me one of these.’
Clark got one, just like mine, blue too. Only difference was, he had to pay cash for his.”
Mickey’s book is most interesting to read. He had eight wives and once said, “Always get married early in the
morning – If it don’t work out, you haven’t ruined the whole day.”

For Sale: V-8 Times Magazines. Issues from the '80s to date. $1 each or 6 for $5. Several year sets in hard
binders. Half the proceeds to our club. Joe Abbin, 296-7678.
For Sale: Auto road test and auto related magazines from the 1950's thru the 1980's. Find out how your 1956
Mercury performed “in the day” from Motor Trend or how Consumer’s Guide rated it! “Time capsule” assortments
of 3-6 magazines for various years for $10 each or individual magazines for $3. Various titles, Motor Trend, Popular
Science, Mechanix Illustrated, Consumers Guide, etc. Joe Abbin, 505-296-7678.
Services Offered: Vintage engine rebuilding, any make, any model. Stock or modified. Dynamometer testing
available. Results guaranteed. References available. Gary McGlasson, 505-250-1586.
Wanted: V-8 Times Magazines. Need May-June 2007 issue, and any issues from the '60s and '70s for my own
set. Joe Abbin, 296-7678.
For Sale: Rebuilt generators, starters, carburetors, distributors, water pumps, clutches, etc. for your flathead. Best
deal in town. Also parts. What do you need? Art Leupold, 299-7154.
For Sale: 1949 Gibson tractor, Model D, plow and front blade. Recent restoration, all new tires. Call Charlie at
For Sale: For information on the following, call Lou, 450-1789:
40 Ford bumpers and guards. $75
Old car gasoline heater, “South Wind.” $75
2004 F250 XL Super Duty. $5200
For Sale: 1953 Ford Victoria w/ Merc V8 3 speed with overdrive. Bidding will start at $8500. John, 243-9877.
For Sale: 1956 Cadillac Seville Eldorado 2 dr. HT, Non-Restored #2 or #3 car, VERY NICE. John, 243-9877.
For Sale: LAST CHANCE SALE! Hydraulic Pumps & Tanks, parts washer pump & tank, shelving, cabinets, racks,
machine bases, casters, and aluminum roofing shingles. Max Glover, 249-7344
For Sale: Two 1941 Mercury Sedans, 95% complete, not restored. One 1941 Mercury Coupe, 95% complete, not
restored. Larry Azevedo, (505)410-1909.
For Sale: 1950 F2 Longbed Flathead 8. Rebuilt motor, tranny, rear end, brakes, and radiator. Many new parts
available. Mark, 859-0881.
For Sale: 2003 BMW CI330 2 dr. Jeff, 908-7565
Wanted: 1938 Pickup rear fenders. Vern, 238-2028
Wanted: Two 305x65x18 Tires. Lou, 450-1789

Tumbleweed Regional Group
Early Ford V-8 Club of America, Inc.
PO Box 21538
Albuquerque NM 87154-1538