PLEASE NOTE: All meetings include Show & Tell. Members are encouraged to bring items to share.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, October 4th, 7pm.  The program is on Auto Art by Perry Key, Paul McLaughlin and Tom Graham.  Refreshments by Lou & Mary Gorenz and Jay Hertz.  


BREAKFAST GROUP: Saturday, October 15th at Sopa’s in Bosque Farms, see article below.

CLUB WEBSITE: Be sure to check out our website at www.abqfordflatheadv8.com   Updated “current Information and calendar” is on the current information page. More club pictures are on the website.

FORD V8 FOUNDATION WEBSITE: Another interesting website to check out is www.fordv8foundation.org




Our meeting this month will be a mini art show featuring local artists Perry Key, Paul McLaughlin, and Tom Graham. These talented gentlemen have very distinct styles and stories to tell. I think our members will really enjoy this rare treat!  Bring your own examples of auto art for show &tell!



October Breakfast Tour

We will be meeting at 8:30am on Saturday, October 15th in the parking lot at the UNM Pit.  From there we will be driving south to Bosque Farms to enjoy breakfast at Sopa’s, 1700 Bosque Farms Blvd.  We hope our southern members will come meet us there. The weather should be lovely for driving your flathead or bring modern iron.



Tentative Plan for Tour Trip to Chimayo

Saturday October 1 we will gather at the Smith’s parking lot at Central and Tramway at 8:30 am to take a tour to Chimayo, view the leaves in color change and visit Marco Oviedo and tour of his foundry.   The foundry tour should be very interesting.   Our tour group will meet Marco at 11:30 at The Inn at Chimayo for lunch.    Please call Joe Abbin at 505-263-1946 to confirm attendance.   Look for an email blast on Friday to confirm details.




October Birthdays and Anniversaries

                Al Seery (30)                                                       Don & Joyce Gorenz (19)






Joe Abbin


Cow 54, Where are you?  Our club breakfast this month was at the TA truck stop in Moriarty.  Along the way I noticed that cows at one ranch along the way had numbers painted on their backs.  Police cars are also labeled this way so they can be spotted and identified from the air.  I’m guessing that the cows’ owner uses a drone to find and count his cows without leaving the house.  Ah, modern technology!  I also re-experienced the “singing highway” in the Tijeras area along the way on the old Route 66.  The singing highway is one of only two similar features in the United States!  After a fine breakfast at the truck stop, I visited Archie Lewis at his museum on the East side of Moriarty.  Visiting with Archie is always a treat!  He was in the middle of a pencil portrait session with Gary Larson, a NM artist.  Gary will attend our meeting in October to meet our artist presenters.  See meeting write-up elsewhere in this news note.  All and all this was a good trip.

The September swap meet this year was very well organized and was very well attended by both vendors & buyers.  Kudos to the Clements family and others who helped.  I was a vendor and actually sold my major offerings.  With the help of fellow vendors and other shoppers, I was socially enriched as well!

We will accept nominations this month for club officers.  The current board will present their nominations and nominations will be accepted from the floor or by mail.  Please consider running for office.  It is fun and we need your energy and participation!  C’mon down!



Minutes of the September 6th, 2016 Meeting

By Secretary Beth Jackson

President Joe called the meeting to order.  There were 15 members and 1 guest present.  Lou reported that Mary is in the hospital, we all wished her well.  Joyce reported that Ray was in a car accident and has a broken leg.  Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Ray.  The minutes of the last meeting were approved as printed in the newsletter.  Treasurer Frank reported that the club remains solvent and is on budget.

Old Business:  Joyce reported for the Albuquerque Car Council.  The All Clubs Picnic was a great success with 155 cars attending.  There were so many attendees that they ran out of hamburgers and hotdogs.  The Los Lunas Swap Meet will be held September 23-25.  Spaces are still available and volunteers are needed.  Joyce brought posters to hang in local businesses.

The August breakfast at Lollie’s was reported as good and the tour of Sam Griego’s Rt. 85 Museum was very interesting.  We had a good turnout for both.

New Business:  V8 Day at the State Fair is Sunday, September 11th.  Lou and Joe will arrange to have the stanchions there.  The meeting place will be the Caravan East parking lot and we will leave for the fairgrounds at 7:30am.  There will be a table with club cards and membership applications.

The September 17th breakfast will be in Moriarity, so meet at Smith’s at Tramway and Central to drive together.

Joe has raffle tickets for the fundraising raffle at the Western National Meet in Bakersfield in October.

On October 1st there will be an informal tour to Chimayo to visit Marco and have lunch at the Inn.  Details will be sent out.

The current board will serve as the nominating committee this year with a report due at the October meeting with elections to be held at the November meeting.

Show and Tell:  Max showed a copy of the ’41 and ’51 Ford service manuals and a homemade toe-in device.  Joe brought 2 interesting ads for the ’33 Fords.  Bob Agnew had a copy of the new Albuquerque The Magazine that has pictures of Bob and his ’51 Ford Victoria and Jay in his ’34 Ford Phaeton side by side in an article entitled “Keeping It Classic”.  Member Lorna Azevedo is also featured in the article with a 1915 Model T.  It is the September issue, so pick one up at your local grocery store.

Several members mentioned that there are two service stations known to carry pure (non ethanol) gasoline at present. One is Brewer Oil Co. at Richmond and Candelaria and G & T Station on Fourth St. at Tyler Rd.

Thanks to the Glovers for the delicious refreshments.  The meeting was adjourned and we went to the garage where we viewed the Jackson’s ’41 and Bob Agnew’s ’51 and discussed the similarities and differences.


































We had 15 cars join us at the State Fair this year. The weather was great and the crowds enjoyed viewing the cars and the car owners enjoyed talking to the people.  The club awarded 3 ribbons: 

Best Exterior – Bob Quirici

Best Interior – Lou Gorenz

Car I’d Most Like to Own – Jay Hertz

Congratulations to All!




     The Gallup Independent reported on May 29, 1919, "At 11:30 last Friday, an auto driven by J. Dannley and owned by Gallup Mercantile Company got stuck while passing the Second Street alley crossing between Willis Studio and the old telegraph office. It took two teams and fifty men three hours to get the car out. The incident took place in the heart of Gallup's business section."

     A.T. Hannett was elected mayor of Gallup in 1918 on his promise to pave some of the city's streets. By 1920, improvements were started in downtown, but the residential streets continued to be seas of mud in wet weather well into the 1950's.

     As a member of the Good Roads Association, Hannett began improving roads and highways to help citizens get around more easily and bring tourists to Gallup. Cy Avery of Oklahoma was also pushing for better roads across the country.

     In 1916, the Federal Aid Road Act was passed; states were to receive federal money to provide surfacing for roads in their states. Several prominent citizens started campaigning for all-weather roads; by 1920, there were almost 3,000,000 miles of highway in the U.S., of which about 36,000 miles were paved. A move was afoot in Washington to start a highway system, connecting existing roads to aid in cross-country travel. Thus began what was to become a unified highway system. Route 66 was designated in 1926 as the route from Chicago to California.

     The Ford V8's were being built as the highway system was being developed. If you're wondering why the suspensions on our cars need attention, think of going cross-country on unpaved, and sometimes unimproved roads. The cars had to be tough.

Joyce Clements


Tune Your Flathead for Top Performance

By Joe Abbin 7/5/16


All engines run best when tuned properly. If the tune is poor the engine may run poorly or not at all. For the engine to run properly it must inhale fuel and air, ignite the mixture, convert the combustion energy to shaft power, and exhaust the combustion waste. Thus we have to address each of these processes and associated hardware for proper function to have a properly functioning engine. Try the following procedure if the engine won’t run or performs poorly.


1) Check the fuel. Check fuel in tank. If adequate fuel in tank, remove the air cleaner. Look in the carburetor and note if fuel squirts when the throttle is actuated. If there is a sediment bowl on the fuel pump, note if fuel is visible. As an alternate, if the engine doesn’t run at all, pour fuel down the carburetor and see if it starts. If it does start you probably do not have a spark problem. If the engine runs momentarily you have a fuel problem. Check the following:


- Tank fuel level – should have a quarter of tank or more

- Fuel Lines – should have no leaks or blockage

- Fuel Pump – should have 2-5 psi outlet, 10 in. Hg vacuum on inlet, flow about one pint in 20 seconds.

- Carburetor – check for flooding and float level. If OK general rebuild needed

2)  Check the spark. Remove the spark plug wire and determine if a spark is present and that it will jump a gap of about      3/16 inch. As an alternate remove a spark plug and lay it on the head with the wire still attached and observe the intensity       and color of the spark (if any). If the spark is weak or absent, check the following:


         - Battery-voltage and cable connections

         - Ignition wiring and switch – no shorts or high resistance (>.02 ohms for switch)

         - Ballast resistor if present (1932-1948) – should be .35 ohms to .56 ohms

         - Spark plugs – not fouled, should be properly gapped at .025-.030 inches

         - Spark plug wires – no arcing, cracks, or shorts, routed properly

          - Distributor – check for cracked cap, tracks on cap; points gapped at .015, timed 4 degrees at 400-700 RPM and      

           and 20 to 26 degrees at 3000-4000 RPM

         - Coil – check primary resistance (.5 ohms to 1 ohm) and secondary resistance (4000 ohms), no shorts to ground

         - Condenser – no short, should have 250 M ohms center lead to ground


3) Check general engine condition if it runs but not well. Check the fuel and spark systems as above. If these are satisfactory, check the following:

          - Engine vacuum – should be 20+/-2in.Hg at sea level. To adjust for altitude subtract 1 in.Hg for each 1000 ft in      


          - Engine Compression – Should be 120 psi at sea level for 7:1 CR. To adjust for altitude subtract 5 psi for each

           1000 ft in altitude. If less, use leak down test to determine cause/remedy. For other CR use:

           P=Patm x CR+Patm +5, where Patm=14.7 at sea level, Patm=12.4 at 5000 ft.

          - Exhaust – check for kinks or other blockage


Recommended References


1)     1932-1937 Ford V-8 Service Bulletins-Tune-up ABC’s, pages 126-128

2)     1938-1940 Ford V-8 Service Bulletins-schematics, p 325; coil, p 327; distributor, p 333; condenser p 371; spark plugs, p 373; trouble shooting, pgs 2 & 247; specifications, p 555

3)     1941-1948 Ford V-8 Service Bulletins-Tune-up, p 267-269

4)     1949-1951 Ford Shop Manual-Troubleshooting, p 281-291

5)     1952-1954 Ford Shop Manual-Troubleshooting, p 311-320

6)     MoTor’s Auto Repair Manual (1950) – dist timing w/o fixture, p 29, fig 36; dashboard gauge trouble shooting, p 79-81; specifications, p 487

Recommended Specialty Tools


1)     Vacuum Gauge & Compression Gauge

2)     Timing Light

3)     Ohm/Volt/Amp Meter

4)     Non-contact Thermometer



Tumbleweed Early Ford V8 Club Calendar for 2016


Saturday/Sunday 1st & 2nd - Northern New Mexico tour

Tuesday 4th Club Meeting – 7pmAuto Art, Perry & McLaughlin.  Refreshments by Mary & Lou Gorenz & Jay Hertz.

Saturday 15th – Breakfast at Sopa’s in Bosque Farms with a possible Tour of Tome


Tuesday 1st Club Meeting – 7pmElections, Table Top Show.  Refreshments by Bob Payne and Bob Mathes.

Saturday 26th Antique Shopping Tour and Lunch


Saturday 10th Club Christmas Party Potluck

Saturday 17th Breakfast – 8:30am Kap’s at 5801 Central NE




President: Joe Abbin (roadrunnerengr@msn.com)

Vice-President: Lou Gorenz (lmgorenz@comcast.net)

Secretary: Beth Jackson (jbjaxun@gmail.com)

Treasurer: Frank Corey (frankford4@aol.com)

Director: Jay Hertz (jdhhag1@comcast.net)

Director: R. Jeff Jackson (jbjaxun@gmail.com)

Director: Bob Mathes (aimlessbob36@gmail.com)

Director: Al Seery (joalseery@aol.com



Members are encouraged to submit articles, ads and photographs for inclusion in the newsletter.  Please understand we have a volunteer Newsletter Editor so try and submit typed and proofed articles, comments, and new want ads (for sale items will continue to be updated at the meetings).  The deadline for submissions is the 20th of the month. Beth Jackson, 505-908-7564, or email: JBJaxun@gmail.com





If you go to www.earlyfordv8.org, you can download all the information and registration materials for these meets, and/or find contact information.

October 17-20, 2016 – Western National Meet, "Let the V8s Roll", Bakersfield, California.  See page 15 of the July/August issue of the V-8 Times magazine for information.  Joe will have fund raiser raffle tickets available at the September meeting. They are $5 each or 3 for $10.  Prizes include new Stromberg and Holley carburetors and a Ford Shop Clock and will be given away at the Meet.





Garage and Car Clean-up

By Jim Clements


To clean up oil spots from the concrete floor, use clean kitty litter. Rub a little into the spot(s) with the side of an old 2x4 and let it sit for a couple of days and sweep it up.


To help remove musty, mildew or smoky smells from cloth upholstery and carpets, sprinkle a quantity of dry baking soda all around in the car and let it absorb for several days.  Vacuum it up, and sprinkle more soda if needed.


A quarter cup of white vinegar in a half bucket of warm water cleans glass in the car very well.  Wash the windows with an old terry cloth rag dipped in the vinegar and polish with a dry towel.





Sluggish Wipers

By Art Leupold


Are your windshield wipers slow and sluggish?  Remove the vacuum line from the engine, hold it up and put a few drops of oil in the line.  Operate the wiper blades a few times by hand.  This should suck some of the oil into the wiper motor, and make your wipers work better.



The above tips are from Food and Flathead Formulas published by the Tumbleweed Regional Group sometime in the past.








For Sale: 1939 Ignition switch & column lock with key.  Allen Tachometer/Dwell meter with stand. Antique Outboard Motors, 7.5 HP Firestone and 12.5 HP Montgomery Ward.  Call Max Glover 505-792-2011 or 505-249-7433.

For Sale: 1955 Ford RadioArt Leupold 505-299-7154

For Sale: 1975 Ford F150XLT, all extras, runs and drives, Ford shell also $4950.  8FT pick up shell $175.  Older VW bug tow bar $90.   Call Lou at 505-450-1789

For Sale: One Firestone tire, 600:16 WSW. Very good condition, but probably very old.  Very little wear, $35.  Frank Corey 505-299-5168


For Sale: Restored 1951 Ford F1 with a flathead V8 239 in Taos.  Mike Stauffer is asking $12,000 and says the color is a green/silver mix, ala Chrysler 300. Email Mike at lilive45@gmail.com .





For Sale: 1948 Ford Sedan, all original, black, runs good.  $7500Call Mike at 505-730-0963






For Sale: 1971 XR7 Cougar. Been in Jim Phillips family 40 years. Good condition, 96,375 miles, no rust, runs good, landau top, PS, AC, no accidents, clean. 2017 NADA = $13,687 average. Asking $9000 OBO. Ken and Judy Chapman 505-291-0929

For Sale: 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 4-dr, 3-speed w/OD (OD not hooked up). No PS, PB. 292 V8. $15,000 OBO. Ed 298-6166

For Sale: 1952 Teardrop Trailer Project, not quite finished. Has VIN#. 4’x9’. Lots of pictures. Asking $3,125.00. Wayne Mikosz wmikosz@comcast.net

For Sale: 1967 Ford F100 short bed pickup. Julie Wellman (505)286-4106

For Sale: 1970 Ford F250 Pickup Camper Special. Arizona truck; Rust Free, 1975 Merc 460 V8 with C6 tranny. Built for towing. Good power train; you start the body. Body solid, no evidence of damage. $4000.00. Call Joe, 715-533-3614. (cell)

For Sale: 1977 Lincoln 2-door w/moon roof. Good shape. Make offer. Bill Gilmore 294-8348

Services Offered: Vintage engine rebuilding, any make, any model. Stock or modified. Dynamometer testing available. Results guaranteed. References available. Gary McGlasson, 505-250-1586.

Services Offered: Frank Corey, who has made a meeting presentation about the mechanical aspects of Ford overdrives, is available to consult on the electrical aspects as well. Frank has a supply of overdrive parts for sale, for those who may be interested. Frank can be contacted at 505-299-5168 or (frankford4@aol.com).