The January Program will be a review, via pictures, of the National Early Ford V8 Tour through Northern
New Mexico. Many of our club members attended and everyone will be asked to comment on the
pictures and the trip. Please also note there are many, many pictures of the tour on our club website.


PLEASE NOTE: All meetings include Show & Tell. Members are encouraged to bring items to share.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, January 7, 7:30 p.m., Old Car Garage.

CLUB WEBSITE: Be sure to check out our website at http://abqfordflatheadv8.com/.

NEXT BOARD MEETING: Tuesday, January 14, 7:30 p.m. at Jeff & Beth’s house (see article).

From the Club bylaws: The general purpose of this Regional Group shall be to preserve and authentically maintain Ford motor cars of the years 1932 through 1953 inclusive.

Jeff Jackson, President
Hello everyone, welcome to 2014. To make a good opening for 2014 I need to say a pleasant
goodbye to 2013. Car related in 2013, I pulled and replaced the engine in the '40 and toured about
450 miles without an issue. Also, car related, with the help of Art Leupold, the transmission for the '39
is rebuilt and ready for installation. And, much of the inspiration for these actions was the National
Tour that Jay stewarded through Northern New Mexico. A big thanks goes out to Jay and everyone
who helped with the tour, hopefully it invigorated our club for more tours in 2014. Yes, 2014 is upon
us and with little fanfare at our house we began another year. In my house this holiday season we
had 5 little ones ages 5 weeks, 8 months, 24 months, 31 months and 43 months. So ‘little’ fanfare is
what we had in our house. I hope the Christmas season was as wonderful for you as it has been at
the Jackson home.
Talking to my daughter I said I needed to prepare a President’s message for the newsletter. She said
to write about cars tying families together. Not a bad thought if I had a list of stories to go with that
I could write about the Christmas when my Dad drove our family, comprised of Mom, Dad, myself
(about age 5), and brother and sister, from Albuquerque to Texas in a Morris Minor 1000. That trip
brought us all closer together, especially if you recall how large a Morris Minor was! Or, I could talk
about the years when Beth and I drove our Chevy Van from Houston, Texas to Albuquerque many
times a year but always including Christmas. It seems as if we routinely needed gasoline in Amarillo
and stopped for a potty break. We’d stop and wake our kids to get up and go in and they’d ask,
“Where are we?” If we were in Amarillo they would say, “No thanks, it is Too Cold here”. But those
are not flathead Ford stories.
I bet each of you have memories of cars as THE means of transportation to get family and friends
together for the holidays. Now, as you sit reading this, would be a good time to recall in your mind a
trip or two where the family car provided the transportation and the memory store for your trips.
Back to basics and club business. In 2014 I would like to see our club commit to and succeed in
achieving a few defined goals. I believe I have a great slate of officers and directors to work with this
year. The officers are Bob Quirici as Vice President, Lou Gorenz as Treasurer and Larry Williams as
Secretary. They will be supported by our directors; Joe Abbin as Technical Director, Larry Azevedo
as Club Purpose and Membership Director, and John Shelton as Tour Director. Jay Hertz as Past
President will also have a lot of input for our club as well as doing his duty as a National Director for
the Early Ford V8 Foundation. With the officer slate this year, the excellent set of directors, and
coming off a wonderful national tour experience orchestrated by Jay in 2013, we should strive to grow
our club in both membership and activity level. Yes, we all are getting older. And, yes, most of you
all have been club members since before dirt (a long time). Nevertheless, we will continue to have a
vibrant and meaningful club in 2014. Wouldn’t it be great if we could expand club membership by
10% in 2014? Wouldn’t it be great if we could routinely get 8 to 10 cars together for tours around
Albuquerque? Wouldn’t it be great if 4 to 6 or more cars toured in September to California for the
Western National Meet? I think these are some realistic and meaningful goals for the club.
Starting in January our club’s Board of Directors will meet to develop ideas to help us meet these type
goals. We are having our first Directors meeting at the Jackson House at 7pm on January 14th. It will
be a major planning meeting for 2014. I invite anyone who wants to attend to come to the meeting.
Another good way to have input is to talk to an officer or director before the January 14th planning
meeting and give them your opinions.
I am looking forward to working for the club in 2014. I absolutely understand I do not have the
experience with flathead Fords or the years of history with this club that most of you do. What I will
commit to this year is working for the club and with the help of all the officers and directors and the
support of the membership we will have another great year in 2014.

Xmas Photo for Tumbleweed.JPG

By Jeff Jackson
We will be holding our January directors’/officers’ meeting on Tuesday, January 14, at our house,
8322 Calle Picaflor (phone 505.908.7565) beginning at 7:00 p.m. Our house is near the corner of
Paseo Del Norte and Coors. We are south of Paseo and east of Coors.
From Coors immediately south of Paseo Del Norte. When you are on Coors look east (toward the
mountains) and you will see a Ram service station. Turn east off Coors at the Ram service station.
Take an immediate left and go on the frontage road between the Ram station and the Riverpoint
Sports and Wellness Fitness Center. Be sure the Wellness Center is on your right. As you are
passing the Wellness Center the road turns to the right directly toward the mountains. Stay on the
road and you will see a large red dinosaur on your left, keep going. Shortly the road turns again to
the right. Immediately after the right turn you will see a small subdivision. The first street you can
turn on is Calle de Alondre, turn left on Calle de Alondre. Our house is on the corner of Calle de
Alondre and Calle Picaflor. 8322 Calle Picaflor, phone 505.908.7565.

President: R. Jeff Jackson (jbjaxun@gmail.com)
Vice-President: Bob Quirici (bjq1985@aol.com)
Secretary: Larry Williams (l-m-williams@comcast.net)
Treasurer: Lou Gorenz (lmgorenz@comcast.net)
Directors: Joe Abbin (roadrunnerengr@msn.com)
John Shelton (bttyshelt@aol.com)
Larry Azevedo (dribblebit@comcast.net)

Happy Birthday to:
14 Helen Hertz

Members are encouraged to submit articles and ads for inclusion in the newsletter, but please
remember we have space limitations. Article submissions may be reformatted for newsletter
purposes, but they will not be edited without the author’s approval. The deadline for submissions is
the 20th of the month. Micki Hughes, newsletter publisher, 505.359.3227, or email:

By Joyce Clements
From the December, 1946 issue of the Ford Times comes a little history of Tootsietoy production at
that time. At Christmas, the Dowst Manufacturing Company was just getting back into making the
little cars, after production was suspended during WWII. The toy cars had sold well to children before
the War, and now Dowst was turning out 40,000 cars a day, or 166 a minute. The cars were of all
makes, modeled after real cars. Many adults said the cars looked almost like real cars.
The first Tootsietoys made in 1914, were a Model T touring car and a truck. A survey indicated a
larger car would be more desirable, so two inches was added to the wheelbase, and more cars were
added to the line. They were sold without a brand name on the box, as a 1929 experiment had
determined that real brand names on the toys resulted in some names selling faster than others.
Also, research had determined that red, blue, yellow, silver and maroon were the colors that appealed
most to children; rarely would a child pick a green car if he had a choice.
The design department took photos of new cars and copied them with some simplifications. These
designs then became hand-made models at a cost of $400 to $500 each. Molds were made from the
models, the cars were cast, painted and crated for shipment.
In 1946,the company introduced a new streamlined truck and a civilian jeep. They were making 1942
automobiles still, and hoping that some new designs from the auto manufacturers would be
forthcoming in 1947. Some materials were still in short supply. The company did develop a new “rolleasy”
feature, which meant that the tires were less likely to come off under the hammering of a
boisterous owner. That was the state of things in 1946.

January 31-February 2 – 23rd SuperNationals Custom Car Show – Expo New Mexico, – Entry $45
by January 17 – TNT Promotions, 505.332.9222 or www.thesupernationals.com
January 12-19 – 43rd Barrett-Jackson Auction – Westworld, Scottsdale AZ, 480.663.6255 or
January 15-19 – 4th Russo-Steele Auction – Loop 101 & Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale AZ, 888.482.5315
or www.russoandsteele.com
January 17 – RM Auctions – Biltmore Resort, Scottsdale AZ, 800.211.4371 or www.rmauctions.com
January 17-18 – Gooding & Co. Auction – Scottsdale AZ, 310.899-1960 or www.goodingco.com
January 17-18 – Silver Auctions – Radisson Resort, Ft. McDowell AZ, 800.255.4485 or
January 17-19 – Motor Mania – Mesquite Resort Assn, Mesquite NV, 702.643.0000 or
January 18-19 – 14th Annual Street Fair & Car Show – 2nd & Florence Sts, Casa Grande AZ,
520.836.8744 or www.cgmainstreet.org
January 24-25 – Dallas/Ft. Worth Swap Meet – Grand Prairie TX – Dean Earhart, 254.751.7958
January 24-25 – 20th Collector Car Show – Tubac Golf Resort, Tubac AZ – Duane, 520.885.6630
For information/flyers about area events: http://nmcarcouncil.net/events-2/

All the meets will be honoring the 75th Anniversary of 1939 model Ford products. Entry forms, costs,
and schedules for all the meets can be found at www.earlyfordv8.org. Joyce will have sample entry
forms at the meeting if you are interested in any meet.
June 6-9 – Australian National Meet in New South Wales, Australia – “V8 Dream in 2014" for the
really adventurous. E-mail andrew@wisegroupfm.com with queries.
June 23-26 – Eastern National V-8 Meet in Gettysburg, PA – “Celebrate America in your Ford V-8"
for the less adventurous. Visit www.ENM2014.com for information.
August 19-22 – Central National Meet in Springfield, IL –“V-8ing Joy in Illinois” closer to home.
Visit www.nirgv8.org for information. Jay has entry forms and raffle tickets for this meet.
September 2-5 – Western National Meet in Ventura, CA – “Fords & Folks in Thousand Oaks” in
sunny California. Visit http://www.venturav8s.com for more information.