PLEASE NOTE: All meetings include Show & Tell. Members are encouraged to bring items to share.

NEXT MEETING: Next meeting is Tuesday February 7, 7pm, Refreshments provided by Jacksons.   


BREAKFAST GROUP: Saturday, February 18th, 8:30 am at Sopa’s - see article below.

CLUB WEBSITE: Be sure to check out our website at www.abqfordflatheadv8.com   Updated “current Information and calendar” is on the current information page. More club pictures are on the website.

FORD V8 FOUNDATION WEBSITE: Another interesting website to check out is www.fordv8foundation.org




February Meeting Program

Joyce Clements, one of the founders of the Tumbleweed V8 Club, will give a presentation entitled “Stories of Old Route 66.”  This will include handouts for everyone. Come join us for a look at local history.


February Breakfast

We will be breakfasting at Sopa’s in Bosque Farms on Saturday, February 18th at 9:00 am.  Sopa’s is located at 1700 Bosque Farms Blvd.  If anyone would like to caravan there in their flatheads or modern iron, meet at the Pit Parking Lot at 8:30 am.  There will be a possible garage tour or two following breakfast in that same area.



President: Joe Abbin (roadrunnerengr@msn.com)

Vice-President: Bob Quirici (qbtruc@aol.com)

Secretary: Beth Jackson (jbjaxun@gmail.com)

Treasurer: David McLain (fordshoeboxmclain@aol.com)

Director: Jay Hertz (jdhhag1@comcast.net)

Director: R. Jeff Jackson (jbjaxun@gmail.com)

Director: George Abernathy (gabernathy@sunriseveterinary.com)

Director: Bob Payne



February Birthdays and Anniversaries

Tom Patterson (5)                                                                                 Ron & Marilyn Gigger (19)

Bob Quirici (5)

Pat Casias (15)

Neva Coffee (19)

Richard Polk (28)


President’s Message February 2017  Joe Abbin

Nostalgia. The dictionary defines it as “an unexplained yearning for the past”. We could conclude that nostalgia is a major motivation for owning our old Fords and belonging to the Early Ford V-8 Club. Joyce Clements will make a presentation on Route 66 at the February meeting. We celebrate Route 66 and refuse to let it go even though it is no longer an official US highway. Why? Nostalgia of course! The connection between our flatheads and Route 66 is strong and existed for many years. See below.

In 1959, myself and two high school buddies set out from Albuquerque to see the ocean from the Santa Monica pier. It was the summer before our senior year. How did we get there? On two lane Route 66 in a junker 1934 Tudor! That car had four bald tires (two worn out rear knobby snow tires), had water in the oil and oil in the water. There were major rust issues with parts of the floorboard missing. No rear seat, so we installed a lawn chair for the third passenger. We had a canvas water bag hanging on a headlight. We saved our money for the trip which totaled about $200. No insurance, no roadside assistance, no cell phones, almost no tools, no spare tire. We had a case of cans of chili and beans and a case of canned peaches. That seemed like a balanced diet for the trip.

We had a vision. Playing volley ball with sun tanned California girls on the beach…..next to the breaking waves of a body of water larger than anything we had ever seen…….hot rods roaming the streets……palm trees waving in the breeze. Wow!

What happened? Did we make it? Find out next month.

Minutes of the January 3, 2017 Meeting

Secretary, Beth Jackson

Joe called the meeting to order.  There were 14 members present and 1 guest, Max’s grandson Brice.  Joe asked for corrections to the minutes of the November meeting and Joyce stated that the Car Council meets in January to determine the budget for the year, which will or will not include more money to the City of Los Lunas for the swap meet.  Interested persons should attend the meeting of the Car Council to state their preference.  The rest of the minutes were accepted as printed in the December newsletter.

Treasurer Frank announced that the club spent $200 more than they took in this past year.  The new treasurer will be preparing the new budget.

The Car Council has set dates for several activities in 2017.  The Museum Show (50 year anniversary of the Albuquerque Museum featuring cars of 1967) will be held Sunday, May 21st.  August 13th is the All-Clubs Picnic and the Los Lunas swap meet will be on September 22nd, 23rd and 24th.

Joyce volunteered to do a presentation on Route 66 for the February meeting and Jay will do the program in March.

Jeff, Jay and Joe met to discuss the progress or lack thereof of the club video.  They decided that each monthe they will choose a car to video and make arrangements with the owner to do so.  Frank and Bob Agnew each have 53’s and will be photographed in January.

January’s breakfast will be held Saturday, January 21st at Milton’s Café on Candelaria.  Beth chose this location as newspaper editor.  She asked for suggestions from members for future months.  Frank suggested Route 66 Diner on Central for February and Jim chose Vic’s on Osuna for March (although Jim doesn’t attend breakfast, only if it is lunch.)

Jay reported that the club purchased a brick in memory of Marvin Coffee from the Ford V8 Foundation, an item that is included in the club’s budget yearly.

Joe reported that the Supernationals are held in Albuquerque the first weekend in February.

The board will be meeting next Tuesday evening at Joe’s house to plan the schedule for 2017.

Show and Tell:  Joe brought a 4 pipe horn from Kenny Campbell that attaches to the exhaust pipe.  It was admired by all present.  Bob Agnew said it sounds like a train whistle.  Joe also brought a Motor Scrapbook – one of 8 books by Floyd Climer.  He presented Beth a 1915 book of funny stories about Fords to use in the newsletter.

Refreshments were provided by Joe, thank you.  The program of pictures from 2016 that was presented by Joe was enjoyed by all.



If you have not paid your 2017 dues, please do so as soon as possible.


Looking Back

     Back in the late 1940s and early 1950s, before TV became the most important source of advertising, ads appeared in newspapers and magazines for great prizes in sweepstakes and contests. These were sponsored by companies who wanted to promote their products. The ads frequently were in full color and took up one or more full pages in the magazine. Many offered a new car as a "Grand Prize" as it was good advertising for the car companies. All kinds of prizes were offered, everything from fur coats, to appliances, money, gift certificates and products.

     Some of the contests continued into the 1960s and 1970s. Some required entrants to write an essay or estimate "How many....?". Others just required you to send in your name or buy a product to enter. In 1971, you could win a Dodge Crestwood wagon full of Dial products, if you could come close to guessing how many Dial products could be packed into the wagon, floor to ceiling, front to back.

    In 1949, you could win a new '49 Ford in the Parkay Margarine-sponsored "Name 'The Great Gildersleeve' Mystery Baby" contest. This promotion was sponsored by NBC, Parkay and Ford. 721 prizes worth $50,000 were to be awarded, including 20 1949 Ford Customs. The "Mystery Baby" was found in the back seat of the Water Commissioner's car on the long-running show. If you don't remember, "The Great Gildersleeve" was a very funny radio serial which was quite popular. Wouldn't it be nice to win one of those Fords today?

This information was found in a May, 2012, issue of "Hemmings Classic Car".

Submitted by Joyce Clements



Members are encouraged to submit articles, ads and photographs for inclusion in the newsletter.  Please understand we have a volunteer Newsletter Editor so try and submit typed and proofed articles, comments, and new want ads (for sale items will continue to be updated at the meetings).  The deadline for submissions is the 20th of the month. Beth Jackson, 505-908-7564, or email: JBJaxun@gmail.com



Also – Because It Could Take San Juan Hill on High

Three friends had just purchased automobiles, and decided that appropriate ceremonies were in order to christen the machines.  On the date set for the christening the three machines were lined up in a row – a Packard, a Buick and a Ford.  The owner of the Packard broke a bottle of champagne over the radiator of his machine, at the same time exclaiming, “I christen thee George Washington, first in peace, first in war, first in the hearts of his countrymen.”  The owner of the Buick then broke a bottle of grape juice over his machine, with the words, “I christen thee Abraham Lincoln – honest all through.”  Then the Ford owner stepped forward, broke a bottle of beer over his machine, and exclaimed, “I christen thee Theodore Roosevelt, you rough-riding son of a gun.”

From Funny Stories About the Ford“Fords rush in where big cars fear to tread.”  Copyright 1915



January Breakfast at Milton’s Cafe



Tumbleweed Early Ford V8 Club Calendar for 2017


Tuesday 7th Club Meeting – 7pmStories of Old Route 66, Joyce Clements.  Refreshments by the Jacksons.

Saturday 18th Breakfast at Sopa’s with a garage tour following


Tuesday 7th Club Meeting – 7pmThe Ford Factory, Jay Hertz.

Saturday 18th Breakfast at Vic’s


Tuesday 4th Club Meeting – 7pmNew Mexico License Plates

Saturday 15th Breakfast at Rt. 66 Diner

Saturday 22nd Spring Thaw at The Old Car Garage


Tuesday 2nd Club Meeting – 7pmAuto Paint

Thurs-Sat 4th-6th Overnight trip to Santa Teresa

Sunday 21st Museum Car Show

Monday 29th Club Birthday Party and Picnic/Car Show


Tuesday 6th Club Meeting – 7pm  Trust/Estate Planning

Saturday 17th Breakfast and tour of Colorworks


Tuesday 4th Corrales Parade and Picnic at Azevedo’s

Tuesday 11th Club Meeting – 7pm’52 Fords

Saturday 15th Breakfast at Lindy’s 8:30am


Tuesday 1st Club Meeting – 7pmTools

Sunday 13th All Clubs Picnic

Saturday 19th Tour to Madrid with Lunch


Tuesday 5th Club Meeting – 7pm1932/1937 Fords

Sunday 10th State Fair

Saturday 16th Breakfast

Friday, Sat., Sun 22nd, 23rd, 24th Los Lunas Swap Meet


Tuesday 3rd Club Meeting – 7pmPowder Coating

Saturday 7th Drive to Chimayo

Saturday 21st Drive to Coronado Monument with lunch


Tuesday 7th Club Meeting – 7pmElections and Antique Toasters by Kathleen

Saturday 18th Breakfast


Saturday 9th Christmas Party

Saturday 16th Breakfast












February 3-4 – 42nd Annual Kansas Sunflower Swap MeetKansas Coliseum, 1329 S Handley, Wichita, KS – (316)267-8914

February 3-5 – Supernationals – EXPO NM, Albuquerque – Matt 204-7273 or Reggie 269-0496

February 4-5 – 45th Annual Tri-State Swap Meet – National Western Complex, 4655 Humboldt St, Denver, CO – (303)428-6046 or www.tristateswapmeet.com


5 –– Just Sell It Automotive Swap Meet – Glendale Community College, 6000 W Olive Ave, Glendale, AZ – Joleen (602)828-4865 or Scott (623)628-0364

February 23-25 – VMCCA Annual Meeting – Palm Springs, CA – www.vmcca.org for details

February 24-26 – 51st Annual BIG 3 Auto Parts Exchange & Car Corral – Qualcom Stadium, San Diego, CA – (619)599-0708 or www.big3partsexchange.com

February 24 – Veterans' Cruise Nite – Borman Honda, Las Cruces – Rich Lewis (575)525-4556

February 25 – Veterans' Car Show – Borman Honda, Las Cruces – Rich Lewis (575)525-4556


March 5 – 29th Collectible Toy Show – Expo Center, Tucson, AZ – Tom Russell (520)323-1848





April 6-9 – "Join the Hill Country Scene in '17" – 44th Annual Texas Tour hosted by Southern Texas RG #71 in Kerrville, TX. Call Terry Baxter (210)666-5643 or e-mail evrgrntrk@satx.it.com.

June 7-11 – 2017 Eastern National Meet – Chantilly, Virginia hosted by Northern Virginia RG #96. Call Bill Simons or e-mail bsimons@rustinsurance.com.

September 11-14 – "A Capitol V8 Affair" Western National Meet sponsored by Columbia River RG #10 in Salem, Oregon. Call Steve Lemmons (360)430-3285 or e-mail ihateoldcars@hotmail.com.



1934 Ford











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