What could be simpler than a slab of metal with no moving parts? In this presentation, Joe Abbin will
trace the evolution of our favorite engine’s “valve covers” over the production life of the flathead Ford.
The purpose is to help owners identify what they have and what they should have for proper function
and/or historical authenticity. Feel free to bring your heads!

PLEASE NOTE: All meetings include Show & Tell. Members are encouraged to bring items to share.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, September 3, 7:30 p.m., Old Car Garage.

SHOW & SHARE: At 7:00, before the meeting, Joe Abbin will show his Merc.


BREAKFAST/LUNCH GROUP: Saturday, September 21, at 8:00 a.m., we will meet at the McDonald’s
at San Mateo and Academy and then drive north to the Range Café in Bernalillo.

SEPTEMBER ACTIVITY: September 15, New Mexico State Fair (Expo NM). See the State Fair article
for details.

CLUB TOUR: We are sponsoring a tour of Northern New Mexico on October 14-18, 2013. Please see
article in this newsletter.

CLUB WEBSITE: Be sure to check out our website at

NEXT BOARD MEETING: Tuesday, September 10, 7:30 p.m., Jay Hertz’ home, 8704 La Sala Del Sur,
NE. Jay’s home phone number is 296.3137. See article in this newsletter for details. Members are

September John & Betty Shelton October Bob Mathes / Bob Payne
November Larry & Meg Williams / Jim & Joyce Clements December Holiday Party

Jay Hertz, President
I have been thinking about the bankruptcy of the City of Detroit and wondering how Henry Ford would
have reacted to it if he had lived to see it. Although Detroit was not Henry’s birthplace, it was obviously
a place dear to his heart. He had invested tremendously in the city, both in dollars and in caring about
its social and economic welfare. Among the many such investments were the following:
…the huge complex of manufacturing and assembly plants including the Piquette Avenue plant, Highland
Park, Willow Run and the Rouge. These contributed hugely to the City’s tax base.

From the Club bylaws: The general purpose of this Regional Group shall be to preserve and authentically maintain
Ford motor cars of the years 1932 through 1953 inclusive.
…the employment of thousands of men and women, such that, by 1922, the annual payroll had risen to
…the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.
…the Henry Ford Hospital.
…the Henry Ford Air Field.
…the complex of corporate buildings, eventually to include the Rotunda after it was moved from the
Chicago World’s Fair.
…Henry Ford’s personal Fair Land Estate, consisting of 1300 acres on the Rouge River. The site is now
on the National Historic Register on the campus of the University of Michigan-Dearborn.
…the farms Ford developed near Detroit to grow such things as charcoal and soy beans for use in
making plastics, and the timber lands used for wood for the early Ford bodies.
…the Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railroad, owned personally by Henry Ford and used to transport raw
materials to the manufacturing plants in Detroit.
As you know, Ford plants were built in many other locations than Detroit, including some overseas, but
nowhere else did Ford invest the huge resources he lavished on Detroit. I think it is fair to say that Henry
Ford loved that city and would hate to see how badly it has declined since his death.
Henry Ford frequently expressed his distaste for borrowing. He deplored bankers and Wall Street. Note
the attitudes he expressed in this comment from 1922:
“It has been our policy always to keep on hand a large amount of cash -- the cash balance in recent years
has usually been in excess of fifty million dollars. This is deposited in banks all over the country. We do
not borrow, but we have established lines of credit, so that if we so cared, we might raise a very large
amount of money by bank borrowing. But keeping the cash reserve makes borrowing unnecessary --
our provision is only to be prepared to meet an emergency. I have no prejudice against proper borrowing.
It is merely that I do not want to run the danger of having the control of the business and hence the
particular idea of service to which I am devoted taken into other hands.” (Quoted from “The Triumph of
an Idea” by Ralph Graves, 1934, pages 86-87).
There are two things which make that comment curious: first, it is largely false; second, it was made in
1922 after Ford Motor Company came very close to bankruptcy during the depression of 1920-1921.
Here are the real facts:
The United States underwent a depression in 1920-1921 of considerable magnitude. It affected Ford
Motor Company very badly. As the winter of 1920 approached, the company had borrowed $75,000,000,
which it was unable to repay. The company was literally on the verge of bankruptcy, the result of its
inability to repay the debt, the slow-down in sales which accompanied the depression, the recent increase
in the hourly wage of workers to $6.00 per day (implemented in 1919, following the $5.00 daily wage
announced in 1914), and various inefficiencies in management. As a result, Ford shut down the Highland
Park facility for the last two weeks of 1920, expecting to re-open January 1, 1921. But the company’s
inability to pay its workers led to extension of the shut-down until February 1. This led to rumors about
the company’s demise which, in turn, further compromised the company’s creditworthiness. Rumor
circulated on Wall Street that, if the company ever did re-open, it would be under new owners.
Foreclosure was threatened by creditors. Public confidence in the company plummeted.
For these reasons, it was not accurate for Henry Ford to say in 1922 that the company had vast cash
reserves during recent years. It was completely out of cash just the year before. Nor was it true that the
company’s policies made borrowing “unnecessary,” since we know that it was very heavily leveraged and
that its borrowings could not be repaid, just the year before. Finally, it was not accurate for Henry Ford
to say that he had no prejudice against proper borrowing, since other statements he made showed that
he was intensely opposed to borrowing, and did it only to survive. So, how did the company survive and
avoid bankruptcy in the depression of 1920-1921?
First, Ford shrank its workforce by a full 25%. Second, Henry directed the disposition of expendable
equipment, which was converted to cash. He sold surplus materials as well. Third, he directed the sale
of the company’s Liberty Bonds which had been bought during World War I as a show of patriotism.
Finally, Ford implemented new policies with dealers whereby the dealers were forced to buy large
amounts of unwanted (and largely un-salable) inventory, lest they lose their Ford franchise.
If you read my article last month about how Henry Ford II saved the company in the 1940s, you will see
that the grandson’s measures were far different from those employed by Henry in the 1920s. The point
I find interesting is that both men found just the right combination of different solutions to keep the
company out of bankruptcy in the face of the particular problems confronting them. Additionally, both
men possessed not only the technical, engineering and design skills needed to sell products, but also
the management skills necessary to fend off financial catastrophe. These were remarkable men reacting
successfully in their own way to very difficult circumstances. If there is one difference between the two
men, and if you will permit my editorializing here, it is that the senior Ford had the temerity to publicly
distort the truth about the company’s financial policies and to misrepresent his own attitudes, whereas
his grandson never felt the need to do that.

by Neva Coffee, Secretary
Opened by Jay Hertz, welcome to members and guests
Treasurer’s Report: Savings acct. 5,295.23, checking acct. 48.38, Tour income 112.15
Car council Report: Joyce states the All Clubs Picnic still needed folks to bring deserts and soda pop.
There will be a 10.00 charge at the gate. The Swap Meet deadline for a space is the 15th.
Old Business: Minutes were approved. Tour update given by Jeff, 16 people have thus far signed up;
the web site is getting more hits every day.
The August breakfast will meet August 17 at 9:00am at Smiths on Tramway. The Sept breakfast will
leave 9:00am from the McDonalds on San Mateo and Academy and then head to the Range in Bernalillo.
New Business: Next board meeting will be Sept 10 at 7:30 at Jay’s home. Joe Abbin will bring the chain
and stations for the State Fair Show on 9/5/13. Joe Abbin will be our speaker at our next meeting, he
will bring his Merc and be speaking on the Rebuilders Guide with many insights for us. The new club
business cards were passed out. Jay has been asked to run as a trustee for the V8 Ford Foundation.
There was no raffle this month.
The speaker was Bob Agnew who spoke and gave demonstration of glass blasting to remove paint and
Thanks to the Jacksons and Leupolds for refreshment for all

September 15, State Fair Car Show
by R. Jeff Jackson
The Tumbleweed V8 Club is invited to participate in the Car Day at the New Mexico State Fair.
The car day is Sunday, September 15. Our club is assigned the same great spot as last year. We will
use the same plan as last year and meet at the Caravan East 7605 Central Ave NE. Please be at the
Caravan East by 7:45am and we will arrange a driving order and leave at precisely 8:00am.
We will enter as a group on September 15, Sunday morning 8am and be escorted out (to beat the traffic)
about 3 that afternoon.

We’re all looking forward to great weather day, showing our cars, and introducing more folks to old car
collecting and driving.

By Jay Hertz
Hello, All. This is to let you know that we will be holding our September directors’/officers’ meeting on
Tuesday, September 10, at my house, 8704 La Sala Del Sur, NE (phone 296.3137) beginning at 7:30
p.m. It is near Wyoming and Candelaria. From that intersection, go east and take the second left-hand
turn bay, which is General Stillwell. Go to the end of General Stillwell, which is only about four blocks.
Where it ends, the house on the right is mine. It is a corner house with a stop sign on the property. The
entrance is on General Stillwell even though the address is on La Sala Del Sur. I will serve refreshments.
All members are welcome at our Board meetings.

President: Jay Hertz (
Vice-President: R. Jeff Jackson (
Secretary: Neva Coffee (
Treasurer: Larry Williams (
Directors: Joe Abbin (
Dee Patterson (
Max Glover (

Happy Birthday to:
4 Joyce Clements
4 John Shelton
5 Marvin Coffee
8 Jeff Jackson
9 Jo Seery
15 Mary Gorenz
23 Leonard MacDonald
27 Danice Calderon
28 Richard Selby
Happy Anniversary to:
11 Tom & Dee Patterson
21 Larry & Lorna Azevedo
23 Max & Johanne Glover

Members are encouraged to submit articles and ads for inclusion in the newsletter, but please remember
we have space limitations. Article submissions may be reformatted for newsletter purposes, but they will
not be edited without the author’s approval. The deadline for submissions is the 20th of the month. Micki
Hughes, newsletter publisher, 505.359.3227, or email:
The tour will run from Monday, October 14 through Friday, October 18, with four touring days occurring
October 15 through 18.
The dates of the tour are October 14 through 18, 2013. A welcome desk will be open on Monday,
October 14, from 3:00 p.m. through 6:00 p.m. at the host motel, the Elkhorn Lodge in Chama, New
The tour is organized to provide a core of interesting routes and tour activities yet provide flexibility to
tourers. Those wishing to linger longer or to deviate from the scheduled route or timetable are welcome
to do so. Driving mileage is never more than about 100 miles per day, allowing plenty of time to see the
local sights or sample the local foods or culture. The weather in October is normally very conducive to
old car touring, with pleasant 70 degree days and cool 40 to 50 degree nights. There is little likelihood
of precipitation. The planned routes avoid major highways and emphasize scenic views and historic
sites. Although sometimes reaching elevations over 7000 feet the routes are easily traversed by older
vehicles in good repair. Along each leg of the tour suggested eating establishments will be listed,
allowing choices depending on individual preferences. Each day’s tour and activities will be hosted by
one of the members of the Tumbleweed Regional Group, who will be knowledgeable about local points
of interest. At the beginning of each day the host will be available to outline the day and discuss history
and sites along the route.
Tourers should arrange for lodging in the following communities along the tour route:
1. Nights of October 14 and 15 (Monday and Tuesday) in Chama
2. Night of October 16 (Wednesday) in Taos
3. Night of October 17 (Thursday) in Santa Fe.
Lodging accommodations, reservations and payment are the responsibility of each tourer. A “host” motel
has been selected in each community. Information on other accommodations will be provided for those
unable to stay at the host motel. Early registration is the best method to assure space at the host motel.
For tourers lacking Internet access, printed lists can be obtained by contacting Jeff or Beth Jackson,
whose information appears below.
Points of interest and activities
Start of the Tour: Chama is located in northern New Mexico, within a half-day’s drive from either
Albuquerque or Denver. For those tourers wishing to include pre-tour or post-tour visits to Albuquerque,
which is the home of the Tumbleweed Regional Group of the Early Ford V-8 Club, a list of suggested
accommodations and activities will be supplied upon request.
In Chama: The recommended activity in Chama is a ride on the historic steam-powered Cumbres and
Toltec Scenic Railroad which travels on narrow gauge track over spectacular wilderness scenery, and
a tour of the railroad’s shops, rail yard and collection of steam locomotives and rolling stock, most of
which was built in the 1890s through the 1930s. The train trip selected for our tour is the one departing
Chama at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, October 15, returning to Chama at 4:05 p.m. that day, with a stop for
lunch at Osier, Colorado. To view the railroad’s website and make your reservations, visit or call 719.376.5484 and ask for Kelly – though anyone at this number should
be able to assist you if you mention the V8 Ford Club Tour. There is no group discount but there are
discounts for retired military, AAA, or AARP.
Our host motel is the Elkhorn Lodge, or 800.532.8874 or 575.756.2105. We have
reserved 22 motel rooms and 11 cabins for the nights of October 14 and 15. Cabins are of various sizes,
some accommodating as many as ten people, ideal for groups of tourers traveling together. When
reserving rooms or cabins, mention Early Ford V8 Club. Rooms or cabins not reserved by September
1, 2013, will be released to the public.
For tourers not electing to stay at the host motel, a list of accommodations in the Chama area (including
motels, hotels, RV parks, B&Bs and cabins) can be viewed on the Chama Valley Chamber of Commerce
website, or obtained by calling 575.756.2306.

In Taos: Tourers may select from trips to the Taos Indian Pueblo (one of the largest inhabited Indian
dwellings built in adobe pueblo style), or to the home of Kit Carson. There should also be time to visit
the local art galleries (home to some of the Southwest’s premier past and present artists) and the historic
plaza with unique shops selling Indian and Hispanic wares. There are many restaurants specializing in
flavorful Mexican foods and other local cuisine.
In Taos, the motel is Quality Inn south of downtown Taos. The hotel is on Hwy. 68 just north of where
Hwy. 585 intersects, on the east side of the highway. The hotel has interior hallways, a full restaurant,
room service and bar. Amenities include an outdoor swimming pool, hot tub, and complimentary high
speed internet. Rooms have one king or two queen beds, microwave, mini refrigerator, iron/ironing
board, and coffee maker.
A full cooked-to-order breakfast is included each morning (tip is not included – please remember to tip
your server!). Your breakfast is a choice of eggs and bacon, pancakes and bacon, French toast and
bacon, or cereal and grapefruit, served from 6:30-10:30am. Complimentary soup is served from 4-6pm
in the afternoon. Residents get a Manager’s special of $1 off drinks in the lounge from 5-7pm. There
are “Early Bird Special” dinners served in the dining room until 7pm. Dinners are traditional American
or Southwestern meals at reasonable prices.
Special rate is $59, single or double occupancy, subject to availability. Rates do not include taxes,
currently 13.1875%. Each additional person is $10.00 per night. Children age 17 and under stay free
when sharing with an adult. Please note that check-in time is 3 pm; checkout is at 11 am.
To make reservations at the Quality Inn, please call 1.800.845.0648 and refer to the “Ford V-8 Club Tour”
to receive the discounted rates. A credit card is required to guarantee the reservation.
More motel options are available at The Taos Visitor Center can be reached
at 1.800.816.1516.
On the road to Santa Fe: This day will feature historic sites and towns such as Chimayo, Embudo
Station, and Espanola.
In Santa Fe: Tourers may select from visiting the oldest house in America, the magnificent Spanish-style
Catholic basilica, the central plaza with excellent shopping and eating opportunities, the governor’s
palace, the State Capitol, famous art galleries on nearby Canyon Road, and various museums of art and
Note on Embudo Station: Embudo was founded in 1881 when the Denver and Rio Grande Western
Railroad opened a station (depot) there on its Chili Line. The station was named after the village San
Antonio de Embudo, located 2 miles up the Embudo River, and until 1902 both communities shared a
post office and were known jointly as Embudo. In 1900, anticipating a separate post office in the village,
San Antonio de Embudo changed its name to Dixon. When the Dixon post office opened in 1902,
however, Embudo lost its post office. Embudo got a post office again in 1905 only to lose it in 1909.
However, since 1914 Embudo has had its own post office, zip code 87531.
Today, from the state road a concrete bridge, replacing the old wooden bridge, crosses the Rio Grande
to the “Embudo Historic District” which consists of the old railway station and associated buildings.
The United States Geological Survey (USGS) gauging station at Embudo, to measure the flow of the Rio
Grande, was the first (USGS) stream gauging station and was established by John Wesley Powell in
1888. Embudo was also the first USGS training center for hydrographers.
Note on the historic Church at Chimayo: In the early 19th Century, nineteen families lived in what was
then called El Potrero de Chimayó (potrero means pasture). The land where the Santuario now stands
belonged to Don Bernardo Abeyta, one of the first members of Los Hermanos de la Fraternidad Piadosa
de Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno (the Penitentes) in the area. Also, he was probably devoted to the

Christ of Esquipulas, a pilgrimage site in Guatemala where the clay is ascribed healing power. A nephew
of Don Bernardo was christened Juan de Esquipulas in 1805.
Bernardo Abeyta built a small chapel to the Christ of Esquipulas on the present site around 1810. On
November 15, 1813, he wrote to Father Sebastián Álvarez, the parish priest of Santa Cruz de la Cañada,
asking him to write to the Episcopal See of Durango for permission to build a bigger church in which the
people of El Potrero could worship Jesus as he appeared at Esquipulas and could hear Mass. The next
day, Fr. Álvarez wrote the letter, mentioning that cures were reported and many pilgrims were arriving.
On February 8, 1814, Francisco Fernáández Valentín, Vicar General of the Diocese of Durango, wrote
back with permission. By 1816 the chapel was replaced by the present church.
Abeyta’s daughter, Carmen Abeyta de Chaves, inherited the property and kept it despite an attempt to
force her to give it to the Church; a major source of her income was donations from pilgrims. Her
daughter, María de los Ángeles Chaves, inherited it in turn and was the owner as of 1915. In 1929, when
the owners were in financial trouble, members of the newly formed Spanish Colonial Arts Society bought
the property and donated it to the Archdiocese of Santa Fe.
El Santuario de Chimayó was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1970.
As part of our tour of Northern NM our group will have the opportunity to spend the evening in Santa Fe,
NM one of the oldest and most charming cities in the US. There are numerous options for places to stay
but we have made arrangements with two that offer different samples of the local culture. Both are 3-4
star establishments with secure free parking very near the heart of Santa Fe. Both offer special rates for
our group. See below.
Old Santa Fe Inn
320 Galisteo St., Santa Fe, NM 87501
This is a small (43 units) and charming 40’s vintage motor court located only five blocks southwest of the
historic downtown Santa Fe Plaza. The central location allows one to walk to the best of what Santa Fe
has to offer, including more than seventy-five diverse and splendid restaurants, several museums, and
scores of uncommon shops and galleries. Nearby are the famous Loretto Chapel with its miraculous
staircase, the San Miguel Mission (the oldest church in the United States), and the Palace of the
Governors, the oldest governmental building in the United States. The warmth and colorful history of
Santa Fe is reflected in their guest room furnishings, which are hand-made by local craftsmen, and with
fabrics and rugs patterned from the Museum of New Mexico’s collection of local antique furniture and
textiles. Beloved local artist Willard Clark’s woodcuts decorate the walls and refer to a simpler time when
noteworthy artists and writers were first enchanted with Santa Fe. More information on the Old Santa
Fe Inn can be found on their web site,
They offer our group members a special rate of $135 plus tax for a traditional room with a queen bed on
October 17, 2013 and for one additional night if desired. Other options include a rate of $145 plus tax
for a traditional room with a king bed and $155 plus tax for a traditional room with two queen beds for
the same dates. These special rates will be available until September 17, 2013, and members will be
able to cancel with seventy-two hours notice without penalty. After the 30-day cut-off, their standard
room rates will apply. They do not charge for parking or internet access. A full hot breakfast is also
included in the rates.
To reserve the special rates, club members should call the reservations department at 1.800.734.9910
and ask for the Early Ford V8 Club rate.

Hotel Santa Fe
The Hacienda & Spa
1501 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, NM 87501
Direct 1.877.259.3409 or Fax 505.955.7835
The second recommended lodging is the elegant Hotel Santa Fe. It is a large (170+ units), full service
facility that includes an outdoor pool and hot tub, a fitness center & spa (Early Ford of America Group will
receive a 15% discount at the spa), and a restaurant and bar. The restaurant specializes in Native
American and New Mexican Cuisine and is open for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. The pueblo style
hotel is partially owned by the Picuris Indians and is filled with over a million dollars worth of Native
American artwork. The hotel is located just down the street from the Old Santa Fe Inn thus facilitating
visits between guests of the two facilities. The hotel has a free shuttle that operates on demand and
covers the downtown area for those that prefer not to walk. Their website below can provide a virtual
The Hotel Santa Fe will be holding 15 rooms each night for October 17, 18, and 19, 2013 for the
Tumbleweed Early Ford of America Group at a discounted rate of $149 for their Picuris Junior Suites (one
king and a convertible couch). Other options are available. Individuals will be responsible for their own
reservations and room charges. The rooms will be held until September 17, 2013, so you should make
your reservations prior to that date for the group rate.
On the final touring day: The tour will travel to Los Alamos, site of the development of the atomic
bomb, present-day Los Alamos Laboratories, and tour the Bradbury Atomic Museum, and will then travel
to Bandelier National Monument with its Indian cave dwellings and beautiful forests along the Rio Grande
The cost of the tour is $25. Tourers will be provided a packet of handout materials and maps.
Registration must be received by September 1, 2013. All other expenses are the responsibility of each
tourer. Tourers are responsible for providing their own insurance. The Tumbleweed Regional Group and
its members assume no responsibility for accidents, injuries, damages or losses of any nature. Questions
regarding any aspect of the tour should be directed to Jeff or Beth Jackson by phone 505.908.7565 or
Registration may be done online at the TumbleweedV8 website or by mail.
Mailed in registrations and all checks should be sent to:
Jeff and Beth Jackson
8322 Calle Picaflor NW
Albuquerque, NM 87120
Registration confirmation will be supplied when the registration fee is received.
Make Checks Payable to: Tumbleweed Regional Group
By Joyce Clements
The registrations for the September 27-29 Swap Meet have been mailed out and emailed. If you did not
receive one and need one, please call Joyce at 884-7912, or e-mail The
meet will be in Los Lunas, at Morris Sports Complex. About 200 spaces have been sold so far. You can
still register for the $25 price until September 11. Volunteers are also needed to help mark the field, help
at registration, guard gates, direct parking, pick up parts, etc. If you put in a couple of hours, you get free
lunch and water. It is the biggest swap meet in the area; the 2012 meet here was bigger than Denver’s.
Vendors will be here from Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Utah, Indiana and Wyoming, as well as many New
Mexico towns.

By Joyce Clements
From the Ford Times
“Employee Believes He Has Original Copy of Declaration of Independence”
Proudest man at the Highland Park plant is Benjamin Rush, 70-year old plant protection man.
He is the possessor of a document he believes to be the original rough draft of the Declaration of
Mr. Rush is a direct descendent of Dr. Benjamin Rush, George Washington’s first Surgeon-General, and
one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. From Dr. Rush, the paper itself and many stories
of its writing, have been handed down through three generations.
About two years ago Mr. Rush decided to find out if this paper were really all he thought it was. “I took
it to Washington, D.C.” he says, “and the different members of Congress examined it. They said they
believed it was the original rough draft. Then they took me to see President Roosevelt, and he examined
it, too.”
Mr. Rush didn’t want to part with the document, which for him has a high sentimental, as well as an
historical value, so Congress had a copy made of it. A copy now rests in a glass case in the Library of
Congress, next to the one containing the signed Declaration of Independence.
Congress has also supplied Mr. Rush with hundreds of photostatic copies, and he in turn has seen to it
that every school in Michigan has one. The first individual to receive a copy was Mr. Henry Ford, who
has been Mr. Rush’s employer for 21 years. That copy has been placed in The Edison Institute.
Says Mr. Rush of his prized possession, “The paper was written by Ben Franklin and John Quincy
Adams, and all the corrections on it show how careful they were to make it say exactly what they meant.”
by Joyce Clements
The great news is that all the bricks sold to date are now on display around a flagpole at the V8 Museum
in Auburn. The Tumbleweed RG has purchased several in memory of past members.
The photo appears to have over 200 bricks so far. It’s a nice tribute to people who have helped preserve
the Fords and keep the V8 Club strong and growing.
The latest restoration book to be published is the 1952-53 Ford by Ray Beebe and Craig Gorris, both very
knowledgeable fellows. The two-volume set has 488 pages of information on passenger cars and station
wagons. It is $49.95 + $4.75 S&H from the Foundation, P.O. Box 284, Auburn, IN 46706. You can also
order it online at the foundation web site, It is very likely a great investment
for 1952-53 Ford owners.
Go to the web site, and check out the “Ford Store” to see all the neat “stuff” and books for sale. You can
find books that will help you with your projects, or just provide you with some entertaining reading.
The Foundation is sponsoring a Motorfest in August. This will give people an opportunity to see the V8
Museum in Auburn. See the V8 TIMES or the web site for details.
Find out more about the Foundation at There is a donation page now on the
web site where you can make a donation or buy a brick in memory of a fellow enthusiast.
Support your local V8 Ford Foundation.

September 6-8 – Elephant Days Adventures – Elephant Butte Inn, 401 Hwy. 195 – Vehicle shows, arts
& crafts, food, music, parade, motocross, rock crawl demos, hot air balloon glow & regatta, free – Mel
575.744.4411 or
September 6-8 – Run to Hillcrest Rod Run, Show & Shine – Hillcrest Park, 10th & Sycamore St, Clovis
– Clovis Music Festival – 1972 & older – Entry $30 before Sep 1, $40 after – Raffle for 1976 Corvette,
proceeds to Make-A-Wish, Lighthouse Mission, & Clovis Community College – Jerry Bailey
575.693.2511, Red Nevis 575.762.2729 or
September 7 – Las Cruces CC Swap Meet – Mayfield HS – Free admission – Walter Brown
September 7 – Pep Boys Speed Shop Grand Opening – 702 N. Hwy 491, Gallup – 9am to 4pm – Prizes,
food, music, awards, gift cards, dyno on location – No fee –
September 7 – Flea Market Under the Canopy – PJ’s Classic Stop, 6022 2nd St. NW – Auto-related items
and accessories - $20 for 10'x12' space, $25 for auto space – Setup 6am, open 8am to 2pm – 268.4100
September 7 – Mopar vs the World – Roswell Dragway, – Gates open 11am.
September 7 – Eldorado High Robotics Club Car Show – Montgomery Church of Christ, 7201
Montgomery NE – Register 7am-9am, Show 9am-2pm – Vendors, food, door prizes, art raffle,
hand-crafted trophies, robotics demonstrations – Entry $25 – Proceeds benefit Robotics Club – or 505.991.2112.
September 7 – 2nd Annual Air Fair & CAR-avan Air & Car Show – River Falls Airport, 12400 Wild Horse
Trl, Amarillo – Open to all vehicles – 8am-5pm – Pre-Entry $20, public admission $10 – Vintage aircraft,
airplane rides, emergency air equipt, live music, auction – Benefit humanitarian causes – Ministry Wings
Aviation & Pura Vida Car Club – Justin Miller/Juan Lozano or
September 14 – Los Lunas Mystery Cruz – Wells Fargo Bank, Bosque Farms – 6:00pm – David Silva
550.8415 or
Note: for info on all the
State Fair shows.
September 14 – Mopars on the Midway – NM Fair-grounds, Albuquerque –
September 14 – Classic VW Show at State Fair – Open to Air-cooled Bugs, Buses, Ghias – Gather by
8am at a location close to the fair grounds, parade in together, leave 3pm, cruise to Sonic @ Eubank &
Lomas for a post show get together (optional) – Sean Squires
September 14 – 5th Annual Mountain High Fly In and Pine Top Car Show – Sierra Blanca Regional
Airport near Ruidoso – Register 8am-11am, show till 5pm – Cash awards – Friday night dinner, live
music, vendors, food, model train display – Open to classic, sports, collectible cars and trucks – All about
trains, planes and automobiles – Entry $35 – or
September 14 – Pin-Ups & Pistons Car Show – Dublin St. Pub, Las Cruces – Donations accepted – Jenn
Silva – 575.680.0830.
September 14 – No. NM Street Rodders Swap Meet – San Juan Plaza, Farmington – Dennis Hahn at
September 15 – Model T Fords at NM State Fair – Vaughn Rockafellow 410.7492.
September 15 – Model A Fords at NM State Fair – John McDowell 301.4127.
September 15 – Veteran Motor Car Club at NM State Fair – Bill Sullivan 265.8113 or Bill Gilmore

September 15 – FCOCC 30th Annual Car Show – Brookside Park, Farmington – Richard Fassler
505.327.7614 or Inez Garland,
September 20-21 – San Juan Mountains Chapter ATHS Truck Show – Aztec – Paul
September 21 – Hot Rods & Customs at NM State Fair – EXPO NM – Joe Velasquez 344.1547.
September 21 – Classic Campers at NM State Fair – Vickie Ashcraft
September 21 – Cub Scouts Community Pinewood Derby – Rio Rancho Middle School Gym, Rio
Rancho – Open to kids & adults – $25 entry includes Official Pinewood Derby Car Kit – Division for strict
Cub Scout Pinewood Derby rules, or Open Class – Car check-in & Registration Sep. 20 7-8:30pm in gym
and 9am Sep. 21, Races start 10am – 503.2388 or or –
Proceeds support local scouting programs/
September 21-22 – 10th Annual Concours du Soleil – Benefits Albuquerque Community Foundation –
Theme is HORSEPOWER! – Entry is free, but cars must be pre-approved and registered – Categories:
Mustang, British, Classic, Power House (fastest 0-60), WWTT (What were they thinking?), Hot Rods,
Stylish SUVs & Contemporary – Register: or
or K Cooper 883.6240.
September 21-22 – ASR Drags – Arroyo Seco Raceway – Roger 575.494.4794 or
September 21-22 – 2013 AACA 45th Antique Auto & Bicycle Swap Meet – Larimer County Fairgrounds,
Loveland, CO – Vendor space 11x20 $25, Admission $5 – No pre-registration, over 500 spaces available
– Info or 970.673.6850 or 970.222.5230.
September 22 – Classic Chevys at NM State Fair – John Ringleb 286.5875.
September 22 – Corvairs at NM State Fair – Robert Gold 268.6878.
September 22 – 2nd Annual Fall Classic Car Show Benefitting Habitat for Humanity & Kiwanis Charities,
Santa Ana Star Casino –
September 27-29 – Rio Grande Valley Regional Rendezvous – Hampton Inn, Santa Rosa – Open to
British cars – Kevin Kittle 345.4207 or or
September 28 – United Way Chili Fest & Roadrunner Antique Car Club Show – Lea Cty Event Ctr,
Lovington Hwy & Milen Dr, Hobbs – Entry $30 – 9am-3pm- Benefit to Hobbs United Way – Bessie
September 28 – Chile Fest & Custom Car & Bike Show – Rio West Mall, 1300 W I-40 Frontage Rd,
Gallup – Entry $20 by Sep 14 – Proceeds to Community Pantry – People's Choice @ $1/vote – Cash +
trophy awarded in 5 categories – Kimberly 505.722.7281 or
September 28 – 4th Annual Rio Abajo Classic Car & Truck Show – Becker St, Belen – 1978 & older –
Entry $20 Benefits Belen C of C & scholarships – 8am-2pm – Goody bags, dash plaques, door prizes,
parade – Rhona or
September 29 – Sunset Grille & Bar Show – Matt 294.7273 or 265.1604.
September 29 – Sandia Lakes First Ever Car Show – 100 Hwy 313, Sandia Pueblo – Car Entry $15,
Public $3 – 11am to 4pm – Prizes include certificates for hotel stay, golf, dinner, spa, fishing permits –
Cassandra 505.771.5190 or
September 27-29 – 30th Run to the Pines Car Show – Pinetop Lakes Country Club, Pinetop, AZ – Pre-'73
– Bob Gates 928.368.5325.
For information/flyers about area events:

August 28-31, 2013
There will be a Motorfest in Sauder Village, Archbold, OH this summer. The tour will include a caravan
to the V8 Museum in Auburn. Get a registration form at, or contact
Pat Fenner, 937.382.1678 or

9/3 Flathead Heads: Joe Abbin Abbin 9/15 State Fair
9/10 Board Meeting, 7:30, Jay Hertz’ house
Board 9/27-29 Swap Meet Clements
10/1 Preserving Archives and
Historic Buildings: Dee Patterson
10/14-18 Western National Tour Abbin
11/5 Elections & Women’s Night
Presentation: Lorna Azevedo
Board ,Lorna Azevedo
11/? Picnic at Jacksons’ Jackson
11/12 Board Meeting, 7:30, Jay
Hertz’ house Board
12/3 Holiday Party Board
If you can help with any of the activities, please don’t hesitate to volunteer.