PLEASE NOTE: All meetings include Show & Tell.  Members are encouraged to bring items to share.

NEXT MEETING: Next meeting is Tuesday, August 7, 2018 at 7pm. The program will be a presentation on gardening by master gardener Pat Bost.  Refreshments provided by Demetrio Lee.


BREAKFAST GROUP: Saturday, August 18th at 8:30am at La Peep at 2125 Louisiana Blvd. NE

CLUB WEBSITE: Be sure to check out our website at   Updated “current Information and calendar” is on the current information page. More club pictures are on the website.

FORD V8 FOUNDATION WEBSITE: Another interesting website to check out is





An overview of some of the “Steve McQueens” of the plant world. Plants we love that might not love us - a little info on toxic plants in our daily life.
Pat Bost has been an Albuquerque Area Extension Master Gardner for eight years.



Saturday, July 21ST at 8:30am, club members and friends will meet at La Peep, 2125 Louisiana Blvd NE for breakfast and conversation.  This location was chosen by Joe Abbin.  Hope you will join us.




SUNDAY, AUGUST 12, the New Mexico Council of Car Clubs will sponsor the Annual All Clubs Picnic. Due to the uncertainty of fire restrictions in the forests, the picnic has been moved to Coronado Campgrounds at Bernalillo. The cost is $5.00 per car. Hours are from 10am-3pm. Hamburgers and hot dogs will be served at noon. Bring a side dish to share. We are asked to use marked recycle containers for plastic bottles, aluminum & steel cans, clean paper and cardboard. There will be a 50/50 cash raffle, with 50% going to the winner and the other 50% to the charity of the winner's choice. A few door prizes will be raffled. The Duke's Car Club is collecting school supplies for Albuquerque students, and donations from pencils to backpacks are requested. The campground has restrooms and cool picnic shelters. To get there, take I-25 to the Bernalillo Exit, #242, and go west on Hwy 550. In about 2 miles, turn right onto Kuana Rd, and the area is on your right. Alternatively, go north on 2nd or 4th St. and follow old Rte 66 into Bernalillo. Turn left on Hwy 550 and go about 1 mile to Kuana Rd. There is a great view of the Rio Grande valley from the site. It should be a relaxing and peaceful day.



August Birthdays and Anniversaries

                  Jeannine Kontny (1)                    Roger Wilbur & Bobbie Benzaquen (15)

                  Harvey Catchpole (24)

                  Pat Willan (27)

                  Jim Clements (29)




This will be a short president’s letter since I am now pretty sure no one reads them.  Kinda like in WW2 movies where you hiss squeak crackle buzz no don’t enter that area we are about to hiss crackle buzz static please respond I did not understand did you say squeak hiss crackle buzz static yes, I said don’t enter hiss buzz crackle ok I understood yes hiss squeak buzz boom.   


Lately we discussed how Edsel Ford was over shadowed and bullied by his father Henry Ford.  Despite his father’s influence Edsel Ford did manage to influence Ford Motor Company in a positive manner.   After Edsel’s life, cut short by poor health, Henry Ford was reinstated at the helm of Ford Motor company for a short period during World War II.  By that time the aged Henry Ford had “inconsistent mental faculties”.   


Edsel’s oldest son Henry Ford II or ‘Hank the Deuce’ returned from WW2 ill prepared to handle Ford Motor Company.  He had minimum time to prepare and he recognized his need for help. Nevertheless, he adopted a strong management style and hired experienced business leaders from other companies to help him.  

“Additionally, Henry Ford II hired ten young up-and-comers, known as the "Whiz Kids". These ten, gleaned from an Army Air Forces statistical team, Henry Ford II envisioned as giving the company the ability to innovate and stay current. Two of them, Arjay Miller and Robert McNamara, went on to serve as presidents of Ford themselves. A third member, J. Edward Lundy, served in key financial roles for several decades and helped to establish Ford Finance's reputation as one of the best Finance organizations in the world. As a team, the "whiz kids" are probably best remembered as the design team for the 1949 Ford, which they took from concept to production in nineteen months, and which re-established Ford as a formidable automotive company. It was reported that 100,000 orders for this car were taken the day it was introduced to the market.” (From Wikipedia)

It appears that in two years with the 1948 pickup truck and the 1949 car Ford Motor Company reestablished itself.   The leader was the grandson of the founder who recognized his need for experienced help and found it.   Whew, a long lead in to a key reason why our club exists.   No one knows everything about every Flathead Ford but collectively we know a bunch.   Some of our newest members say the experience and knowledge in the club attracted them to join.   With the tour upcoming, let’s continue to share our knowledge and help everyone get a car ready for a wonderful adventure.  We still talk about the great time we had on the last tour, believe it or not 5 years ago.  Time to build new memories.  Please remember you need interest in Flathead Fords but you can drive a modern car on the tour if you want.


This is a second test, does anyone squawk, buzz, static read these President’s letters? squawk, buzz, static........


Minutes of the July 3, 2018 Meeting

Beth Jackson, Secretary

   President Jeff called the meeting to order.  There were 13 members present and 3 guests.  Mary Dierschke, Frank Corey’s sister, was present and is now a new member.  Welcome, Mary and husband Gene.  Sid Anaya, the “lead” man was back and is also a new member.  Welcome, Sid.  Eddie Corbin, our presenter of the evening was also present.  Treasurer Dave said the budget is on track and we are solvent. 

Happy Birthdays were wished to Beth, Max, Larry Bost and Jim Kontny.  Happy Anniversary greetings were made to Jay and Helen and the Catchpoles of Farmington.

   Thank you for refreshments, Joyce.

   For Sale/Wanted ads were passed around for corrections, additions and deletions.  Ads are generally deleted after three months unless a request is made to leave them in the newsletter. 

   Old Business:  Joyce reported for the New Mexico Car Council.  Collector Car Appreciation Day is July 14 and will be celebrated with a drive in movie “American Graffiti” at the Enchanted Trails RV Park.  Sunday, August 12th is the All Clubs Picnic held at Oak Flats Picnic grounds if there is enough rain before then.  Stay tuned for details.  The Los Lunas swap meet is September 28-30 and reservations are being taken for spots.  Kathleen McCaughey will be at the Gallery at Hoffmantown Center on July 21st where there will be a display of car art.

   The recipe of the month for July was provided by Larry Bost.  George and Jackie Abernathy agreed to provide a recipe for August.


   This meeting’s program will be on sparkplugs provided by Eddie Corbin.  He brought samples from his extensive collection.

   Joe had his trailer stolen from his lot on Acoma.  He has surveillance photos from a neighboring business showing the perpetrators.  There was a general discussion on how to prevent trailer theft with some suggestions of better trailer locks and removing wheels.  Joe said a suggestion for home security includes “doors, dogs and decals.” Jeff asked Joe if he can give us an Albuquerque crime report at each meeting.

   New Business:  July’s breakfast activity will be held on Saturday, July 21st, 8:30am at the Mustang Café at Rich Ford.  This location was chosen by Demetrio.  Joe chose La Peep on Louisiana for the August 18th breakfast. 

   The July 4th parade in Corrales will be followed by a BBQ at Azevedos.

   Surprise announcement- the Jacksons are having a party on Sunday July 15th at 4pm, food and drink provided and the swimming pool open.  All are invited.

   The next meeting is August 7th and we have several programs to choose from: gardening, special teas, special watches.  Because gardening is appropriate this summer, the membership voted to have that as the August meeting topic.  Pat Bost, a master gardener, will be asked to speak. Demetrio Lee has volunteered to provide refreshments.

   The featured member for July was Larry Bost.  Jeff asked Jay Hertz if he would consent to be interviewed for August and he agreed, albeit reluctantly.

   Dave told us about an interesting trip he took to the Nevada Test Site, where nuclear testing was ended in October 1992.  He said it was an unbelievable tour of over 250 driven miles.

   Joyce informed us that there will be an auction on September 8th of the Gab Joiner collection of project cars and parts (no museum items).  Eugene Doty will be the auctioneer.  Joyce will update the club on details.

   A break was taken, refreshments and conversation was enjoyed and then Eddie Corbin regaled us with stories and information on spark plugs. Did you know until the mid ‘50’s most spark plugs were 3 piece units? We learned this and more from Eddie’s talk.  He said at one time everybody and their brother produced spark plugs so there are lots and lots to collect and identify.

Spark plug collection.jpg







President: R. Jeff Jackson (

Vice-President: Jay Hertz (

Secretary: Beth Jackson (

Treasurer: David McLain (

Director: George Abernathy (

Director: Phillip Lovato (

Director: Roger Wilbur (

Director: Joe Abbin (






George and Jackie Abernathy


Lemon Icebox Pie


1 (14-ounce) can EAGLE Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk

½ cup lemon juice from concentrate

Yellow food coloring (optional)

1 cup (1/2 pint) whipping cream, whipped

1 (9-inch) baked pie crust or graham cracker crumb crust


1.      In medium bowl, combine Eagle Brand, lemon juice and food coloring; stir until well blended. Fold in whipped cream.

2.     Pour into baked crust. Chill 3 hours or until set. Garnish as desired. Store leftovers covered in refrigerator.

George and Jackie.jpeg





Featured Member of the Month

Jay Hertz


Jay is an Albuquerque native whose parents came from Ohio because they liked the area. He’s the 2nd of 4 children and attended New Mexico schools through a degree at UNM before traveling to the University of Wisconsin to attend law school.  He practiced commercial litigation (business disputes) for 40 years at the local firm of Sutin, Thayer and Browne. Jay has been married to wife Helen for 29 years.  He also has one daughter Abigail who provided him with twin grandchildren, now age 7. He visits them in California frequently and will be camping with them this summer near Magdalena.

Jay became hooked on cars at age 15 when a Boy Scout friend acquired a ’34 Chevy Coupe and took him for a spin. We weren’t old enough to drive but we cruised around the block for fun.  He had several other friends who were car people and a neighbor helped him purchase his first “old” car, a ’36 Chevy 2 door sedan.  His first Ford was a ’36 Cabriolet, purchased in pieces, that he restored and still owns today. He has an extensive collection but says he bought his last “old car” a couple of months ago. Yea, we all believe that ha ha. It is a 1931 Chevy Woody station wagon that he is now working to restore.  He still has 6 or 7 unrestored vehicles to finish.  Jay goes to his shop and works 5 days a week on his cars.  He says some of his best friends are from old car clubs and he often helps others with parts and knowledge.  It makes him feel good to be able to help.  We are lucky to have his knowledge and willingness to share that knowledge in our club.

Jay 2.jpg

Tumbleweed Early Ford V8 Club Calendar for 2018


Tuesday 7th Club Meeting 7pm.  Program on gardening by master gardener Pat Bost. Refreshments by Demetrio Lee. 

Sunday 12th All Clubs Picnic

Saturday 18th Breakfast 8:30 am at La Peep on Louisiana NE


Tuesday 4th Club Meeting 7pm.  Refreshments by Max & Johanne Glover.

Sunday 9th State Fair Car Show

Saturday 15th Breakfast

Fri - Sun 28-30 Los Lunas Swap Meet


Tuesday 2nd Club Meeting 7pm.  Program by Roger Wilbur on Jewelry.  Refreshments by Amy & Chris Joiner

5th-10th - National Tour of Southern New Mexico

Saturday 20th Breakfast


Tuesday 6th Club Meeting 7pm Officer Election.  Refreshments by Bob Payne.

Saturday 17th Breakfast


Saturday 8th Club Christmas Party (tentatively pot luck)

Tuesday 11th (tentative Board meeting with new and old officers and directors plan for 2019)

Saturday 15th Breakfast



Members are encouraged to submit articles, ads and photographs for inclusion in the newsletter.  Please understand we have a volunteer Newsletter Editor so try and submit typed and proofed articles, comments, and new want ads (for sale items will continue to be updated at the meetings).  The deadline for submissions is the 20th of the month. Beth Jackson, 505-908-7564, or email:



Story from FORD TIMES, February, 1982

by William Loving of Bluefield, Virginia


On vacation at Virginia Beach, Virginia, a few summers back, my wife, my 7-year-old daughter and I decided that an afternoon movie would be a great way to spend a rainy vacation day. The second feature was a Zorro film from the 1950s. As the sound began and the blurry, black-and-white images appeared on the screen, I leaned over to my daughter and whispered that this was from back when I was her age. A look of concern came over her face as she asked, "Daddy, what was it like back when the world was black and white?"



Jokes of the Month


Why does Humpty Dumpty love autumn?  Because Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

Who earns a living driving their customers away?  A taxi driver.

Never criticize someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes.  That way, when you criticize them, you’ll be a mile away, and you’ll have their shoes.

What is heavy forward but not backward?  Ton.

What happens if you eat yeast and shoe polish?  Every morning you’ll rise and shine!

What is red and smells like blue paint?  Red paint.




Upcoming Events


August 2-5 – 49th Streetrod Nationals – Exposition Center, Louisville, KY – Pre-'89 – NSRA – (901)452-4030 or

August 3-8 – National Veterans Golden Age Games – Albuquerque – Various Locations – Seeking participants, donations and volunteers –

August 4 – The Owl Cafe Cars -N- Coffee – 800 Eubank Blvd. NE, – Saturday – Open to all vehicles –

7:30-10:30am – Hot Coffee and Donuts to all car enthusiasts – (505)291-4900

August 4 – 5th Annual Giving Back to the Community Car & Bike Show – 8098 Marquette NE – Hosted by God's Warehouse – Live music, free food, awards – Registration 9-10:30am, fee $20 – (505)234-4251

August 4 – Endless Summer Sale Event – 4 Wheel Parts, 2445 Menual Blvd. NE – 9am to 5pm – Show your support for law enforcement by Backing the Blue – 1082 will be there accepting donations & selling Back the Blue gear – Meet some 4x4 clubs, watch some cars get crushed: Yes we will have a car crush – If you want to play monster truck, now is your chance to take your Jeep or 4x4 and crush some cars –Great family friendly event – For more info visit Facebook or email Jennifer Chapin

August 4-5 – Route 66 Casino Hotel Calendar Car Show – Route 66 Casino Hotel, I-40. west of Albuquerque – Featuring “The Casino Calendar Picks”: 12 cars picked and photographed for 2019 Casino Calendar – Setup 7-10am, show 10am-5pm, both days – All years & makes – Pre-Entry $30: receives event T-shirt, dash plaque, 2 Concert Tickets, restaurant coupons – Over 300 awards: 60 classes, 66 Specials, cash awards, creeper races, games – Steve's Cruisan with the Oldies – INFO: 505-269-0496 or 505-332-9222 – $35 day-of-show entry – Entry forms mailed & at Yearwood Performance

August 4-5 – Rat Rod Rally – Rusty Shovel Saloon, Vallecito, CO

August 5 – Free Car Show & Cruise In – Blake's Lota Burger, 12345 Central NE – Free car show & free LotaBurger & drink to first 35 registered participants, due to limited space – Open to all classes – Setup 8-10am, show 10am-3pm – Bring your own shade and chairs – Music by "Rockin' Rob" – Tips appreciated – Joe 235-5900

August 7-12 – Hot August Nights – Reno, NV

August 11 – Jaguar Concours d'Elegance – Historic Santa Fe Plaza – JCNA sanctioned, NM Jaguar Club & Jaguar/Land Rover Abq sponsored – 9am-noon – Jaguars from 4 states displayed – Free to public and people's choice voting – for more information

August 11 – Paloma Landing 10th Anniversary Car Show & BBQ – 10am-3pm – Open to pre-1970 cars & military vehicles invited for veterans at facility – More details to follow – Erin Collins 243-1979

August 11 – "Men Who Cook Show" – Convention Center, Las Cruces – 6-9pm – Open to pre-'70 (575)522-1232

August 11 – 12th Donate for Life Car Show – Young Park, Las Cruces – Susan Brown (575)496-2627

August 11 – 24th Annual Summer Car Show Series at Hooters East – San Mateo – Setup 7am-10am –  Show 10am-4pm, Open to all years makes and models, Entry $20 – 40 classes – 50 Special Awards, 50/50 drawing and raffle supporting the Leukemia Lymphoma Society - Music by: Steves Cruisan with the Oldies – 505-269-0496 or 505-332-9222 for info

August 12 – NMCCC All Clubs Picnic – Coronado Monument, Hwy 550, 1 mile west of Bernalillo – Member club members only –

August 13-19 Woodward Road Tour – Detroit, MI area – Tour Hotline 1-800-664-1362 or

August 17-18 – 27th Run to Copper Country – Gough Park, Silver City – Open to pre-'87 – Cruz Bustillos       (575)574-2186 or

August 17-19 – 31st Annual Gunnison Car Show – Gunnison, CO – Fri August 17: Live band and downtown cruise – Sat August 18: Fire Dept. pancake breakfast, car show, high octane arts festival, poker run – Sun August 19: Cruise to Crested Butte – or on facebook

August 17-19 – Trans Trinidad Trivia Tour – Quality Inn, Trinidad, CO – Show, BBQ, rallye, banquet, tours – Sponsored by BAOA of Albuquerque – Open to Brits and other cool old cars – Dave at or Gidget for details

August 18 – Cars n Coffee, Cruise, Lunch – 7600 Jefferson NE – Open to Exotics, Muscle, Sports Cars – Meet at 9am – Sponsored by NM Viper Club – Mike

August 18 – 24th Annual Summer Car Show Series at Hooters West – Alameda – Setup 7am-10am – Show10am-4pm, Open to all years makes and models, Entry $20 – 30 classes – 25 Special Awards, 50/50 drawing and raffle supporting the Leukemia Lymphoma Society - Music by: Steves Cruisan with the Oldies – 505-269-0496 or 505-332-9222 for info

August 18 – Wines of the San Juan Annual Car Show – San Juan County, NM – (970)903-4177

August 18 – 225th Our Lady of Belen Fiesta Parade and Car & Truck Show – Our Lady of Belen Church, 101A  N 10th St, Belen – Parade lineup 9am – Mellissa Cordova 259-7631 – Show registration 9am, show 11am-3pm, judging 3pm – Prizes – Chris Martinez 573-7389

August 19 – 2nd Annual Camaro Club Make-A-Wish Car Show – Target, 6100 Paseo del Norte NE –  Setup 8-10am, show 10am-2pm – Entry $25, all proceeds to go to Make-A-Wish of NM – Discount entries starting June 1 – Open to all years, makes, models – Food booths, awards, including a "Club Clash" and a "Wish Maker" (chosen by a Make-A-Wish child) – or facebook: CCNM(Camaro Club of New Mexico) – Free public admission

August 19 – Salute to the Heroes Car & Bike Show – American Legion Post 49, 11005 Central NE – Setup 10am, show 11am-4pm. trophies 3:30pn – Goodie bags 1st 100, door prizes, live music & drink specials inside Post, DJ music outside, food available – Entry $20 – Joe Campbell (505)228-6811 or Kenney Kennedy (505)261-7505

August 21 – Freddy's Car Show & Cruise In – Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steak Burgers, 10201 Central NE, weather permitting, 4:30-8pm – Get free frozen custard, show off your ride and have some fun – Music by Rockin' Rob – Joe Mascarenas (505)235-5900 for details

August 25 – Rent-A-Wheel Car Show – Farmington – Benefit Whitten Warriors – (505)564-3300

August 25 – 1st Annual Fish Fry & Classic Car Show – White Rock Senior Center, 137 Longview Dr., White Rock – Open to all vintage & classic cars – Pre-register as entries limited to first 25 cars – Entry fee $10 – People's Choice award of $50 for most popular – Funds to go to Senior Center – Registration 9-11am, show 10am-2pm – Mike Ragsdale (505)672-3844

August 31-September 2 – 38th Early Iron Car Show – Alamosa, CO

August 31-September 8 – Shades of the Past Road Tour #6 – Nashville, TN to Pigeon Forge, TN – 1-800-664-1362

September 1 – The Owl Cafe Cars -N- Coffee – 800 Eubank Blvd. NE – Saturday – Open to all vehicles 

7:30-10:30am – Hot Coffee and Donuts to all car enthusiasts – (505)291-4900

September 2 – Pinedorado Car Show 2018 – Veteran Hall, Cambria, CA – Nate (805)927-3531 -

September 7-8 – Joiner Project Vehicle Auction – J & R Vintage Auto Museum, 3642 NM Hwy 528, Rio Rancho – Auction of parts cars & trucks, parts & projects in outdoor storage – Cars & trucks are mostly from teens through 1930's – Preview September 7th 10am-3pm – Auction September 8th 9:30am – Ernie Doty (505)252-1646 or

September 7-9 – 21st Colorado Nationals – The Ranch Events Complex, Loveland, CO– Open to Pre-'88 – Goodguys (925)838—9876 or



August 26-31 – Montana National V8 Tour – Sponsored by Big Sky V-8 RG – Starts & ends in Billings, MT – 1300 mile tor includes Pompey's Pillar, mining towns Neihart & Monarch, Giant Springs, Great Falls, Glacier NP, Going to the Sun Highway, Flathead Lake, Flathead Museum, Nine Pipes, boat trips, and more – Norm Clark (406)259-6154 or

October 5-10 – Southern New Mexico National V8 Tour – Sponsored by Tumbleweed V-8 RG – Starts in Socorro, NM and ends in Carlsbad, NM.  Jeff or Beth Jackson 505-908-7565

October 17-21 – Lincoln & Continental Owner’s Club Western National Meet in Albuquerque. Go to  for more information.










For Sale: 1937 Ford Fordor Deluxe (Humpback) Sedan, Dual carbs, aluminum heads. $7800. Max Glover 505-792-2011.

For Sale: 1947 Ford Fodor Super Deluxe. This is an original New Mexico rust-free car, 239 V8 with 187K miles.  It uses no oil and was painted 9 years ago (Ford gray).  The interior is good with original headliner.  New parts include: complete brake system, front and rear springs, tube shocks all around, 8 volt battery, Coker white wall tires.  This car has been garaged for 40 years, has original Ford glass, a Fulton visor, super deluxe bumper tips and grille guard.  This is a fun-driving, family car. Price $12,500. Roger Wilbur, 505-983-7885.

For Sale: Buick Riviera 2dr HT. Total stock 264 dynaflow, repaint, new interior, 24k miles, runs excellent. $16,000. Roger Wilbur 505-983-7885.

For Sale: New All State Guardsman bias tire, 670-15, wide white wall, never been on ground. $80.00. Call Ron, 505-869-2988.

For Sale: 1970 Ford Torino GT Conv, metallic gold, 351 Cleveland, 2bbl. $17,500 OBO. Car is in very nice condition. 505-771-2614 Lyle

For Sale: Rear Extender for 2001 Ford F150 crew cab. $50. Chuck Spurgeon 299-8489

For Sale: 1951 GMC heavy duty 1/2 ton pickup owned by one family for 65 years. Excellent shape, body is great, great paint, near new tires, and runs well; we think it has about 70,000 total miles. I own Leonard Tire and Automotive Repair and have fixed minor things and checked truck out to the best of our ability.  We have been asking $24,000 or reasonable offer.   My cell # 505-235-6570 or email I have pictures that I can text if I have a cell #. 

For Sale: 1970 Ford Torino GT Conv, metallic gold, 351 Cleveland, 2bbl. $17,500 OBO. Car is in very nice condition. 505-771-2614 Lyle

For Sale: Rear Extender for 2001 Ford F150 crew cab. $50. Chuck Spurgeon 299-8489

Wanted: Need a running 1940-1948 flathead engine. Mike Magnes 505-730-0963.

Services Offered: Vintage engine rebuilding, any make, any model. Stock or modified. Dynamometer testing available. Results guaranteed. References available. Gary McGlasson, 505-250-1586.