PLEASE NOTE: All meetings include Show & Tell. Members are encouraged to bring items to share.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, May 3, 7pm.  Program is Steve Ausherman speaking on touring New Mexico.  Refreshments will be provided by Joyce Clements.

NEXT BOARD MEETING: Tuesday, June 14, 7pm at Joe’s shop, 9800 Acoma SE.

BREAKFAST GROUP: Saturday, May 21st, 8:30am at the Golden Corral at 5207 San Mateo NE.

CLUB WEBSITE: Be sure to check out our website at   Updated “current Information and calendar” is on the current information page. More club pictures are on the website.

FORD V8 FOUNDATION WEBSITE: Another interesting website to check out is




Stephen Ausherman’s books include: Walking Albuquerque (2015), 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Albuquerque, 2nd ed. (2012), Fountains of Youth, a novel (2006), Restless Tribes, travel stories (2004).
In pursuit of stories as a freelance journalist, Ausherman interviewed witchdoctors in the foothills of Kilimanjaro and
crisscrossed Iraq in an Oldsmobile. He also taught English in Korea and China.
He has been recognized in various communities for his work with children and adults with developmental disabilities.
Born in China and raised in North Carolina, Ausherman took an unscheduled detour to New Mexico in 1996. He has lived here ever since.








Tumbleweed Early Ford V-8 Club Picnic Show and Shine

When: Memorial Day, Monday, May 30, 2016, 11am-2pm.

Where: Los Ranchos Village Hall, 6718 Rio Grande Blvd NW


Yup, we’re having a picnic! We will be celebrating our Tumbleweed Group’s 41st birthday, the 53rd birthday of the Early Ford V-8 Club, the 114th anniversary of the Ford Motor Company, the 64th anniversary of the flatheads demise (bummer) and the City of Albuquerque’s 311th birthday! All dates are approximate. Not to be forgotten, it is the 75th anniversary of the 1941 Fords! Wow!

The festivities begin at 11 am at the Los Ranchos Village Hall. We’ll line up all those flatheads for display and celebrate each other’s cars. Then we’ll have sandwiches, share some goodies and tie everything together with birthday cake. Sodas and chips will also be provided, courtesy of the club! Wow, a free lunch (donations accepted)! Feel free to bring a side dish, a salad or anything else you’d like to share with the Ford party animals. Volunteers to help and cleanup are appreciated. Let’s put on the biggest display of flatheads since 1953! Bring your friends!

We will have our popular 50-50 raffle with some nice prizes as well as the cash! Please feel free to donate items for the raffle.

Contact Joe Abbin at 296-7678 to volunteer and for details.


May Breakfast

Come join your fellow members and friends for a tasty breakfast at The Golden Corral, 5207 San Mateo NE on Saturday, May 21st at 8:30am.  Food is plentiful and there is lots of room to sit and visit and talk cars.  See you there!


The Museum Car Show this year is coming together. The feature front row cars will be a visual tribute to early Route 66. Vehicles there will represent various events that relate to Route 66, from the original need and development for a road, through its decline and replacement. Several V8 members have already promised to help with the history. Jay Hertz will be there with his 1933 Chevy representing an early tourist, Joe Abbin is bringing his moonshiner '40 Ford, Vern Willan has a truck that drove Route 66 when it was new, and Frank Corey has a 1952 Ford bought new in Albuquerque and driven many miles on Route 66. The road was in its heyday during the flathead Ford years, and many of its stories and legends are tied to these cars. If you own a car or truck that has a story related to Route 66, send it to me at, and it will be attached to the car. If the club arrives by 8am, you will be parked in one of the front three rows. The show is shaping up to be a fun time for participants and be a trip down memory lane. Route 66 has a rich history, and your car (and possibly you) was a part of it.

If you can help out at the show with parking, registration, vote counting, or general gofer, get in touch. We can probably use you. Thanks. Joyce

Members of our club who are entering the show should meet at the Hotel Albuquerque parking lot by 7am so the club can drive in together at 7:10am.


President’s Letter

The Future of the Club……………………………………Joe Abbin

   We had some great activities last month. The April meeting featured an excellent presentation on flathead era transmissions by Jay Hertz which we videotaped. The Gorenz family hosted the club for a picnic with good food, a garage tour, and lots of good fellowship. Thank you Lou and Mary!

   We also had a good board meeting where we discussed activities for the rest of the year and discussed our club video project. This project is being actively pursued by Jeff Jackson and Jay Hertz. After much discussion Jay proposed the following for what we the club would like to accomplish with this video:

   The proposed objectives for the video are:
1.  To educate the public in the history of Ford Motor Company, primarily through its automotive products made from 1932 through 1953, a period known as the Flathead Era.
2.  To entertain the public by acquainting them with seldom-seen, interesting aspects of the Flathead Era vehicles including styling, mechanical features, and automotive accessories. 
3.  To inform the public about the Flathead Era with particular emphasis on the Great Depression, World War II, and the return to prosperity following the war.  This might include the economy, social values, politics, and the fads, crazes or culture of the times.
4.  To encourage interest in the antique auto hobby and restoration of antique autos.
5.  To encourage potential membership in the Early Ford V-8 Club of America.
6.  To possibly make a profit on the sale of DVDs.

 In addition, I would add (or possibly integrate into 4.):

7.  To educate our members and the public in the technology of our vehicles and provide them the information needed to service and maintain these vehicles.

   Wow! These are all worthwhile and challenging goals. It is clear to me that we must now prioritize and narrow the focus for a doable pilot project and/or define a family of mini-projects. Jeff and Jay will be soliciting additional team members to produce a prototype video. It should be noted that this project supports a major purpose of the Early Ford V-8 Club of America, that is, to educate the public on our vehicles.

   We have more good times on deck for May.  In addition to the meeting and the breakfast described elsewhere in this news note, we will celebrate the club birthday with a picnic on Memorial Day. Bring your flatheads, friends and family.



President: Joe Abbin (

Vice-President: Lou Gorenz (

Secretary: Beth Jackson (

Treasurer: Frank Corey (

Director: Jay Hertz (

Director: R. Jeff Jackson (

Director: Bob Mathes (

Director: Al Seery (



Minutes of the April 5, 2016 Meeting

By Secretary Beth Jackson

President Joe called the meeting to order and wished happy birthday to many and happy anniversary to Mary and Lou Gorenz. Joe reported that Bob Mathes had the misfortune of breaking several ribs.  Art was reported to be doing well and on the road to recovery.  There were 18 members present.

Old Business:  Minutes from the last meeting were accepted as written in the newsletter.  Treasure Frank reported that we had one new member in March and had to pay our post office box fee for the year.  

Joyce reported that the Car Council had finished stuffing the packets for the May 15th Museum Car Show.  The theme is The History of Route 66.  Joyce is looking for original vehicles for the front rows – from the 30s and 40s and early 70s.  Joyce handed out posters advertising the Car Show for placement in businesses.

Frank reported that he and Joe were the only members to show up for the Rail Runner trip on March 19th.  Frank rode the train while Joe drove to Santa Fe.  The enjoyed lunch at Tomasita’s and visited a lovely old church with a shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

New Business:  Joe announced there is a National Street Rod show in Oklahoma City on March 5/6.

Remember to sign up for Lou and Mary’s picnic on Saturday the 16th. 

The Board meeting on the 12th will be held at Joe’s shop at 7pm and will concentrate on discussing and planning the club video as well as planning programs and activities.

Call Desiree for an appointment for the Spring Thaw on the 23rd at the Old Car Garage.

Joe brought a Hess Oil Co. helicopter for Show and Tell and a stack of shop manuals on transmissions. 

Jeff told the story of having his leg broken when hit by a car. Thank goodness his grandson was not hurt.

Thanks to the Glovers for providing the delicious refreshments.

The membership enjoyed a very informative talk on V8 transmissions by our member Jay Hertz.  Thanks, Jay.


Minutes of the March 12th Board Meeting

By Secretary Beth Jackson

There were 6 board members present at Joe’s shop. Joe announced 2 agenda items - programs and club video.  Joe has applied for the Los Ranchos facility for the Memorial Day gathering.  Lou reported there were 10 to 13 members already signed up for their picnic plus family members.  The May program will still be Steve Ausherman speaking on touring New Mexico.  The June program will be on V-8 Tune-ups with Joe, Gary and Bob Agnew the expected participants.  The July program will be on 36 Fords.  Joe will make some calls for participants.  The board chose Golden Corral as the location for the May 21st breakfast.  July will be at the Range Café in Bernalillo and in September we will drive to the truck stop on the west side of Moriarity.  We are looking for a date to go to Sopa’s in Bosque Farms for breakfast.

The club video was discussed.  Because we wish to keep the video to a reasonable length, we may need to group cars rather than doing each year separately.  The venues for display will most likely be car dealerships and museums.  The purpose is to educate the public about cars of the flathead era and also the history of that era and to entertain the viewers.  Additional objectives could be to interest people in restoring old cars, adding to our club membership, and making money by selling DVD’s.  Joe said we could add the video to YouTube for great exposure but it was concluded that one then loses the rights to the video.  The board reviewed some of the practice video Jeff has developed to see the capabilities of the program he acquired to edit video.  It was recommended and the board agreed that a committee is needed to work on the video.  Members will be solicited at the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned. 


Gorenz Picnic

Lou and Mary Gorenz hosted a hum dinger of a picnic for the V8 Club on Saturday April 16th.   The weather did not look like it would cooperate on Saturday morning but by the time the picnic rolled around it was a pretty decent day.   Mary thought ahead and had the house set so we all ate indoors.

Pretty decent doesn't do justice to the great food spread available.  Debbie Gorenz did some magic on pork with her own special sauce and the pulled pork Barbeque was very good.   Of course everyone who came pitched in so there was plenty of food.

Lou opened his garage and spent some time showing us all around and instigating the white lie story telling.

The good time and feast was enjoyed by all.  It was a nice start to our spring/summer festive season for flatheads.









May Birthdays and Anniversaries

Birthdays                                                                     Anniversaries                             

Betty Leupold (21)                                       Betty & John Shelton (27)

Art Leupold (23)

Ron Gigger (24)

Joke of the Month

A couple who work at the circus go to an adoption agency. Social workers there raise doubts about their suitability.

The couple produces photos of their 50 foot motor home, which is equipped with a beautiful nursery.

The social workers then are doubtful about the education that the child would get. "We've arranged for a full-time tutor who will teach the child all the usual subjects along with French, Mandarin and computer skills."

Then there are doubts about raising a child in a circus environment. "Our nanny is an expert in pediatric welfare and diet."  The social workers are finally satisfied.

They ask, "What age child are you hoping to adopt?"

"It doesn't really matter, as long as he fits in the cannon."



Members are encouraged to submit articles, ads and photographs for inclusion in the newsletter.  Please understand we have a volunteer Newsletter Editor so try and submit typed and proofed articles, comments, and new want ads (for sale items will continue to be updated at the meetings).  The deadline for submissions is the 20th of the month. Beth Jackson, 505-908-7564, or email:




Chile Relleno Casserole  by Joyce Clements (from Ford and Flathead Formulas)


8 whole green chilies, deseeded        ¼ cup flour

½ lb grated cheddar cheese            ½ tsp salt

4 eggs                                 1 can evaporated milk (small)

Dash pepper                           ½ lb grated Monterey Jack cheese

1 small can tomato sauce


Spray casserole dish with Pam.  Line dish with 4 chilies; top with grated cheddar.  Add remaining chilies.  Combine eggs, flour, milk, salt, and pepper.  Pour mixture over chilies.  Bake at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes until set.  Remove from oven; pour tomato sauce over top and sprinkle with Monterey Jack cheese.  Return to oven and bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes.


Tumbleweed Early Ford V8 Club Calendar for 2016


Tuesday 3rd Club Meeting – 7pmTouring NM, Steve Ausherman.  Refreshments by Joyce Clements

Sunday 15th Museum Car Show

Saturday 21st Breakfast – 8:30am, Golden Corral at 5207 San Mateo NE

Monday 30th Club Birthday Party and Picnic/Car Show


Tuesday 7th Club Meeting – 7pmV-8 Tune-ups. 

Saturday 18th Charity Car Show at Senior Living Facility


Monday 4th Picnic at the Azevedo’s

Tuesday 5th Club Meeting – 7pm1936 Fords.  Refreshments by Jay Hertz

Saturday 16th Breakfast – 8:30am, Range Café in Bernalillo


Tuesday 2nd Club Meeting – 7pmV-8 Rebuilding, Abbin & McGlasson 

Sunday 14th All Clubs Picnic

Saturday 20th Breakfast – 8:30am w/ Rt 85 Museum/SW Garage Tour


Tuesday 6th Club Meeting – 7pm1941/1951 Fords.

Sunday 11th State Fair 

Saturday 17th Breakfast – 8:30am, Truck Stop in Moriarity

Friday, Sat., Sun. 23rd, 24th, 25thLos Lunas Swap Meet


Saturday/Sunday 1st & 2nd - Northern New Mexico tour

Tuesday 4th Club Meeting – 7pmAuto Art, Perry & McLaughlin. Refreshments by Mary & Lou Gorenz.

Saturday 15th – Tour of Tome Hill with lunch


Tuesday 1st Club Meeting – 7pmElections, Table Top Show.  Refreshments by Bob Payne and Bob Mathes.

Saturday 26th Breakfast and Antique Shopping Tour and Lunch


Saturday 10th Club Christmas Party Potluck

Saturday 17th Breakfast – 8:30am







If you go to, you can download all the information and registration materials for these meets, or find contact information.

June 12-16, 2016 – Central National Meet – Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Tulsa, Oklahoma

July 11-15, 2016 – Western New York RG Golden Anniversary National Driving Tour, New York

August 8-11, 2016 – Eastern National Meet, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

September 13-19, 2016 – Great Southwestern National Driving Tour, Colorado and Eastern Utah

September 18-22, 2016 – Blue Ridge Parkway National Driving Tour, North Carolina




May 1 – Route 66 Rodders 28th Annual Swap Meet – Morris Sports Complex, Los Lunas – Bud Hennessy(505)715-3951

May 7 – 22nd Annual Summer Car Show Series at Hooters East – San Mateo, Albuquerque – Setup 7am-10am – Show 10am-4pm, Open to all years makes and models, Entry $20 – 40 classes – 50 Special

Awards, 50/50 drawing and raffle supporting the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.  Music by: Steve's Cruis’n with the Oldies – 505-269-0496 or 505-332-9222 for info.

May 7 – NAMI, J Walton Automotive, Luce Customs Car Show – Balloon Fiesta Park, Albuquerque – Walk & show to support mental health services – Check in 8am, show and walk start 9am – Free entry, but $15 donation requested – Goal to reach $2,000 – Call 505-296-4816 to advise if you can come.

May 7 – Antique Pre-Sidewalk Sale & Car Show – N. 4th St., Los Ranchos – Osuna to Paseo del Norte to begin sidewalk project – Outside patio sales at antique stores – Would like to have 2 vintage cars at

several locations – Cars can move store to store - Gaylord Campbell, Copper Bell Antiques, 7425 Fourth St. NW, 828-0595, Cell 220-1671.

May 14 – 6th Annual Make-A-Wish New Mexico Classic Car Show – Convention Center, Ruidoso – Entry fee $30 by April 19 – All proceeds go to Make-A-Wish of NM – BBQ Friday night – Don Stockstill (575)937-5011, Terry Williams (512)848-3044 or Dave Shorter (575)973-7016 or

May 14 – Berean Car Show – Berean Baptist Church, 3800 Eubank NE, Albuquerque – 9am-3pm – Entry $20 – All makes & models – Benefitting Berean Baptist Missionaries – for info

May 14 – 42nd Annual Car Show – Civic Center, 912 N. Main, Roswell – Rits (575)627-8292 or Nancy (575)622-4350 or

May 14 – 1st Mopar Challenge Race 2016 – ABQ Dragway, Albuquerque – 2 classes: Race Vehicles & Street Vehicles – Paul 896-8115 or or

May 14-October 2 – Route 66 Exhibit at The Albuquerque Museum – More details to follow –

May 15 – Albuquerque Museum-NMCCC 32nd Annual Car Show – Albuquerque Museum, 2000 Mountain Rd. NW, Albuquerque – Pre-1990 – Theme will be Route 66 Cars of the 1930's-1940's – or

May 21 – NNMSR Swap Meet – San Juan Plaza (next to Dunkin Donuts), Farmington – 8am-3pm – Northern New Mexico Street Rodders – Bob Fuller or

May 21 – 22nd Annual Summer Car Show Series at Hooters West – Alameda, Albuquerque – Setup 7am-10am – Show 10am-4pm, Open to all years makes and models, Entry $20 – 30 classes – 25 Special Awards, 50/50 drawing and raffle supporting the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.  Music by: Steve's Cruis’n with the Oldies – 505-269-0496 or 505-332-9222 for info.

May 21 – Wheels Museum Car Show – Railyard Blacksmith Shop, 1st St. & Hazeldine Ave. SW, Albuquerque – Setup 8-9:30am, show open 10am-4pm – Entry $45 early, $50 late, 10% discount for Club entries of 5 or more – Fire Dept. rules will apply – Entry includes goody bag, T-shirts, dash plaque, participant passes – Bill Pearman 353-0912 or 

May 21-22 – TNT Races – Arroyo Seco Racetrack – Roger (575)494-4794 or

May 28-29 – MCA Regional Mustang Show – Marriott Pyramid N. Hotel, Albuquerque – Open to Fords – Eric Shirley (505)268-2595 or

May 28th and 29th – Route 66 Casino Hotel “Deck Of Cards" Charity Car ShowALL PROCEEDS

Supporting the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.  Featuring “The Deck Of Cards” 52 Cars picked andphotographed.  Setup 7am-10am – Show 10am-5pm, Open to all years makes and models, Pre-Entry

$30 – Free Event T-shirt, Coupons, Over 300 Awards:  50 classes – 50 Specials, Cash Awards, Creeper Races.  Music by: Steve's Cruis’n with the Oldies – 505-269-0496 or 505-332-9222 for info. Entry forms mailed and at Yearwood Performance.