PLEASE NOTE: All meetings include Show & Tell. Members are encouraged to bring items to share.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, March 4, 7:30 p.m., Old Car Garage. Refreshments by Marvin and Neva Coffee and Art and Betty Leupold

NEXT BOARD MEETING: Tuesday, April 8, 7:00 p.m., at the Jacksons (see article).

BREAKFAST GROUP: 8:30 a.m., Saturday, March 15 at Furrs on Wyoming.

CLUB WEBSITE: Be sure to check out our website at


PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE    Jeff Jackson, President

Feb 2014 Horse Belen Tour 040 Pres picture.jpg

The picture this month represents a change of rides, one that is easy to stop but requires fuel even if not being used!


Change your oil, change your windshield wipers. Why change anything? To keep the oil clean, keep the engine running. Keep the windshield clean to see where you are going. Change, change, change. Change is sometimes easy and sometimes hard. I know I feel changing is harder and harder as time progresses. Beth changes breakfast cereals and I wonder why, I guess because times change. Working with my daughter is no longer an activity where I say what will happen and she obeys, because times change. Bob Dylan had a popular song in early 1964 with the tag line “the times they are a’changing”. The title track is one of Dylan's most famous; many felt that it captured the spirit of social and political upheaval that characterized the 1960s. 


We have recently had a significant change in the Club. Micki, our long time paid Newsletter Editor has decided to stop doing the newsletter. For now, Beth Jackson will take on the Newsletter Editor chores as a volunteer for the club. 

I was reading the Early Ford V8 Club website and I note they are changing some rules for judging rouge class cars. The website notes that, ”Another issue is drivability. The newest Rouge cars will be 58 years old in 2012. Because of the brittle nature of some of the original wiring, I would like to propose some consideration for replacing old wiring that has lost its insulation. This change to the Rouge Class for “Allowable Replacement Parts” was approved”.   To me this is practical recognition that things do change over time and new rules, methods, processes need to be considered.

I also read, that “The Early Ford V-8 Club of America was founded in San Leandro, California in 1963. Originally the club recognized only the 1932-1940 Fords. Recognition of the 1941-1948 Fords came about in 1972. In 1982, there was full recognition of all Ford Motor Company vehicles 1932 through 1953. This included Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, commercial vehicles and tractors, as well as other Ford powered vehicles built around the world. Early Ford powered vehicles, 1932 through 1953, included the 4, 6, 8 and 12 cylinder engines built by the Ford Motor Company.”  The V8 club recognizes 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder, 8 cylinder, and 12 cylinder engines, but I did not know this. 

I wonder what else I don’t know?   Maybe a discussion of the National club would be a good topic for a club program.   Actually, if you read the rest of the home page for the Early Ford V-8 Club of America it says “Most cars are restored to specifications "Just as Henry built them"; some are all original and unrestored, others just a fun touring car. Members gather together and bring their cars to be judged, displayed or only to be seen, and to be in the company of others who share and enjoy them. Not all of our members own an Early Ford, Lincoln or Mercury, but each one appreciates and enjoys them. We invite you to join with us, and share our enthusiasm for these great old cars from the era of the Early Ford V-8.”  Jay has pointed out several times that ‘you don’t even need to own a flathead ford to be a member of the club’, I’d also point out you don’t have to have an original car to be a member of the club.    Each to his/her own and to each of us enjoy others’ experiences whether they be in line or not with our own.


President: R. Jeff Jackson (

Vice-President: Bob Quirici (

Secretary: Larry Williams (

Treasurer: Lou Gorenz (

Technical Director: Joe Abbin (

Touring Director: John Shelton (

Club Purpose & Membership Director: Larry Azevedo (



Members are encouraged to submit articles, ads and photographs for inclusion in the newsletter.  Please be aware we have a volunteer Newsletter Editor so please try and submit typed and proofed articles, minutes and comments (for sale items will continue to be updated at the meetings).  The deadline for submissions is the 20th of the month. Beth Jackson, 505.890.2704, or email:



Max has been doing exhaust work for 40 years plus. He is sensitive to restorer's need for authenticity as well as custom applications. Max can "talk". He is well versed in mid 50's to the 70's Mo-Par muscle cars. He will also discuss original materials vs. modern replacement parts, and other topics like safety associated with vehicle exhaust.


MINUTES OF FEBRUARY 4, 2014 MEETING     Larry Williams, Secretary

Jeff opened the meeting and recognized a guest, Tom Schwerkaske.  There were 25 members at the meeting.

There were no corrections to the minutes.

Treasurer’s report was provided by Lou.  Checking balance $4515.92 recognizing standard payments and saving balance of $1395.59

Happy Birthday to: 5 Tom Patterson       5 Bob Quirici           15 Pat Casias          19 Neva Coffee
Happy Anniversary to:  19 Ron & Marilyn Gigger

Thanks for Refreshments to Joyce and Jim Clements.   


Old Business

- Car council report provided by Jim Clements.

- In January we went to Mustang Café and had a nice group including Bob Agnew, Art and Betty, Larry Azevedo, Lou and Mary, Beth and Jeff.  In February the breakfast will be at Wecks on Louisiana just south of Montgomery at 8:30 am Saturday 15th. This location was chosen by Art and Betty.  Art picked Frank Corey and Frank announced breakfast in March to be at the Furrs on Wyoming on March 15th.
- Recipe of the month supplied by Mary Gorenz.   Thank you, Mary.  Mary picked Lorna Azevedo to supply the recipe for March.

Show and Tell:

- Al Seery brought a book “Early Ford V8 Club of America Golden Jubilee” by Henry Dominguez.  That book was advertised in the V8 Times.  Joe Abbin showed a selection of motor treatment additives from his collection.  Some interesting promises of motor improvement on the product labels.

- Raffle tickets for the Central National Meet and Patches will be on sale during the break.

- Remember dues need to be paid by the March meeting.
- There was no other old business.


New Business

- We will continue with a 50/50 raffle for a few months.  Joe will continue that task. Thanks to Joe. If anyone has something to donate to the raffle please bring it to the next or the next or the next meeting.

Speaking of dues, the Directors reviewed a preliminary budget in January and membership level at about 34 doesn’t pay for all activities we do.  Key ongoing expenditures are the newsletter and the meeting room.

Jeff is working with Micki and determined about $275/year is used just in postage and printing. That is for 11 newsletters that go out by mail. Two of those were to other clubs. We included in all mailings this month a request for emails and a note to those clubs to send us an email contact. Micki seems excited about improving the newsletter and including more pictures.  There was no discussion with Micki about any change in her fee.

- We discussed meeting location alternatives and did not decide.  We like this place but maybe we could meet several times a year in a different location and reduce costs. Churches, diners, and other options were discussed. Do you have a preference for the meeting time?  Some members said 7:30 start makes the meeting last too long.  We will always try to have the meeting completed by 9 to 9:15.

- The BOD is going to meet again in February to work through some more options for tours and programs.  For this month there is a suggestion to travel to Belen and have lunch and ask Art and Betty to show some of the important sights.   We would like to see his old Ford Building and the Bank and maybe where he used to live.   Decision was made to go on February 22 and meet at the Pit parking lot at 10am.   The membership reminded the president that more notification was needed since this was not in the last newsletter.  Jeff plans to send out a special email and call some members to remind them.

- BOD meeting next Tuesday 11th at the Jackson’s house and everyone is invited.

Any tour ideas to suggest to the BOD?  John Shelton has a list with many ideas provided by Bob Quirici.

We would like to suggest some work days, similar to the model T’s but not as long a time period. We were thinking it would be possible to thoroughly go over a generator or a starter or a transmission. If someone had one to rebuild we could try to accomplish that in a morning.  Obviously some of you would find that simple but others may not be as experienced in some of these things or may need help getting something done for their current project.

- We also would like your input on ideas for meeting programs.  We are stealing some ideas from the Model T Club so some of the next few programs are going to be interactive and hopefully a lot of fun.

Some music for entertainment:  Jeff explained how Orville Nash from France contacted him and sent a copy of this song. The membership said the tune was catchy and liked the words.

- Jay Hertz reported about his first meeting as a trustee of the Early Ford Foundation.  He talked about the museum, an 800 sq ft building full of interesting items and cars.  He asked everyone to support the foundation by purchasing items such as gearshifts, books, or a membership. Jeff noted it is great for our club to have a trustee of the foundation as a member of our club.

- There was a brief discussion about getting together a group to go to the Western National Meet in Thousand Oaks California in September.  Some members were interested so we will discuss again.

Raffle 50/50 with donated items. Joe handled that during refreshments.


Feb 2014 Horse Belen Tour 027.JPG

- The program for this evening was Eli Contreras talking about his 1951 Alpine Blue Custom cab pickup truck.   Eli’s father purchased this truck new so it is a one family vehicle.   Eli showed pictures of the truck during the rebuild.  He said he was planning to put in an easier to drive 3 speed floor shift in place of the original 4 speed.  An option was presented to him to install a modern 5 speed which could make the truck more drivable and retain much of the stock appearance.  It was interesting to hear of a one family truck being restored by a club member.  Thanks, Eli.



We will be holding our next directors officers meeting on Tuesday, April 8, at Jackson’s house, 8322 Calle

Picaflor (phone 505.908.7565) beginning at 7:00 p.m. Jackson’s house is near the corner of Paseo Del Norte

and Coors. We are south of Paseo and east of Coors.  Jackson’s house is on the corner of Calle de Alondre and Calle Picaflor.


Directors Meeting Summary

At the Directors meeting there were many new ideas for club programs and tours.  A tentative calendar is included in this newsletter.   The following recommendations will be presented to the membership for review at the March meeting.

- Recommendation that the meeting times be changed to 7pm and be maintained at 7pm.  

- Recommendation that the club recognize deceased members on a yearly basis by purchasing a brick from the Early Ford V8 Foundation each year with a simple note like:  Regional Club 79 Members (decision on text to be determined).

- Recommendation that the club develop a plaque to be displayed yearly at key events Ex: The yearly birthday party, that plaque will recognize deceased members by name and be updated yearly.

- Recommendation that we review alternative meeting sites. We appreciate the Old Car Garage location and would like to continue to use it periodically but we may be (with membership growth) outgrowing that space.  Or we may periodically find alternative locations for certain functions.

- Magnetic car signs may be made with pictures of specific cars.  We will consider auctioning off magnetic signs with a picture of an individual’s car, or making specific car signs for each member who wants one.




The May 28, 1943 issue of FORD TIMES has the front page dedicated to the memory of Edsel Ford, only son of Henry Ford. Edsel died May 26, 1943, following a six-week illness. He would have been 50 years old on the following November 6.

Edsel was 10 years old in 1903, when Ford Motor Co. was founded. He had become interested in automobiles as a lad, while his father was building the "999" race car. Edsel was well acquainted with Ford Motor Company when he went to work there in 1912. He became president of the company in 1921 and was intimately involved in design changes to Ford automobiles. He was a strong influence in updating the Model T to the Model A. He inspired the body designs of the early  V-8 automobiles.  He continued to be deeply involved in design and engineering developments during the 31 years he served as president. The early Lincoln Continentals were designed and built at Edsel's insistence and the designing help of Bob Gregorie. He was instrumental in expansion of the factory manufacturing facilities and in converting the various plants to producing vital equipment for the War. Edsel also designed and built an Indy car in 1935, which would have done quite well there, but for an overheating problem in the steering. Edsel's influence at Ford was felt long after his death. His son, Henry Ford II, served in WWII, and later came home to take over the management of the factory, due to Henry's failing health and eventual death. Edsel's work and designs are still prized today, especially in the classic lines of the 1939-41 Lincoln Continentals. His death was a great loss to the automotive industry.




  • One boxed chocolate cake mix (with water, oil and eggs to make according to box)
  • Approximately 36 Andes Mints (or other brands)
  • 1 stick of salted butter softened
  • 1 stick of unsalted butter softened
  • 1 1/2 c. powdered sugar
  • 2 t. mint extract
  • green food coloring
Lorna and Larry.JPG


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  • Make cake mix as directed on box.  Evenly divide it into 24 cupcake papers in muffin tins.
  • Place one Andes mint candy into the center of each unbaked cupcake.
  • Bake at 350 degrees as directed on box.
  • Cool completely.
  • Combine butters, powdered sugar, mint and food coloring in a large mixing bowl and beat on high until very light and fluffy.
  • Frost each cooled cupcake.
  • Top each cupcake with 1/2 of an Andes Mint Candy if you like.
  • If you like lots of frosting, double the frosting recipe.  This one just covers the 24 cupcakes!



On Saturday, February 22, Art and Betty Leupold led a tour group to Belen.  We had 8 cars begin in Albuquerque and were joined by 6 more cars by the time we arrived in Belen.  Art took us by his former house and garage – shown below. Then we lunched at Pete’s Café where we all enjoyed delicious Mexican food. We lined up 12 club cars for a group shot at the railroad station and also visited the Harvey House Museum and the Belen Model Railroad Museum before heading for home. It was beautiful weather for a drive. Thanks to Art and Betty for leading our tour.

Feb 2014 Horse Belen Tour 056.JPG
Feb 2014 Horse Belen Tour 067.JPG



Back Row L to R: Joe's '40, Al's '50, Don's '49, Art/Betty's '39, Lou/Betty's '40, Tom/Dee's /53:  Front Row L to R: Jeff/Beth's '40, Jay's '36, Bud and Linda's '40, DJ's '46, John/Betty's '53, Bob/Joan's '36: not shown are Ron/Marilyn’s modern car and Frank’s ‘53








Tumbleweed Early Ford V8 Club Calendar for 2014


Tuesday 4th Club Meeting 7:30    Exhaust system review by Fat Max

Saturday 15th Breakfast 8:30am at Furrs at 2004 Wyoming NE Picked by Frank Corey

Saturday March 29th   A Railrunner trip to Santa Fe and meal at Tomasita’s.  Those who want could also drive and meet in Santa Fe.



Tuesday 1st Club Meeting 7:30 Getting your car out of mothballs and ready for the summer or Licensing your car (TBD)

Saturday April 19th Breakfast

Sunday April 27 A drive to Madrid to look around the town and lunch


Tuesday 6th Club Meeting 7:30 Larry and Lorna Azevedo are presenting a game and fun night

Saturday 17th Breakfast

Sunday May 18 – NMCCC/Albuquerque Museum Car Show

Monday May 26th Ford Club Birthday Party



Tuesday 3rd Club Meeting 7:30  Radiators repair, replace, restore

Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th a tour to Fenton Lakes area an overnight and Los Alamos tour on Sunday

Saturday 21st Breakfast



Tuesday 1st Club Meeting 7:30  Larry Azevedo the first in a multipart series on Henry Ford

Friday July 4th Corrales Parade and picnic with Larry and Lorna.   We are encouraging the club to drive cars in the parade.

Friday July 11 – COLLECTOR CAR Appreciation Day with activities planned for Saturday July 12

Saturday 19th Tour of Albuquerque Botanical Gardens and The Aquarium and Lunch (replaces Saturday breakfast)



Tuesday 5th Club Meeting 7:30 To Be Determined

Sunday August 10 – All Clubs Picnic will also be our tour activity.   This is a great picnic and nice drive.




Tuesday 2nd Club Meeting 7:30 Larry Azevedo presents the second part in the series on the life of Henry Ford

September 14th (Date Not Finalized)  State Fair

Saturday September 20th Breakfast

September 26-28 – NMCCC/Los Lunas Swap Meet



Tuesday 7th Club Meeting 7:30 Saturday 18th A ride on the Sandia Tram and lunch (replaces Saturday Breakfast)



Saturday Nov 1st Garage Tour Jay Hertz and Jeff/Beth Jackson with a lunch at the Jackson’s.  Drive your old car on the tour.

Tuesday 4th Club Meeting 7:30  Election of Officers and a Ladies night



Tuesday 2nd Club Meeting 7:30 – Christmas Party


Discussed but not confirmed

Ed Boles and a tour of the Railroad Yard probably an afternoon activity





The March breakfast will be at Furrs on Wyoming. Frank Corey picked the venue this month.  Frank will turn that duty over to another person to pick the April location.  Remember March 15 at 8:30am, breakfast at Furrs on Wyoming.

Chimayo TOur 097.JPG



The March tour is a Railrunner trip to Santa Fe and meal at Tomasita’s.  We plan to take the Railrunner train on Saturday March 29 from the Los Ranchos/JC station to Santa Fe, eat at Tomasita’s restaurant walk around Santa Fe a little and then return to Albuquerque.  In Santa Fe we will use the Santa Fe Depot stop which is a block from the restaurant.  This is convenient for those who wish to drive to Santa Fe because we can work off the train schedule.  This should be a simple restful tour with a lot of time to chat.

We will meet at the Los Ranchos/JC station, which is at 101 El Pueblo NE.  It is just south of Paseo  between 2nd and Edith, at 9am on Saturday March 29th.  The train departs at 9:21am; that is train 702.    We will catch the return train leaving Santa Fe Depot at 3:28pm; that is train 705.  Do not miss the return train unless you want to stay in Santa Fe until 8:09pm!  The cost is about 10$ and there is a further discount for seniors over age 62.

For our wonderful club members from Belen or Los Lunas please consider catching the same train in Belen and meeting us when we board in Albuquerque 



Happy Birthday to:                                                                  Happy Anniversary to:           

1 – Ira Rimson                                                                          7- Al and Geri Gallegos                                                          

6 – Larry Azevedo                                                                     29 – Frank & Dorothy Hammond

15 – Bob Payne

26 – Frank Corey

26 – Frank Hammond



March 1-2 – 30th Annual Make-A-Wish Benefit Car Show – Amarillo Civic Center, Amarillo, TX – Entry – $50 – Barry Henson (806)358-9900, (806)353-2024 or

March 7-9 – 5th Spring Nationals – Westworld, Scottsdale, AZ – Pre-'73 – Goodguys (925)838-9876 or

March 14-16 – 4th Spring Lone Star Nationals – Texas Motor Speedway, Ft. Worth, TX – Pre-'73 – Goodguys (925)838-9876 or

March 16 – License Plate Meet – American Legion Post, Central & Elizabeth (by Eubank, across from Dion's) – Michael Wiener (505)688-0004

March 22 – Wheels of Dreams Show & Swap – Field of Dreams, Las Cruces – Bob Ogas (575)526-5432

March 22 – Raffle of Mustang & Cruise for Auto Students – Calvary Chapel Academy, 19381 N. Hwy 314, Belen – Raffle of 1965 Mustang, Tickets $25 to benefit school Auto Club/Class – 864-6611 or

March 28-29 – 17th Annual Main Event & Car Show "Back in the 60's" – Heritage Plaza Parking Lot, Artesia – Artesia Car Enthusiasts – Cruise Friday, Car Show Saturday – Dorothy or Frank Hammond (575)746-9477 or



All the meets will be honoring the 75th Anniversary of 1939 model Ford products. Entry forms, costs, and schedules for all the meets can be found at Joyce will have sample entry forms at the meeting if you are interested in any meet.

April 3-5 – Texas 2014 Tour of the Hills – Hosted by Capitol City RG #121 at Kerrville, TX – Jeff and Joyce have Registration Forms – Contact Joyce Parsons at (512)515-5413 or

June 6-9 – Australian National Meet in New South Wales, Australia – "V8 Dream in 2014" for the really adventurous.  -mail with queries.

June 23-26 – Eastern National V-8 Meet in Gettysburg, PA – "Celebrate America in your Ford V-8" for the less adventurous. Visit for information.

August 19-22 – Central National Meet in Springfield, IL – "V-8ing Joy in Illinois" closer to home. Visit for information. Jay has entry forms and raffle tickets for this meet.

September 2-5 – Western National Meet in Ventura, CA – "Fords & Folks in Thousand Oaks" in sunny California. Visit for more information.